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Hi, I'm Deborah from Spiral Style.  We are all missing Elle and send her and her family love.  Elle is a great blogging friend and support and I wanted to jump in and help her if I could.  When I think of what Elle might be posting this week, I think of her Outfit of the Week.  She usually includes a scarf which totally pulls the outfit together.  Being mid-winter, we could all use a wardrobe boost so I challenged myself to come up with 5 scarves, each under $30, readily available for purchase and colorful.  Here are the winners:

Pom Pom Scarf 
 Old Navy $14.94
Solid bold color.  Also available in yellow with orange and red with raspberry pom poms.

Feather pattern scarf  
Forever 21 $8.80

Nautical yellow stripe scarf 
 Sears $17.99

Butterfly print scarf 
Old Navy $14.94
Some nature
Carrie Print Pashmina  
Scarves Dot Net $11.01
Soft pashmina and subtle colors.  I love this one.

Rainbow half scarf  
Scarves Dot Net $8.46
This is a bonus scarf.  It is called a half scarf because of the width.  
The price it so inexpensive you could order it with the scarf above and with shipping, 
still be under the $30 mark.


  1. I totally love how this pom pom scarf still looks sophisticated and not too "funny", if you know what I mean. Great color too!

  2. I love scarves! I wish I could wear them more often but in FL, it would just be too hot.

    I do don them when I go up north though. :)

    These are GORGEOUS.

  3. That butterfly scarf is beautiful. Makes me want to go to Old Navy today and get one.

  4. those scarfs are so adorable! i can't even pick a fav one!

  5. I love scarves! The blue and the butterflies are my fave!

  6. First and third are my faves...loving the prices, too!

  7. the butterfly print scarf is definitely my favourite!!!!
    have a nice weekend dear.
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  8. ooooh I Love SCARVES! The pom pom scarf is my fave! Happy Weekend! xx

  9. So many pretty scarves. Apparently, I need to hit Old Navy, because I am loving what I am seeing.


  10. I love scarves. I can never have enough! :)

  11. love that second one!

    xoxo navy & orange

  12. Deborah great choices and really terrific buys!! I wear a scarf of some kind every day!

    Art by Karena


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