Back to School Week! Lovely Links--Best of

I've got a nail tutorial coming. 
In the meantime, 
here's practically every Back to School link you'll need.
Even if you aren't in school, check these out. 

10 Foods You Can Make in a Coffee Maker (perfect for traveling too!)
Cooking in Your Easy Bake Oven (dig it out of the basement!)
Chocolate Cake in a Mug (I tried this & it worked!)
15 Dining Hall Recipes
Lunchboxes & Snacks: 120 Recipes (This is a great book for Moms who are out of ideas)
What Can I Make With the Food in My Fridge?
College Cooking...the Book
Pen Top Utensils
College Cooking
School Supplies Into Dinner Party Accessories

Curbing Test Anxiety
Study Tips
Lies High School Told Me
What to Give to The Student
Buy college texts used when possible. Here's how. 

The College Girl's Guide to Everything
The Post-College Girl's Guide to Roommate Living
College Girls' BFFS!
Tips & Tricks for Meeting the Roommate
5 Common Roommate Problems & Solutions
School Safety
Your Social Life
Here's my DIY for Avoiding Hangovers

Moving In Guide
How to Furnish Your Dorm
Preppy Dorm Room Style
How to Shop for Dorm Bedding
8 Great Gadgets for Dorms
Lucky's 15 College Essentials
Dorm Essentials 
Shower Essentials
10 Questions to Ask Your New Roomie!
7 Ways to Get to Know Your New Roommate!
Outblush lists the Top Dorm Essentials.
Cute bedding options 

Learning About $ in College
College Students' Guide to Saving $
Paying for College & Grad School
Making Money In School
Saving Money

College Fashion & Beauty 
Outfit of the Week: Simply Chic
First Day Outfit
DIY Beauty Care Package

Round up of past Essential Links

More ideas for care packages
And more!
What about teachers? We can't leave them out! Here's a back to school gift for them!


  1. Love this!! I just opened up a few of those links to print out. lol

  2. Bah! I love the first link of what you can make in a coffee maker. It's hilarious how many of these links I've already clicked on. I guess we have the same ideas. :)

  3. That chocolate cake in a mug sounds REALLY interesting. HAHAHA I may have to try that! Nice links Elle! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love all of those food links just from the title. Off to check them all out.


  5. this makes me miss university!!

  6. Whoa that's such a cool tutorial!

  7. Great links doll and thx for sharing.

    <3 Marina


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