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  • I love the snow. And that's because I don't get to see it too often in Atlanta. But I'm sure you heard the cluster of what happened here. I was only stuck in traffic for 3 hours, which is pretty lucky compared to many. It was not fun!
  • The snow! Charlie wasn't a big fan (he was scared of snowmen) but I loved played in it, plus I had a couple days off from work.
  • I was lucky to attend the grand opening of the Dermalogica store in Atlanta. Afterwards, a few of us had dinner with the owner and creator of Dermalogica, Jane Wurwund. She was amazing, full of knowledge, and not in the slightest bit intimidating. She was so down to earth. I kept pinching myself because she was seated next to me! One of the highlights of my blogging career.
  • I forgot to mention this week, but I came home to find a movie being filmed behind my house! It'ss a Stephen King movie with Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack. No celeb spotting, but I still thought it was kinda neat.
  • I'm headed to Disney this week and next, so I will still be posting, but won't have a R,R, and R post next week. I hope you continue to stop by! Keep up with me on Instagram.

Blog of the Week:
  • Scarberian Fashion Lover--she's awesome because she always has the most positive things to say and comments on all of my posts. She's always the first to stop by and is one of my biggest supporters. Just adore her and her style. Now go follow her blog :)

Programming Notes:
  • This week I will have two sponsored posts. The same goes for next week. I am very blessed to have those opportunities. The posts will occur on two consecutive days each week. I do not have control over the days when these post, as the publishing companies and brands assign those. The dates often change, and in this case, they are now going to be posted back-to-back. In a perfect world, they would be spread out a bit more, but I don't get to decide that. But what I can offer are products I love and think you will too as well as some awesome giveaway prizes. I love your support of this blog and thank you for supporting those posts. You're amazing!
What were your Rants, Raves, and Randoms of the week?
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  1. Glad to hear you weren't stuck in traffic for too long!! And have so much fun at Disney! I can't wait to see pictures and hear about it!

  2. Great post, I love reading about your week. And great blog rec too! I don't really have any rants or raves this week--school maybe on the rant side haha!

  3. I love how you said you love the snow! Here in MN...it gets old after a week! I am so sick of the snow and the cold that I need a vacation somewhere warm for a LONG TIME. Enough of this -40 degree weather!

  4. So happy about your sponsored posts hun!!
    To Disney?? Awww so lucky, would love to go there too!



  5. ugh i am SOO over the snow. it's going to snow again tonight. ready for spring!! stop by, i am hosting a giveaway! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. And then here in Australia it's so hot that we want snow but never get it.. Interesting world huh? Great post :3


  7. So cool about the movie filming!


  8. Oh my gosh! Thank you soooooo much for the mention, Elle:) That just made my day! And I should seriously move to Atlanta. Everything I love is filmed there....ahem....Walking Dead....

  9. Great post. That so cool that a movie is being filmed close by.

  10. How cool about a movie being filmed by you?? Like do they need any extras? ;-) Glad to hear you were safe Atlanta looked like a nightmare with that snow.

  11. That's awesome. Dermalogica makes such good products.

  12. Wonderful updates and I agree that the snow can be a love-hate thing (depending on location and schedule :) )
    Nothing bad happened here, so the things I'll pick are my new blog address, blog interviews, making some delicious and healthy treats over the weekend and enjoying a bit of sunshine (also kind of a treat)


  13. i am so over winter! mother nature shat out another 22cm on us so we spent the weekend digging ourselves out. thank god for our snow blower!

    Vodka and Soda

  14. Oh my goodness... poor Charlie... I feel bad for him but at the same time it's HILARIOUS! hahaah :)

  15. get stuck in traffic suck, Have fun at Disney.

  16. what happened in Atlanta shouldn't have! i felt really bad for everyone involved. even 3 hours is hard. so glad you're ok. emmy is a doll. love her. her sincerity is refreshing. very down to earth and a really good friend.

  17. That's cool that about the movie being filmed behind your house! Have fun at Disney!

  18. i absolutely love these posts of yours. i am so indifferent about the snow. on one end i love how pretty it is, especially amongst the trees, etc but on the other end i hate driving in it and hate the cold!! lol

    great post! thank you for sharing chica!

    Rica xx

  19. That's funny about the Stephen King movie because John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson did another King movie together a few years ago. How cool that it's being filmed so close!

    Have fun at Disney!!

  20. I love snow days though we don't get many up here. Glad you didn't get stranded anywhere. Have fun at Disney!

  21. That is so awesome about the Dermalogica dinner, what an amazing opportunity! Have fun at Disney!!!

  22. How cool that they were filming a movie behind your house! That will never happen to me. And have so much fun at Disney World! :)

  23. That is super cool that a movie was filmed behind your house, love Stephen King. Traffic sounded terrible, but happy you got through it. I hope Disney was fantastic for you :) x

  24. Have fun at Disney! And how cool about the movie.

  25. I love snow just like you, Elle. I used to have it every winter up to the first floor, now I guess I have to get used to days full of rain and howling wind. But I love our seaside so no complaints (for too long). So happy with your sponsored posts, enjoy the opportunities, Elle and I'll come back to check them. xxx


  26. John Cusack? Oh my word. I think I would call into work and pull out the binoculars. LOVE him!

    Perfect time for Disney. Enjoy!

  27. So cool that they are filming a movie behind your house!! Also, I'm glad that you didn't have worse problems with all the traffic (though 3 hours is pretty bad!). Glad you are enjoying the snow! :)

  28. Stephen King movie?! Awesome. Until you mentioned my nemesis John Cusack. I know, everyone's shocked when I say that.


  29. Is your house going to be in the movie?

    I'm already following your blog of the week, she is really amazing!


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