Summer Week: Textured, Loose Waves (Video!)

Today on Summer Week I'm sharing my Textured, Loose Waves. These take me about 5-10 minutes and are pretty any time of year. This post shares the highlights of the video, so for more details, please watch the video. Enjoy!
N e e d:
Heat protectant
Texturizing Cream
1 inch curling wand
Heat resistant glove (optional)
hairspray (optional)

D o:
Spray hair with heat protectant and allow to dry fully before applying heat.

With the curling wand pointed down (I'm using one from Herstyler I got on Amazon) take a 1 inch section and make sure the curling wand is behind it.

Wrap the hair around the barrel making sure the barrel can be seen.
Hold 5-10 seconds.
On the next section of hair, place the wand in front of the section of hair and wrap around the barrel.
This will curl hair toward the face. I like to vary the size of sections and the curl direction to make the waves look more natural.
Repeat all over your head.

Take about a quarter (thick hair) or dime (reg-thin hair) of texturizing cream and distribute through hair. I'm using Not Your Mothers, which smells amazing by the way! I like using a cream as opposed to a spray because it helps to define, give texture, and it isn't crunchy. I like scrunching it (as I attempted to photograph above) or defining pieces. That's it!

Enjoy the video below:


  1. I really need a curling wand like this....NEED! Great tutorial, Elle:)

  2. yay! what an easy tut. i really need a curling wand. thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice relaxed look which is perfect for holidays.

  4. i tend to hold my wand up...perhaps it gives off a different kind of wave if i held it down? i'll try tonight!

  5. going to have to try this out one day

  6. I haven't tried that cream from NYM but I love the dry shampoo from their brand! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate

  7. This is such a great, natural look for summer!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Those look really pretty Elle!

  9. I really love your hair sweety :)

    New post - Kisses

  10. I love your hair

    New post - Kisses

  11. Great tutorial! I wish my hair was long enough to do this.

  12. I love loose waves. I have been trying to accomplish a similar look the last few days.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  13. Gorgeous! I love this hair style so much because it's relaxed yet so pretty! :)

  14. Very cute tutorial Elle, you make everything seem so easy! I have a wand but i rarely use it because when i try it's so hard to use, I think i was doing it wrong. I might try it again because I like how your curls look! :) Oh and I've never tried texturizing cream before, I think i might try it. Loving your summer week! :)


  15. Your hair looks beautiful! This is the perfect look for summer.

  16. well it looks FABULOUS!

    i have never held he curling iron that way. must try it! i have tons 'o layers, so it is tricky for me to get hair like this. very, very tricky! ;)

  17. Gorgeous! Such a breezy, pretty summertime style. :)


  18. This is my favourite type of hairstyle..I think for any season, it looks luxurious! Great tutorial and looking forward to the nail post!

  19. gorgeous as always - one of these days I'll get my hair to stay that way! I was looking through your photos and the mirror makes it look like you have a tiara and a crown on haha how cute! I thought oh... Elle is spicing this look up lol!

  20. love the look!


  21. You are rockin' those waves! I have naturally curly hair and I can't bring myself to do this because of all the money I spend on Keratin and all the time I spend with my flat iron, but you look fantastic.

  22. Lovely! I have wavy hair so I just need to let my hair dry naturally and put texturizing spray on it, xoxo.

  23. You look so pretty, Elle! I love the waves on you. If I didn't have to straighten my hair and THEN add the waves, I would totally do this. :)

  24. Love your hair... so PRETTY!


  25. Love this product. Since my hair is naturally curly I use it without any hot tools but the curls come out natural and soft. love it

    Cindy's Little Black Book


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