DIY Cherry Ice Cream Solid Sugar Scrub

I'm so glad the weekend is here because this week has been a doozy. Today I'm sharing a summer treat, with no calories, but don't eat it! It's my DIY Cherry Ice Cream Solid Sugar Scrub. These make great gifts and are just the thing to exfoliate the body for summer: think shaving, before self-tanning, at-home pedis, and more. I'm using cherry, but customize scents/to your liking. Enjoy.

N e e d:
1 part carrier oil
2 parts soap base
3 parts sugar
Essential oil
Soap colorant
Soap making mold
Glass pan

D o:
  • Grate and melt your soap, preferably over a double boiler. 
  • I used shae butter soap base melted in the microwave that I loosely chopped.
  • Carefully add and stir oil (examples: olive, coconut, sweet almond), sugar, cherry essential oil, and soap colorant. I used purple soap colorant and vitamin E.
  • The consistency (pictured above) will be closer to icing. 
  • Allow to dry for a few hours. It will harden, similar to soap. 
  • Scoop out your "ice cream" with an ice cream scoop.
  • Store in a sealable jar. And don't eat! Keep away from children.
  • Rub onto wet skin to use. Or break into pieces and add water for a lather.


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  1. wow, this DIY is awesome! also looks good enough to eat :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. This is so cute !! Am going to make this :)) great for gifts . Thanks

  3. This sounds great and looks yummy enough to eat! Thanks for your comment on my blog today, too. Yeah, all of the posts at All Women Stalk use a number format. Readers seem to really like it!

  4. This scrub looks good enough to eat for sure:D

  5. Wow I just can't believe how good at DIY and crafts some bloggers are. I am so lazy I just head to Trader Joes. This sounds great and unlike a tub at Trader Joes it would make a great gift.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  6. This seems very simple to make but I know me; a mess. I think I'll enjoy the beauty from your blog. A good scrub goes a very long way.

  7. What a cool DIY, I would have never thought about this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks yummy, Elle--in the luxuriant, non-food sense--of course! xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  9. I absolutely adore the way this looks.

    7% Solution

  10. This is so cute... I've got to try harder to get crafty and try out your amazing DIYs!

  11. Looks amazing and I think it would do a great job.. the only thing I hate when it comes to DIYs is that you need lots of oils and stuff to make different scrubs, lotions, etc.. so then I'd rather just buy a ready-made product..

  12. yummy in my tummy and on my skin! ha


  13. They look sooo yummy, I bet they would smell so good on skin!!

    Personal Style Blog

  14. @Michaela--You only need one oil for this! The essential oil is just for fragrance.


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