How To: Sweetheart Nails (3 Different Ways!)

While I got a lot of "love" over last week's Easy Heart Nails, some of you wanted something even easier and faster. Ask and ye shall receive, right? I hope you love these fast and easy Sweetheart Nails. They're so dainty and cute!

Pink polish (Essie Pink Diamond, pictured)
Pink heart sprinkles (mine were a gift, but these can be purchased online, at nail/beauty supply stores and Five Below stores)
Pick up tool (orangewood stick, pictured)
clear top coat


Paint nail color and allow to dry. I used Essie Pink Diamond, but I've used other shades of pink, as well as white, for these nails. I like the shimmery pink best, but use what you like! This took two coats, but I did four so it would show up better on camera.

Pour out a few hearts onto the lid of the container. Decide what pick up tool you'd like to use. I used an orangewood stick, but have used dotting tools, tweezers, and even an old pen (#recycle) as pick up tools. Either paint another pink coat or paint a clear one. While nail is wet, pick up a heart and place it onto the middle of the nail. Seal with a top coat. That's it!

While the one nail is very cute and sweet,  feel free to add a heart to each nail. I did one hand with the hearts facing me, and the other with the hearts facing you.

For those who want an over-the-top look, add more hearts and cover the nail in them.
You can do patterns, too.

so many hearts

The heart sprinkles are flat, but our nails are not. This is noticeable on the pinkie fingers. By using a good, thick top coat or two (I've even done this with gel nails and it works even better), the hearts will not snag and will stay on the nails over a week. You can also try bending the heart sprinkles if you like.

Oh, and speaking of love, my The 52 Project this week is all about LOVE! I'm a notoriously shy person, so expressing my feelings isn't a strong-suit of mine. This week I'm letting my loved ones know how I feel about them! This may sound so simple and easy to you, but not at all for me!


  1. SOOO nice. I LOVE the way you did the thumb at the end there!

  2. Ok, I think I need to make a weekly trip to ATL to get my nails done by you!! Your nails are always fabulous.

  3. I love it Elle, I wish I could get those hearts beofre Valentines day...they'd be perfect for our party. Take care,
    Shauna xoxox

  4. Lovely! Unfortunately I haven't got those little hearts, but I will definitely be using a shade of pink like yours!


  5. Wow, so pretty! I just love the soft pink.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. how sweet! i love the softness of the pink

  7. Love these nails, Elle. They are easy enough:) And good luck on the 52 Project this week. What a great one to do!

  8. Fabulous! I think I need that Essie nail polish color stat :-)

    always, koru kate

  9. I try out your easy nails that you posted last week. Which I'm posting about it tomorrow and linking you post to it.

  10. I nominated you for the liebster blog award http://janinenicolee.blogspot.ca/2013/02/liebster-blog-award.html

  11. Such a girly manicure- I love it! :)


  12. this has got to be the cutest valentine nail tutorial ever <3



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