Product Test Drive: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 Review

When Urban Decay released the original Naked Palette, it quickly sold out of stores and became one of the best-selling products. It took me forever to get one--I had to wait until Ulta sold it online. It became my favorite palette of all time. When the announcement came December 1 that there would be a new palette, I HAD to have it. Just a couple of short days later, I have it and can't wait to share it with you! CLICK PICS TO MAKE THEM LARGER. Check it out:

How it arrived
Outside packaging, the bottom view
  • This is how it arrives, with a wonderful, wearable pink lipgloss. The gloss is similar to Le Gloss by L'Oreal, and is minty on the lips. I also received a gold eyeliner sample.
  • Once I popped it out of the packaging, which I discarded, I noticed the palette was in a metal box, kind of like a little paint box. I love this thicker, more durable packaging.
Naked Palette 2, opened
  • I LOVE the huge mirror. In the pic I left the protective covering that comes on (so it wouldn't show my reflection).
  • This palette is filled with more shimmery tones, and ends with a black instead of that sparkly grey.
The gorgeous shades
  • It comes with a double-ended crease and shading brush.
  • The shades range from matte, shimmer, and glitter. Five of the shades are brand new.
View 1

 View 2, Closeup of the shades

Original NP on top, and NP 2 on bottom
  • The only shade that is the same is Half-baked. 
  • There are no dupes, but a couple of the shades are sorta similar, but I could easily tell the difference.
  • There are still 12 shades, and the size of the pans is the same for both.
  • UD NP 2 is only slightly larger in packaging.
  • Verdict? I love neutrals, so I love this palette! I was also glad to see black this time.
  • Should you buy NP 1 or 2? That's really hard to say. I feel like 1 had so much fall out, and this one doesn't. If you've never bought either, want something really durable, want a big mirror, then get 2.
  • Naked 1 seems more versatile to me, as far as shades go. And 2 had more shimmery shades.
  • The packaging is much better, and will be great for traveling.
  • Price: $50, but I got a discount from UD (go sign up for your own!)

Are you going to buy the NP 2? Do you own the original?


  1. ooo I might ask for Christmas. The color palette is just too cool.

  2. I like these shades much better than Naked 1! This palette seems incredibly versatile. I love neutrals too.

  3. Such an informative review, I think I'd go with NP 1, the shades appeal to me more for some reason :)

  4. Oooh thanks for this review. I don't have the first one and I've been uhming and ahhing on which one to get myself the Christmas. :)

  5. double yum colourways :) le xox

  6. This is amazing, my dream came true :).
    P.S. if you get to make a guy buy you a satchel that rocks!!! hahaha

  7. Great review and who doesn't like neutral colors?

  8. i don't own this or the original, but i can totally see why they were sold out -- the shades are beautiful! :)

    i'm not so talented when it comes to eye makeup, though. my sister is, so perhaps i'll get one for her for christmas. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. I love Urban Decay as the shades are strong enough to show up on my skin tone! And they seem to last longer through the day. Gorgeous colours here..makes me want to go and play with makeup now :)) Hope you are having a wonderful week doll!! xx

  10. They do seem to have some similar looking colors but only duplicate one so that's good. And it's hard to find a good silver/gray shadow

  11. This looks like the perfect palette for holiday party looks! I don't own the original but I'm tempted to get this one.

  12. Thanks for the review - I have the original pallette, which I love but I like to see the new colors!


  13. I saw this at Sephora the other day. I just might have to get it!

  14. that's my kinda colours :) and the shade names are quite funny :)

  15. Ugh I just got the naked pal and now they come out with a new one. There goes my shopping budget.


  16. All of my friends told me it's a must! I wanted the first edition, but can't find it, now. ;( xoxo

  17. I am totally in love with original and this one looks equally amazing!!! xoxo

  18. I love the metallic shades! What a gorgeous palette! :D

  19. This palette is gorgeous! I definitely need to buy it! xo

  20. jealous! i've been lusting after the naked forever!

  21. I've been on the waitlist for it! I really wanted more matte colors, Naked1 seems to have more shimmer than I need for day-to-day. Would you say this has more matte shades than the original? Or should I hold off on buying it if matte is what I'm looking for?

    xo Cristina

  22. Oh sweet! I got the original palette for my sister for her birthday - this one I might have to get for myself though

  23. such a great review!! can't wait to get this!!

  24. I really like the Naked Palette and was pretty pumped to see that they released another one. But now I'm thinking maybe they're too similar, and I've barely made a dent in my first one. I think I'll see how Christmas and birthday pans out and maybe buy it in the new year :)

  25. Nice! Love the colors, I love a good neutral eye palette. The bootycall color name makes me smile!

  26. Every time I log onto Sephora or Urban Decay, I sneak a peek at the Naked 2. I'd like to save up for this one and at the same time, the Naked Basics' all matte offerings are highly appealing, too!


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