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(second-day hair, not brushed, thanks to Savvy Sleepers)

I have been using satin pillowcases since precisely 1997. I’m serious. I've talked about how I love them many times before on this blog. So back in 1997, I received a homemade one as a Christmas gift, not knowing of its benefits, but have been hooked ever since. So of course when Savvy Sleepers contacted me to gift me one, there was no hesitation. I have followed creator Dale’s blog for years and knew of Savvy Sleepers, so I couldn’t wait to share why I love these satin pillowcases! They're soft, have a cute secret pocket, and keep my hair looking great!

(What I received from Savvy Sleepers)

What are Savvy Sleepers?
--100% pure satin pillow cases
--world's 1st unisex satin pillow cases
--designed to to give you the best night's sleep.
--made from the finest, hand-picked luxury satin
--The ultra soft luxurious fabric

Why Do I Need a Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase?
--Recommended by leading dermatologists and top hair stylists
--Satin is smoother than cotton and prevents hair from breaking while you sleep. Satin pillow cases preserve salon blow-outs longer and are smoother against skin preventing wrinkles.
--Satin ensures less friction for hair and prevents creases against your face compared to cotton. Our luxury satin won’t slide off your pillow during the night because satin is more durable, as well as less slippery and shiny compared to silk. Savvy Sleepers is made of the highest quality blend of 100% pure polyester satin. 
--Each Savvy Sleepers pillow case also has a secret pocket for hair ties, jewelry, love notes, lip balm, ear plugs, headphones, etc.  In addition to the other mentioned items, I’ve kept tissues and cough drops in mine. I’ve also put a drop of eucalyptus oil on a folded tissue and kept it in the pocket to help me breathe when I was sick.
What colors?
--Currently 3, with plans for others. There’s a black, white, and soft neutral (nappucino).

--If you're not completely satisfied, they will refund or exchange your pillow case/s

Sizes? Care?
--Standard, king, machine-washable in cold

And here’s a super-quick video (an excerpt from my How to Avoid Breaking Out video) of me reviewing and singing the praises of Savvy Sleepers:


  1. I been using a mirc fabric pillow and it work good. My hair is not tangle in the morning sleeping one it.

  2. I have heard of these before and I know that people have been impressed with them. I think I should maybe try one.

  3. Ive actually never tried satin pillowcases before but would really like to after hearing this

  4. These pillowcases look fab! I know Dale's blog as well--it's one of my faves. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  5. Perfect video sweety
    I love it, and you have got a lovely voice


  6. It looks like a great product and I definitely want to try it soon as well!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Ok now I definitely need this, your hair looks amazing!

  8. wow this products looks promising. Look at your hair without brushing. Must try for me.


  9. I've heard about these kind of pillow cases a few years back and I've been wanting one but I never did get any. Maybe it's about time! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I totally forgot to add my blog link before and I wondered how you're to find my blog...but you did :)!! x

  10. Never heard of these. You're always full of good ideas.

  11. Hehe, I haven't heard of pillow goodie boxes before, but it sounds amazing!
    I will check out Savy Sleepers later! :)


  12. I've heard of these but I have never used a satin pillowcase before. I don't think my hair has ever looked that good waking up so I'm convinced, haha!

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  13. These do sound good, and reasonably priced, too:)

  14. I've been sleeping on a satin pillowcase for a few years now- and love it! My hair loves it, too. :)


  15. ..what makes them unisex? I thought all basic pillowcases were unisex, unless you object to the color or something. Or is it the material that makes it inherently non-unisex?

  16. Awesome! I'll have to order one of these!

  17. Elle! Thank you so much for this review and the video. I'm so glad you like it and I wish I would have known about satin back in 1997 because it definitely could have saved me some horrible hair days at school. You're smart to have stuck with it! Beautiful hair and skin too, thank you again. We really appreciate it!


  18. @Just_kazari - I wanted to answer the 'unisex' question. The reason we use that in the description is because most satin pillowcases are in colors and textures that appear very feminine or don't appeal to men. We chose the fabrics and colors to be soft, but also matte in appearance so guys will sleep on them too. :)

  19. Dale is so sweet, and I've been wanting to buy one of her pillowcases for a while now. Glad you are loving yours! I just need to convince my husband that this is a necessary expense. :)

  20. I definitely need one! My hair seems to break all the time. Kind of surprised I'm not bald.



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