September Chit Chat Plus 5 Products I've Been Loving (And More)

One of my favorite posts (and videos) to do would be these monthly Chit Chats, where I share my life from the past month. It's not always easy to blend together my life and beauty stuff, so these monthly videos are a way to do that. I hope you check out this one:
I was almost in tears over how this came out blurry, 
despite my many attempts to stay in focus. My apologies!

And you'll find out such interesting tidbits as my:
  • Mug of the Month
  • FAVE thing I did in September
  • FAVE post for the month
  • Results of the Finish 5 Before Fall tag (spoiler: I did all but 1)
  • All-time favorite surprise guest (ok, not really a surprise, there)

And, on this last day in September, I wanted to share about Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Prior to my Instagram friend Amanda's diagnosis, I knew nothing about it. I urge you to CHECK YOUR NECK:

pics via Amanda's Instagram.

And I couldn't end this post without mentioning some beauty products, right? These are all samples I was sent. First up is the Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Face Serum. I love some serums and this helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while improving skin elasticity and firmness.  Sephora, $62

Ok, so how about a little something more budget-friendly? One of my go-to purchases is always a Freeman Mask. Here are 3 you need to try:

The Goji Berry Mask is perfect for dry skin (me!) as it just soaks into the skin. The Cucumber is a classic peel-off mask for renewing skin. There's also a pomegranate version that peels off too. Fun stuff that works and they're affordable. Mix it up and multi-mask--place the hydrating one on dry areas, a peel off on oily areas, etc. ULTA $3.99

So your skin is set, but what about that hair? I enjoyed trying out the Smooth + Sleek line from Alberto VO5. The stand out products for me were the shampoo and conditioner, and the classic Hot Oil Therapy. So good. Drugstores, $3.99+/-

Are there any fellow lip balm addicts out there? I keep lip balms in just about everywhere I can pop them in. Every bag, drawer, etc. I immediately gravitated towards these  Epic Blend Premium Lip Balm from Canada (btw I love Canadians--hi Emmy and Kathy!). These are high-quality lip care products from top-shelf natural ingredients you can pronounce! They aren't greasy, just yummy and amazing. They have moisturizing, vegan, and hemp versions in amazing scents. $12.99 per 4 pack epicblend.com

If ya follow me on Instagram, you've already seen my love for this Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream. It has been amazing at covering my forehead bruise (work hazard) and my random sunburns (right above my brows, it looks like they've been waxed but they've not!). Oily skin friends should give this a try too. SPF 30 and it comes in 2 shades (light and fair will like these best). $14, drugstores

What products have YOU been loving lately?


  1. Pop, I'm going to try the BB cream for sure!


  2. I must say that I am 100% a lip balm addict - like I apply a million times a day! I am always looking for new ones to try, but my go-tos are burts bees and eos! I love this post and how informative it was!


  3. I love that you gave a shout out to Canadians (make my usually shrivelled Canadian heart grow a bit)! And I've never checked my thyroid before but I am definitely going to start.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. I'm obsessed with lip balm. Unfortunately I'm allergic to a lot of lip balms based on whatever they have in them but I'm always looking for a new one to try! And I definitely need to start checking my thyroid... probably something I should have been doing for awhile!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I love my camelback! It helps me with water drinking too!

  6. I really love your lipstick in the video!! So pretty!! I'm a huge fan of the butterfly mascara like you said the regular version!!

  7. From a girl that has had thyroid problems and deal with thyroids for a living I love thst you posted thyroid awareness! Definitely checking out that lip balm!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Fellow lip balm addict, right here! I have never seen the Epic Blend brand. I love that it's vegan. I'll have to check it out!

  9. I love listening to your Southern drawl! I drink a lot of water when it comes out of a bottle too - great trick to get more water intake right?

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. great reminder to check for thyroid cancer! xoxo

  11. Thyroid cancer is soooo scary! This is a great reminder for everyone to check- early detection is key!

    Happy Tuesday, Elle!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. I love how Freeman keeps coming out with these great and budget friendly masks. Thanks for the reminder to check our necks.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. I need to try the mask, lip balm and BB cream! Definitely sounds like something that I need in my ever growing makeup collection. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

  14. So glad you had a great month! I definitely drink more water when it comes out of a bottle or a straw... not sure why but it works!

    xo Julie

  15. I love this types of videos! It is so much fun to get to know the person behind all the videos... and these just feel so much more like we are just two friends hanging out!

  16. I think it is great to remind people to check for issues or problems... a friend from high school was just recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and she's only 26. Another case that goes to show no one is exempt from it! So always good to be aware! Also, that Korres serum looks super nice, want to try that!

  17. I have lip balm everywhere! In my car, my bag... Loved your video and I agree about drinking more water when one has a water bottle like the one you showed.

  18. Charlie's soo chillaxed:D Love it!
    And thoughts and prayers for your friend Amanda. XOXO

  19. Great tips for checking your thyroid! I am also a sucker for all face masks, I must try that cucumber one!

  20. I do the same thing with my water but I drink it out of a bubba. Glad you had a nice getaway this month.

  21. I am so trying those freeman masks! and when I get home I am checking my thyroid-eep!

  22. I'm also addicted to lip balm, but like one of your other readers, I seem to have developed some sort of allergy to a lot of them so I'm obsessed with finding ones that I can use!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. I love these chit chats:) Your water bottle is so cute, I have to find one for myself:)

  24. I love the epic blend lip balms and have also a whole bunch of them! I must finally try the a Freeman mask! Too bad my Target does not carry them! Kisses, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  25. ooh great info about thyroid cancer. I never thought about it!

  26. I really want to try that Neutrogena BB cream - I always love their products, and so does my skin!


  27. I loveee Freeman Masks (as you know) I haven't seen the Gogi Berry or Pomegrante ones at my local drugstore...I will have to do some searching.Great info on how to check for possible Thyroid Cancer.

  28. hahaha the focus..that always happens with me too :P would love to read mini reviews on the products as well :D

  29. Thanks for the great recs - especially budget-friendly items! Love a good mask.

  30. I love these getting to know more of u videos & haha on the surprise guest ;)

  31. Great Video ,love it!
    Also need the BB Cream :)


  32. You have some interesting products featured here. I definitely need that mask for dry skin. Mine has been getting so dry. I picked up some good lotion today while I was out. I also am addicted to lip balms!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  33. The video was a little blurry, but I still listened! Love your videos : ) For my September, I got a job! WOOHOO!!!

  34. That cucumber peel-off mask is one of my go-tos. It's a classic! I really need to try some of that lip balm. Some of those scents/flavors look awesome!

  35. Sunday morning is my time to enjoy java, read electronic newsletters I receive and catch up on my video watching. I've subscribed to your Youtube channel--so, I'm looking forward to watching this one. Your vids are always fab, Elle! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  36. I love finding affordable products like this that actually work!! I am addicted to lip balm!

  37. Hi darling!! You have an amazing blog :)
    This post is so cool!!
    Come an see my new post: "THE RED ONE”

  38. Ahh! Being out of focus is so frustrating! I hate it when I take photos that look in focus until I upload them! I'm sure you'll figure it out :)

    Your accent is awesome. I assume everyone is English so that was a slight shock.

    Corinne x

  39. I confess, I am a lip balm addict too. I think I have around ten. lol.

  40. Thanks for writing something about thyroid cancer! It runs in my family and mine has been monitored for over a decade now because its hyperactive. Problems with it are more common than you would ever realize!


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