Back to School Week: First Day of School Outfit (Styled Different Ways!)

Picking out THE outfit for the first day of school isn't easy--I know it always stressed me out. I always wanted to look nice, but not like I was trying too hard (especially when I was among the upper classmen). Do guys have this problem? Regardless, today I'm sharing a very basic outfit perfect for the first day, with some ideas to change it around and make it your own. Everything shown can be found for a variety of budgets. Even if you haven't been to school since last decade, variations on this outfit can work for you. Enjoy.

first day of school

  • Let's start with a slouchy sweater: they're comfortable, cozy, and keep you warm in those freezing classrooms. The one I'm sharing is a pretty coral, that looks great on almost everyone. It's a little sheer, which is perfect for those it-still-feels-like-summer days. Wear a tank underneath.
    • WHY NOT TRY: a cardigan instead? Throw it over the tank or a graphic tee.
  • Underneath that slouchy sweater, you'll need a cream-colored tank. It complements the coral slouchy sweater and helps you stay in dress code. This one has some lace detail, but tanks can be purchased for very cheap!
    • WHY NOT TRY: a bright color instead? Mint, orange, and yellow tanks are some pops of color that can be added under the sweater. You can always try grey or brown, too, to be on the safe side.
  • Keeping with the casual theme, I'm loving these boyfriend jeans.
    • WHY NOT TRY: a skater skirt instead? A skirt is a cute way to dress up this casual outfit and I'm loving the skater skirt trend. For colors, a basic black is easy, but you can also try bright colors that complement the coral. Or better yet, patterns! If you're feeling extra casual, there's always shorts.
  • Let's dress up those jeans with a pair of booties. It gives a little height but stays within dress code.
    • WHY NOT TRY: a pair of cute flats? Flats are super versatile, come in a variety of colors, and can be worn just about anytime of year. 
  • For jewelry, a long necklace would be a great addition to this outfit. I like the dainty charms on this one.
    • WHY NOT TRY: a scarf? While it's way too hot here in Atlanta to even think of wearing a scarf, many places start school when it's cooler (schools are already in session over here!) so a scarf would be appropriate. A scarf is one of the easiest ways to change an outfit.
What outfit have you been loving lately?


  1. I've never really cared about the first days of school after holidays.. now obviously I would think differently.. but I finished school long ago.. :D

  2. Ooo really good tips, might have to use that outfit on my first week back xx


  3. I have a new (to me) cream tank--I'm definitely pairing it with a slouchy sweater. Fab inspirations--as always! xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  4. I'm having flashbacks to picking out the first outfit of the new school year - I remember it being insanely stressful!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. i was always nervous about the first day of school not from a fashion sense but from a workload perspective and if i was going to get any bad teachers!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I need to get a slouchy sweater for fall:)
    PS We had a uniform in high school, which was a blessing, as I was so clueless back then...and even now most days:P

  7. What a cute and comfy outfit for the first day of school! I miss doing back to school shopping :)

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  8. I think wearing a bright color would be perfect for the first day of school! It'll put a little pep in someone's step, ya know? Or maybe that's just me. I'd totally feel fabulous in maybe a neon tank!

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  9. I never cared about "first day outfit" in college and I wore a uniform from Pre-k to senior year haha but this would have been a great option!

  10. Even though I am not at school anymore, your ideas for outfits are terrific and chic!

  11. What a cute back to school outfit! I've been living in striped tees/tanks and jeggings recently.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. Great outfit! I love the coral color of that slouchy sweater.

  13. Oh my, school is already in session there? Wow. When I lived in Seattle school didn't start until the third week of September.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  14. Some great outfits and ideas there!

  15. Great post Elle! I used to plan in advance what to wear in college (long ago lol) and I still do, xoxo.

  16. That is a cute outfit. I remember how important the first day outfit was :)

  17. Awwww. I love the outfit suggestions! Any girl would look cute in these pieces.

  18. I was the same way when it was the first day of school. That's such a cute outfit for a first day of school and very cute suggestions on what to switch up too! :)


  19. Good tips. I wish I could have worn these cute items on the first day of school.

  20. I love wearing either sweater or cardigan at school so much!


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