Dreamy Waves: A Playlist for the Beach

I will always love the beach--morning, noon, or night. But my favorite time of day is about 4:45 pm, when the crowds begin to disperse. They pack up their belongings, brush off the sand, and leave. I stay and settle into what I call the "dreamy waves." The beach begins to resemble a faded 70s polaroid photograph. The waves begin to slow down. I'm a little sleepy, a little sunburned, and the salty sand is on my skin. This is what I hear:

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Can't see my playlist? Click this link.

Have a great weekend & enjoy Memorial Day! 
I'll be back on Tuesday.
Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle


  1. You've made me want to go to the beach now so badly. I might try make my fiancé go with me this weekend. We also have a holiday here in Korea so its a nice long weekend! Yey!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  2. Ah, the beach. My favorite time is definitely sunset. Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Cool idea for a post! I'm moving away from the beach soon and am realllly going to miss it :(

  4. that was nice, your playlist is not available in my country but i checked them one by one on you tube!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. I love how precise you are with the 4:45:) And I'm so out of it...have not heard most of the songs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. love this and love that you included Blouse. Into Black is such a superb tune. I've featured a beachy band on my blog today that you might really dig.

  7. Love your playlist! I love uncrowded beaches, too. The serenity of near-isloated nature...

  8. Enjoy the long weekend my friend!

  9. Elle, I loved your bronzer post, very well done, I will refer back for sure, have it bookmarked. You are always so busy helping to be so pretty and well kept! Thank you!!!


    Shauna xoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Such a beautiful post...I may not like hanging out at the beach, but I appreciate its beauty (from a distance) ;)

  11. The beach is one of my favorite places on earth! What a great playlist. Some of the groups I am not familiar with, but I definitely love "Air"

  12. omg beach house!
    perfect list for MDW!


  13. Have fun! Your Instagram pictures from the beach are totally making me jealous ;o)

  14. I thought I was the only one who noticed the '70s polaroid photograph'

  15. Such a great playlist! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  16. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back?x

  17. Hope you enjoyed memorial day and the beach! I just popped out your play list to listen :)

  18. Aww, I'm so glad to be back at the beach. Everything about it is so lovely. Hope you had s nice weekend and got some beach time in!

  19. Oh, I LOVE this! Thanks for bringing summer into my Autumn but feels like Winter!


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