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Hey you! I can't believe it's only 10 days until Christmas. The panic is starting to set in. Before I get back to wrapping presents, I thought I'd take a quick moment to share my weekly Rants + Raves.


  • Food poisoning--This happened Thursday night, and while it was a mild case, I'm still recovering. Ugh. The Christmas party at my apartment complex was catered by Moe's BBQ, and I'm certain that's what made me sick. Boo!
  • Unfollowers & Never Followers--I know. Such a silly thing. It only upsets me when it's people I considered my blog/online friends. People move on. But I work so hard on this blog and everything behind the scenes (like social media), so it stings when they leave. Plus, there is an Atl blogger I see at events and we've made introductions. I follow her sites, leave comments, etc. She won't follow me back or anything. At a restaurant recently she was seated at the table next to me (I swear Atl can feel like such a small town sometimes). Despite eye contact, and comments to her dining companion about Atlanta bloggers (I'm trying to be vague here), she still ignored me. I happen to think I'm a catch--blog-wise, with all of the beauty knowledge I have. As you all kindly said: their loss!
  • IG Hacker--Someone tried to hack into my Instagram. Argh!
  • American Hustle--I got to attend a private screening of this! It wasn't as great as I had built it up (a little long) but it's a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It was good and I'd recommend it. Great performances from everyone, and of course, Jennifer Lawrence is a standout. She was hilarious and reminded me a little of Jennifer Coolidge.
  • Candles--I had to replenish my supply, and at $8 each, I couldn't help myself.
  • Christmas Party--Every year my apt complex throws a Christmas party, complete with karaoke and prizes. I won $25 Target gift card for trivia and $50 off my rent for my rousing rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. It didn't quite fit the demographic of the residents, but they obliged and got into it. The group that won had choreography. Seriously? I gotta step up my game! ;)
  • If there's anything I've learned in blogging, it's that there's no magic formula for what will be a "hit" on the blog. Some posts I've worked days on aren't liked, and some posts I do in 30 minutes are huge. So I was surprised to see the support and notice on my post on getting older. I feel ageism in the blogging community, and while I've never denied my age, I never talk about it. I want to thank you for being so kind with your words. Ya made this old lady smile!
  • YOU--I posted a pic on Instagram about the unfollower situation, and was surprised at the love I received with your sweet comments. I didn't mean to come across as not thankful for the readers I so have, not at all. That's why I do so many giveaways--to give back to YOU for taking the time out of your day to spend it here. Thank you so much.
  • Finally getting back into making videos. Expect some very soon!
  • Whew! I've been a posting machine--I've done lots of reviews for those of you that like those sorts of things. I encourage you to check them out. Just scroll down if you'd like.

What Rants + Raves did you have this week? Share on your blog or leave them below.

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  1. So sorry about your rants - food poisoning, awkwardness with unfollowers and IG hacking are no fun! But glad to hear that you have more raves. It's good to hear that you find the positive side in many things!

  2. Ugh, I hate the snub too. There are a few bloggers that I'm very loyal to and when I find they stopped following me, it's hurtful!

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I have never had food poisoning (I don't think and I feel like that's something you would know you had) and I am grateful for it. I have kind of an iron stomach, not much seems to bother me (I'm just picky about tastes and textures!) I guess my rant for this weekend is that I didn't get as much shopping for gifts done as I wanted, but my rave is getting my ferret's picture with santa done. Because I am apparently crazy and do things like that lol.

  4. Ugh...the candles! I didn't make it to the sale, but that was such an incredible deal!

  5. So sorry about the food poisoning, Elle:( And yeah, just ignore the snubs.Those kinds of peeps just me LOL.:P

  6. Food poisoning is horrible, hope you're feeling much better! And ignore the snubs hun, like you said, it's really their loss. Concentrate on us who adore you, me included!

  7. Glad that you're feeling better! And don't worry about the blogger. I have stopped leaving comments on one blog because she never responded back or visited my blog or even acknowledged that I visited. It hurt, but I decided that I don't need her, and I don't need to read her blog. You're right — not reading is her loss!

  8. Ugh... food poisoning is the WORST. I've had it once and I hope I never have it again. Traumatizing. I've had bloggers basically ignore me, too... although I've never met anyone in person. Some people just need to get over themselves.

  9. so glad to hear you are feeling better! and dont worry about that blogger....totalllly her LOSS! good to know about american hustle! i think i still want to see it but ill be prepared for the long running time ;) xo jillian

  10. i just booted four people off my blog list because they GIVE ME NO BLOG LOVE. whatever. lame bitches. they don't know what they're missing because i'm an awesome and loyal follower. BYEEEEEE!

    so who cares who unfollows you or doesn't follow you. those who do love you and everything you have to say. those who legit ignore you are morons. the end.

    Vodka and Soda

  11. Sounds like I need to live in your apt complex! Those Christmas party prizes are legit--we don't even have a party where I live. Have a great week :)

  12. I agree Elle on people not being kind and responding, especially people you have talked to before. Their loss! You are a great blogger!!


    I am tipsy, so I am extra-affectionate right now, including online.

    I just made the Starbucks Gingerbread sugar scrub as a gift for a friend, and it made so much, I was able to keep some for me! I'm literally about to go relax in a hot bath and try it out. Your timing was impeccable, since I was struggling with what to make her. And I just had to buy the pumpkin spice and vanilla extract! I'm giving it to her with a candle and a decorated coffee mug as a "relaxation package" gift.

    Anyway, you're awesome, so don't worry about the unfollowers. (But as someone who lost a blog follower recently, I know that it still hurts).

  14. Don't worry about a few people! Blog for yourself and the wonderful readers you do have!

    7% Solution

  15. As for the unfollower, forget her!! it's her lost. I hate phony people. A real woman can take you to the side and tell you the reasons why she unfollowed you (for whatever her reasons were). SMH.

  16. Awww I'm sorry about your run-in with that other blogger. But at least you had fun at that Christmas party. :)

  17. I totally get that rant about the following. There is nothing more annoying than following someone and actively taking part in their social media and then not getting anything in return.

  18. Guilty of following you less than I did :( My computer has been broken; I haven't posted anything on my blog since May. Still love you though!!!

  19. Yay for candles! I'm trying to resist a big BBW haul right now. I love their Christmas scents.

  20. Don't worry there's a pretty big local blogger here who knows about me but won't connect at all, despite my prodding. So I just gave up. There's a whole story as to why I think she won't (which I won't go into here) but her loss. And yes, I had a pretty big blogger who was a "friend" when she was smaller, then dropped me like a hot cake when she got "big", I mean stopped following me on every social media channel. It really hurt. It can get weird, but I'm getting better about not letting it bother me ;)


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