Review: The Blue Jeans Bar Express

I got the opportunity to try The Blue Jeans Bar Express. Have y'all heard of this? It's an awesome service where clothes are delivered to your door. This is perfect for someone like me, who works long, late hours and who doesn't always have time to shop (especially with my nighttime blogging job). I love that you can do this once, monthly, or seasonally. They have a service for guys too! It's perfect!

Here's how it works:

STEP 1: One-on-one consultation with your BJB stylist (fill out a form).
STEP 2: Receive up to 4 hand picked outfits especially for you monthly, seasonally, or one time. No rush, you can keep your box for 10 days. You can cancel your membership at any time with no fees or hassle! *A credit card is required in order to receive shipment. Credit card will be charged in full if items are kept longer than 14 days.
STEP 3: Return what you don’t want using a prepaid ship label and only pay for what you keep!
My Review:
  • I filled out the form and entered a credit card. Note: My style is very casual, so I expected the outfits to reflect that.
  • I received notice my box was goingto arrive, and when it did, I was so excited! 
  • There was a big box "suitcase" of 10 items:
    • 4 tops
    • 4 pairs of jeans
    • 1 necklace
    • 1 scarf
  • Every outfit came packaged together, making it so easy!
Here's what I received:
  • Yummie Tummie Skimmer Legging
  • BJB Turquoise Top
  • BJB White top (not pictured)
  • Joe's Jeans
  • Benjamin Jay Top

  • Fidelity Jeans
  • BJB Knit Top
  • Henry & Belle--loved these striped pants!
Outfit-wise, I love what my stylist Marnee chose for me. Again, what she chose reflects my style and my day--casual but very cute. Many of these high-end brands were new-to-me and that was fun to try out! I even loved the fact that accessories were thrown in.  
Fit-wise, one shirt was too tight and one was too big, but the quality of everything was just stellar! The Benjamin Jay white tee is the softest shirt I have ever worn. Ever. I would suggest to make sure you are specific with your measurements (as indicated on the form) for a better fit. 
Customer Service--Superb. Marnee was great to work with and was in constant contact. I simply mailed back what I didn't keep (free shipping). 

Overall: I would absolutely recommend The Blue Jeans Bar Express. I love that there are no stylist fees or membership fees. And shipping was free! For those that don't like to shop, or are too busy to shop, give this a try. If you choose to sign up, mention Elle Sees for 20% off!

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  1. Sound like a great clothes box programs. Everything looks great on you.

  2. Those clothes are super-cute, but they're also out of my price range. Maybe one day in the future!

  3. Wow what a neat service. I actually hate clothes shopping so this sounds like a great service.

  4. The clothes are really cute but it seems a bit on the expensive side. It is convenient though if you don't have time to shop!

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  5. Interesting concept, I know there are companies that do this for men b/c we all know how much men hate shopping. Not sure with women though how this will work. Not sure if it would work for me. But I do know women who hate to shop so this could work for them.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. You look so cute in the outfits here! What a convenient service- gotta love those stylists. :)


  7. What a brilliant idea! And all the clothes look great on you!

  8. What a great idea!i have never heard of this luxury!
    Not sure if it is in Canada? Could be scary as I often buy and rarely return! Lol

  9. I was watching a podcast talking about this. Great to know that the customer service is stellar.

  10. This sounds awesome! I'd just worry that none of the jeans would fit me, since my lower body doesn't usually work with traditional measurements. You look great, though! :)

  11. Cute outfits Elle! I do a lot of online clothes shopping as well because I rarely have time to go to the mall! Might have to try this service!

  12. what a fun idea! i'd love to try this out xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. LOVE this striped pants! What a great idea!

    <3, Pamela

  14. That sounds amazing! Would definitely want to try this.


  15. Hmm this sounds interesting. I current an subbed to Stitch Fix which I love.

  16. I love this idea - it's so brilliant for the working professional to have clothes delivered at your door.

  17. It looks like they have some great items! Although I personally find shopping to be therapeutic, so I enjoy doing it!

  18. Perfect, casual, but put together outfits! I love those striped pants!

  19. Love this concept! You got some cute pieces! :)

    xo Jules

  20. This is such a cool concept! they picked out great items too! Love everything!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  21. i love that blue aztec top on you elle and your hair is so perfect!

  22. Oh blue jean bar sounds really interesting. I think the clothes they picked for you are really cute and seem to match your style really well.


  23. Cute stuff!

    I need a stylist to help me.

  24. Just what I need... another shopping addiction... ;P

  25. Looking lovely in these great pieces you chose! I dread crowded stores and dressing rooms, so I'm all-in for anything that comes right to my door! Sounds like a fab company. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  26. I have never heard of that company or service before! I feel like these are becoming more and more popular!

  27. Thank you for your recomnedatios. The jeans look great.

  28. I realty like the blue and the mint tops on you. I'm always so worried about the fit on stuff like that but free shipping on returns is good.

  29. Sounds like a wonderful idea that would suit a lot of busy people (personally I will never be busy enough to shop online, though :) ) Really like the blue blouse on you!

  30. It was a great shopping experience!
    I love your casual-chic attitude and those tops are fantastic *-*
    Xxx beauty



  31. I love this concept and you got cute things! I live in a tiny town with no shopping so I may give this a whirl!! Susan

  32. Great post :) Love it.


  33. I'm with some of your other commenters, in that pants shopping is a nightmare for me! I'd love some new tops and accessories, though. :) Very cool you got to try them out.

  34. I like this idea! So great if you never have any time to go shopping!
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  35. Cute! This sounds like a great idea for me.


  36. This is actually really neat. They don't go up to my size, but I like the concept a lot. I guess I also don't really mind shopping, though. I am a multi-tasker so I browse for things like clothes and accessories while I watch tv. I'm actually reading this post while catching up on 24 lol.

  37. I love this idea! I haven't had time to shop for clothes for a while, so having a personal shopper sounds awesome.


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