How To: Gel Manicure At Home

Nailuv polishes in Lovestruck (glittery raspberry), Hunkielicious (nude/mannequin),
 Boracay Beach (teal), Homebody Not(red)
lamp, gel polish remover, nail cleanser, bonder, base/top coat

I'm not sure if you've heard me mention my upcoming birthday (only 384895 times), but it's in 9 days! I'm really hoping to reach 1000 followers by then, if you'd like to help.  Also, in 9 days I'm headed to Disney World to celebrate, so I'm clearly still 9 years old. And yes, I just went there in February. What can I say? I love to travel. And when I do travel, I love having a gel manicure. Here's how to:

Why Gel Nails?
I think the biggest complaint with polish is that it chips so fast, depending on the brand. What makes gel nails awesome is that they can last up to 3 weeks! They're great for weak nails too. I was sent a kit from the lovely Maria at NailuvI love having a kit because I don';t have to go to a salon and can do from the comfort of home. Nailuv's gel nail polish formula is a long-lasting, smudge-resistant soak-off alternative to nail lacquer that can be applied and removed at home. LED and UV-curable, Nailuv’s gel polishes glide on smoothly for a sheer or mirror-glass finish, and removes easily. There are currently 36 long lasting, very durable high-shine fin­ish gel colors to choose from. 

directions and 36 shades

How Do You Do Gel Nails At Home?

Make sure nails are clean and dry. Paint a coat of the bonder and allow to dry for 30 seconds.

Paint a coat of the clear base coat and cure for 30 seconds (2 min with UV lamp). 

Thumbs are recommended to cure separately. 
Make sure to keep the product on the nails and not the skin.

 By the way, how cute is that heart-shaped lamp??

Next comes the fun part! Choose one of the 36 shades and paint a coat. Be sure to paint the tips/underneath of nails. I'm using Lovestruck, a pretty glittery raspberry shade. 
Cure for 30 seconds.

Add a second coat of the polish and cure again. 
Paint one last top coat and cure for 30 seconds. 

Use the cleanser and wipe away the top sticky layer. Use the remover to easily soak away gel polish. Enjoy your shiny gel manicure. 

Have you ever tried a gel manicure?

If you have any questions about the gel nails, let me know, below. 
Or email for a private response!


  1. thanks for thepost! I've never tried gel manicure(in fact I have issue with manicure in general)

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. I've tried a gel manicure and it lasted me well about 3 weeks. I went for an adventurous trek so lots of sea water and being in the mud. Great before a long vacay. I'll do it again.

  3. I have not! But it looks so shiny and lovely. well done!

  4. never tried, but might, at my next appointment at the salon.. though they said I have to go back to salon to remove it when time comes, but they could also teach me how to do it at home.. so if too much hassle, I might stick to normal polish..

  5. I've never tried gel but I sure would love it.

  6. Is it ok if I used the toaster instead?

  7. I have not but would love to and this looks so cute!

  8. This is a great tutorial! I have been wondering about home gel manis.

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  9. yayay i want that little kit! looks wonderful!



  10. What a pretty color! I've never tried a gel manicure, mostly because I do my nails at home. I had no idea you could do gel at home!

  11. Love that lamp its the cutest, the shade you've chosen is so pretty, you've done this very professionally!

  12. lovely post! i was planning to try a gel manicure myself soon. thanks for the inspiration!



  13. Great color and it's actually pretty easy! I would definitely try a gel manicure some time!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. I've only tried gel manicures at the salon (what a total lifesaver- got one for my wedding and it lasted through the honeymoon!). I definitely need to try the at-home version!


  15. Need one of these! Gels are really great for traveling :)

    xo Rach

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for actually WANTING to follow me! :)

  17. EEEEEE!!! That nail kit is so adorable! I love the heart theme and everything. I used to gel manis back in undergrad, but now I hate going to the salon. :(
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  18. Hey Elle! I've never tried a gel manicure. I keep hearing about them :) Oh gosh, for a manicure to last 3 weeks! That is marvelous! HaHa Love your step by step directions and that heart shaped lamp is awesome! Great post!

  19. Thats pretty amazing. I didnt know you can do that at home. The interesting things I learn from your blog. Have fun in Disney you are going to have such a good time. We were there in August.

  20. I have never tried a gel manicure. Yours turned out really nice!

    How fun that you'll be going to Disney! I hope you have a great time!

  21. AH! Nothing I love more than shallac!

  22. I have never use gel nailpolish or have had it done

  23. i'm SO glad you posted this because i've been contemplating getting that gel kit for a while now. can you post later to let us know how long it lasted chip free? that's my concern: spending oodles of money and have it chip like regular nail color :s

  24. fun! i really like the shade of red you chose.

  25. That heart shaped lamp is too cute. I actually used to do a gel base and top coat with regular polish over it. But it became too much work. For as much as I like to change my polish the gel would begin to lift in a weeks time. Yep, even using acetone free remover. It was just too much stress on the poor gel. So I quit doing that.

  26. One of my friends bought all the stuff for this! Can't wait to try it out!

  27. OMG! This is like a serious at home mani... LOVE IT!


  28. I've heard a lot about this nail gel, but is it expensive? I kind of want it :) And happy early birthday! You're going to have so much fun at Disney World.

  29. I'm loving gels too! My biggest complaint with regular nail polish is the immediate chipping. But I've had my latest gels for 3 weeks and they're still going strong :)

  30. You have a lovely blog site. I am now following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing!

  31. great info!!


  32. I've always been curious about gel nails, but I wonder if it'll weaken your natural nail with repeated use.


  33. I've never tried this, but it seems easier than I thought it would be! So jealous you get to be at Disney for their Halloween season! We are going in December! Can't wait!!

  34. I love gel manicures. I love how they last for weeks without chipping.

  35. Never heard of gel nails! This would be great for me. My polish usually only lasts a day since I work with my hands so much.


  36. I have yet to try it in the salon, but the appeal of being able to do it at home is very strong since I prefer to do my nails myself... :) Thanks for sharing!

  37. Love this post!!! I'm your new follower from Italy! Would you like to follow each other on gfc? xoxo Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  38. Do you know I have never had a gel manicure. Ever. Kinda ridic considering what I do for a living but it's true. I've been wanting to try some at home ones but I think I should try salon one first so I know what to compare to. Great tutorial, love :) xoxo

  39. I've never tried a gel mani (I think I'm still scarred from my acrylic anis in the 90s -bad) but this kit looks super easy and love the color selection! Awesome!

  40. i've been eyeing a gel kit at target. maybe i'll take a closer look at it now. thanks for the review. :)

  41. Wow they come in lots of fun colours dont they! I have never actually had a gellish manicure, so maybe I should try!

    Daisy Dayz
    Enter my giveaway to win designer shades

  42. I still get normal manicures at the nail spa, I can't seem to do it myself at home properly. It's funny because my manicurist actually advised against the gel manicure, she said it does a lot of damage to the nail. But I guess if you get it done once in a while it should be okay :)

  43. I recently bought the supplies to do my own, and I am loving being able to do this on my own schedule while watching TV!


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