This or That: Shiseido Facial Cotton Vs. Cotton Clouds

This week's This or That is not makeup, but is totally a beauty product. How do you take off your eye makeup? Do you ever use cotton pads? I do and prefer them to cotton balls, and one day I randomly splurged on Shiseido Facial Cotton. I shared them on the blog here, and several of you suggested that I try the inexpensive Cotton Clouds. I immediately got them, and have been using both since. So let's get into it:

top: Cotton Clouds, bottom: Shisedo
I love using cotton squares to remove makeup or nail polish, or to apply products. I've tried a lot of cotton pads over the years, and these are the two softest brands I've come across and they hold up very well.

Shiseido Facial Cotton:

  • $9.50
  • can be purchased online and in stores like Sephora or Nordstrom 
  • 165 squares
  • white
  • removes products and applies products
  • can be separated to double the use
  • very soft
  • broke down with facial oils 
  • larger but not a thick
Cotton Clouds
  • $3.99 (price varies)
  • I've only found it online
  • 200 or 220 pads
  • white or rainbow
  • removes and applies products
  • can be separated to double the use
  • soft
  • broke down with facial oils
  • thicker, but smaller

This or That: 
As you can see above, the Cotton Clouds are thicker, but a little smaller. This didn't make a difference to me in terms of use. I found the Shiseido to be softer, as did everyone else I tested them on. Both seemed to work the same, but I preferred the Shiseido. While I enjoyed and would recommend them both, I would repurchase the Cotton Clouds since they are cheaper.

Have you tried this? Which one do you like?


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  1. I love these posts of yours...I need to start making a list of what I should be buying!

  2. I would go with the cotton clouds too if the are that similar for the price break since I go through so many! Thanks!

  3. Cotton Clouds would be my choice, too. I understand that the Shiseido ones are organic cotton, but you can get organic cotton for way less than what they are. Good comparison! xoxo Lauren

  4. Another great comparison... I only wish we had these here... Ideally, the less expensive one. :)

  5. The Cotton Clouds are a great price! I just can't see spending nearly 10 bucks on cotton squares.

    The Tiny Heart

  6. If there isn't much difference in how much I like them, I would go with the cheaper version as well!

  7. I usually just use cotton balls to remove my eye makeup but I'm definitely going to look into the Cotton Clouds now!

    <3, Pamela

  8. i prefer the shiseido. better quality and strong!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I will have to try the clouds. I use rounds every night. Thanks for the rec!

  10. I would choose the cotton clouds it's seems the more affordable choice.

  11. I've always used cotton balls! You can get a big ol' pack (like 500) from the grocery store for only a few dollars and they last forever!

  12. I've never heard of either - I use just a plain old cotton ball haha!! I think i'd opt for the cotton cloud as well!

  13. Definitely cotton cloud for me because it's more affordable! :-)

  14. Hi Elle, I found this This or That post really interesting, I honestly didn't know the differences until now! Thanks for stopping by, I always value your opinion!

  15. Great review. I also would use the less expensive one as I tend to go through
    Them so quickly. Sometimes though you really do get what you pay for!

  16. This is a great comparison post! I use cotton pads instead of cotton balls to my facial toner or eye makeup remover also.

  17. I've heard lots of positive things about the SHiseado cloths but just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money.


  18. I would go with the cotton clouds since they're cheaper and splurge on something more important like makeup with the savings :).

  19. I prefer the cotton clouds because are more cheaper xD
    And I don´t have Sephora stores on my country~


  20. I usually use the cotton clouds. Great post and comparisons!

  21. The cotton clouds would be my first choice too just because of the price!

  22. I haven't tried either of these... I'm too cheap to buy the pricier ones though! hahaha

  23. Great post. I didn't know the difference. I will have to try the clouds now. :)

  24. Very interesting post!! I never knew about these differences. I think I too should start making a to-buy list! :)


  25. Awww so cute my dear!
    I wanna try *-*



  26. i /just/ finished reading a review of the shiseido and though they are good quality i think both of you agree that if you could go with something cheaper you would. still, am curious about them!
    A Beautiful Zen

  27. I go through waaaaaay too many cotton pads to pay this much, so I just stick to budget brands...

  28. I use cotton pads myself, I usually just buy the target brand ones but they don't look as soft as the ones you did a review on. I think the target brand ones are almost the same price as the cotton cloud ones so I might give them a try when I'm done with my current ones. :)


  29. The price of the Shiseido definitely makes me balk, but I'll have to try out cotton pads like these. I use circular ones. Wonder if there's any difference...

    7% Solution


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