Beauty DIY: Sea Salt Shaving Scrub

I'm leaving tomorrow for the beach and I'm probably a little too excited. While I'm gone, I'll have some lovely ladies stopping by with some awesome posts! Be sure to stop by and show them some love. I've also turned on comment moderation (I know, I know) while I'm beachin'. But before I go, I wanted to leave you with a Beauty DIY to get you in the beachy mood. Before you go to the beach, you need to shave, right? Then you'll need to try my Sea Salt Shaving Scrub. This can be used anytime to prepare skin for a close shave, and is only two ingredients! Can you smell the sea and feel the ocean breeze yet? Enjoy!

N e e d:
Favorite body wash
Sea salt

D o:
Mix body wash with the sea salt and use to exfoliate arms and legs before shaving.
  • I use almost a 1:1 ratio of body wash and salt, with there being slightly more wash than salt. I encourage you to play around with what feels comfortable to you. I make enough for one application.
  • A couple of options for blue body washes: Suave Ocean Breeze Body Wash (I like this one best) or White Rain Ocean Mist. They are only a couple of dollars each.

T r y:
  • While I used a body wash to keep with the beachy feel, use your favorite one.
  • If your wash is clear, you can add a drop or two of blue soap colorant (NOT food coloring) to give it that ocean color. I've never had a problem with it dyeing or irritating my skin, but feel free to skip or do a patch test first.
  • If sea or Kosher salt is too rough for your skin, then use sugar (raw, brown, white).
  • I also like mixing in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil or even olive oil.
  • For a cooling sensation, add a drop of eucalyptus oil and mix well. Essential oils do not need to come into contact with the skin, due to possible irritation, and must be mixed with another product, such as oil or body wash.
  • I've used this to exfoliate the skin before self-tanning.
  • I love using this on my feet too!
  • This should go without saying, but this scrub is to exfoliate skin before shaving, not to shave with.
  • Do not use on the face or bikini area. 
PS: Want more scrubs? Try these:
Thank you SO much to my guest posters!


  1. Great post! It was just what I was looking for. :)

  2. Love that this is super easy! I want to try this with almond oil-- skin is still so dry from winter!

  3. I need to try all of your scrubs! Sounds great!

  4. great and useful tutorial - I';m addicted to scrubs :)

  5. Such a beachy (and functional) DIY scrub! Love it!

    Have a blast at the beach! Can't wait to see the pics! :)


  6. Now, THIS I would use a lot. Awesome idea! xo, Julie

  7. ah, what a simple little scrub! i love the beachy feel about this!

    lindsey louise


  8. I like it and I would like to try. Have a great day.


  9. Enjoy your vacay Elle! I'm going to try this DIY while you're gone, I'll be beaching it this weekend!

  10. Hi Elle, how have you been? I have missed visiting your blog :) Awesome and really functional idea!

  11. I am definitely going to try this!


  12. Thanks for this DIY ^^

    Please come visit my world :)

  13. This is such a great idea! Hope you have fun on vacation!

  14. What an easy great idea!

  15. Mmm totally trying this, sounds like it'll smell amazing.

  16. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing this DIY :) xo

  17. i love this recipe, very easy! i've been buying lush sea salt scrub, but this might be a better option i think!

  18. I'm always looking for the perfect scrub and this sounds amazing. Thanks goodness it's easy to make. I'll try that for sure <3


  19. Awesome! Definitely doing this!


  20. I love this! This would smell heavenly. I wonder if it would work on the bumps on my arms? Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  21. Thanks for the tips! I think we can all use them in summer.

  22. really, i'm trying this tonight!


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