The 52 Project: March in Review

How was your weekend/Easter? More on mine, below. So for every week in 2013, I'm doing a different resolution. I used to do this monthly, but decided to mix it up this year. I share my resolutions on Instagram with a monthly roundup here! Let's get into this month's results! March was the Month of the Sickness. I completed one resolution. ONE! Here's to hoping next month is better.

  • Eat Alone
    • Result: I was sick, so I didn't do it. 
    • Would I Do It Again? Yes!
  • Sick in Bed, forgot about resolutions...didn't make any...does "getting well" count? ;)
  • Read a Book/Eat Alone
    • Result 1: Didn't read the book, which is disappointing, as I'm a fast reader. I've got to work on carving out a life for myself, instead of being so obsessed with blogging. 
    • Result 2: Finally! I did it! It was weird, and I was constantly checking my phone, but it got easier as the dinner went on.
    • Would I Do It Again? Absolutely!
  • Get Better at Time Management
    • Result: Horrible at this, especially when it comes to blogging. I've got to be more efficient at this. I failed miserably!
    • Would I Do It Again? It is on my repeat list
Past Resolutions and If I'm Still Doing Them:
  • Make Bed Daily
    • yes!
  • Write Down Everything You Eat
    • no
  • Attend a Blog Event
    • yes!
  • Go to Bed an Hour Earlier
    • only when I was sick
  • Drink only water
    • no
  • Spend no money
    • no
  • Walk with my chin parallel to the ground
    • yes!
  • Exercise 5 days a week
    • no

March in Review (clockwise l-r): 
  • Charlie, the cutest pup ever
  • Coconut Grove candle from Target, because I've got beach-fever
  • Mint nails, mint watch for spring
  • Iwi Fresh Spa blogger event
  • I love stripes, headed to another event
  • I have Lemsip sent over from the UK because I swear it works when I'm sick!
  • Quick fishtail braid before brunch
  • Spring is finally here!
  • Me, before I got sick! :/

Cutest bunny ever

Yesterday was Easter, and it was Charlie's third birthday. He doesn't like natural dog treats, so he didn't have a cake (although I would have). For Easter, I wore this dress I was sent from Eshakti. You've heard of them, right? They're a website of women's fashions that you can customize and that are affordable. This dress is similar. I added wider straps and added pockets, because who doesn't love pockets? Seriously though, I recommend them!

Thanks, Eshakti

Windy Easter, but look at our hair!


  1. Love the 'walk with chin level to the ground' one, it's the simple things that make a difference! I'm sure you'll get some more crossed off next month :)


  2. Happy Birthday Charlie and glad you are feeling better Elle. Have a great week.

  3. Cool dress, Elle:) And I have to do that "Eating Alone" someday too!

  4. i LOVE eating alone! and i really need to make my bed daily; i'm so bad at that :\

  5. I have the same problem when it comes to blogging. It takes me forever to write a post. I'm so terrible :/

  6. Aw happy birthday charlie! You look so cute in that dress and I love the bunny ears!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie! I love his ears! HaHa Great dress from eShakti Elle! Looks perfect on you. Hope you're feeling better. I have to revisit some goals myself. Thanks for following me.

  8. Very nice pics. Have a great monday.


  9. The dress is lovely on you. The "spend no money" bit would be incredibly hard, there's always something that tends to come up. Enjoy the week dear! /Madison

  10. Sorry you were sick. Hope you're feeling better. Happy Birthday, Charlie! He looks great! So do you!

  11. Such a great dress! Love that you added pockets! And Charlie is so cute!

  12. Regarding eating alone: I've never understood why people say they'd never do it. I love it! Hope you're feeling better!

  13. You've been doing so well with your resolutions, so I'm sure that when you're feeling better, they'll keep going much better/more productive.
    Your puppy is too precious - happy belated birthday to him! You look wonderful :) xo

  14. Hope you are feeling better! BTW, I have a serious issue with eating alone. No idea why but I do. And going to movies alone which is so dumb. I do love shopping alone, though. Actually I prefer it! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  15. Such a cute dress! Hope you are feeling better :)

  16. I really like this idea! I'm trying to carve about more reading time to, I just feel like there are so many books and so little time!

    star-crossed smile

  17. Aw, Charlie is so cute! Love the bunny ears! Happy bday, buddy!

    I'm bad with time management,too--especially when it comes to the blog. :x

  18. I'm horrible at time management when it comes to blogging. Your good to stick with it on a lot of these goals!!:) I've been a slacker this year.
    If you get a minute, I’d love for you to vote for me the Wallis Blogger Contest!!:) Link to vote is on my blog. Thank you!!

  19. That last dress is so stunning on you! And I love the resolutions idea, such a good thing to do.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it made my day!


  20. That dress is ADORABLE and you look fantastic in it :)

  21. love the monthly resolutions! i should do the same thing

    Delightful Ideas

    Target Giftcard Giveaway

  22. Cute little bunnnnnnnny, ohhhh! Thanks for your 'likes' on instagram. You are so fun. I am back commenting, but new post in the morning. It is great to be back among the blogggggers!!!!

  23. well happy birthday to one of the cutest dogs ever!!!!

    oh you are smart to stick with the resolution thing. my goals are almost always the same: exercise more, eat healthier/lose weight, read more, spend less. generally i fail on all counts. ARGH! i must try harder!!!!!!

  24. Pretty dress, and your dog is so cute!

  25. It's such a bummer when sickness messes with our plans. Hope you're feeling better. You certainly look fab in that adorable dress!

  26. Love the pictures of you and Charlie! I had to eat alone so much when I travelled for work I am used to it and actually like it ;o). I'm trying to drink more water too and am not doing a good job. Work in progress, right?

  27. I love Easter dresses! I hope this month is a healthier month for you!

  28. Happy belated birthday Charlie - seriously he is too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. He is just the sweetest! Happy birthday to your adorable pup!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  30. i think this is a GREAT challenge!


  31. It's disappointing at times when life (or being sick) gets in the way of our goals..despite all of you're consistent at it and keen to nail them all. I like that--to drink only water. I started giving up soda completely recently. Have a great week, Elle.


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