How To: (Easy) Subtle Winged Eye

Whenever I post something about makeup, I get a few "This is great" and mostly "I DON'T WEAR MAKEUP!" "I DON'T KNOW HOW! IT LOOKS HARD!" (totally shouting, right?).

Well, NO MORE EXCUSES! (Now I'm shouting!).

This tutorial is really, really, easy (really). It takes zero skill and very little time. I promise.
You'll notice I didn't do a full-on Cat Eye because I'm shooting for the basics here. 
Get your gear and let's do it together!

  • The easiest way to do a winged or cat eye is to use a gel liner. I am horrible doing this with a pencil and liquid liner can be intimidating--it's best reserved for a dramatic look. Also, the gel is easier to get off the eye in case of mistakes than liquid. I use Maybelline Eye Studio. It comes with a brush as well, but that won't be used today. You'll notice I used gel liner on my Autumn Eyes tutorial last week! Click here for that.
  • The other tool you'll need--I consider this THE key--is an angled brush. Mine is $3 from ELF. (I've seen online where you can make your own with a long art paintbrush and crimp with some pliers). This brush makes this look easy (how many more times can I type "easy"?) and fool-proof.

  • Dip the brush into the eyeliner a little and draw along your lash line, like above. For a darker line, simply build on your first line. 
  • Then draw up just a bit--imagine you're drawing all the way up to meet the end of your eyebrow. That's it! Well, repeat on the other eye! ;)

{finished very subtle winged eye}

{Eyeliner and Falsies Flared Mascara, 1 Coat}
  • Don't use the gel liner on bottom lashes. I used nothing, but if you'd like, use a kohl liner instead.
  • Now that you've mastered this super easy (told you!) winged eye, simply fill in the corner of the wing to make it a bolder cat eye!
Tweet or post pics of your winged (or cat) eyes! Is this a look you'd try or wear often? Hair or beauty tutorial requests? Ask away!

All pics taken by me via my phone. hence the "amazing" quality. 
And this is why I don't post outfit pics. FUG!


  1. This looks easy but when I try it, I end up poking myself in the eye or looking like a racoon. But I am persistent so I will definitely try your method and post it!

  2. it looks so good! i can't even figure out how to use eyeliner normally, so this is surely to be too difficult for me to master!

  3. I need to give gel eyeliner a try. I use the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils pretty much exclusively and love them, but they don't give a sharp enough line to get that wing. And liquid scares me!

  4. wonderful tips! i've been contemplating making a tutorial of this myself :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  5. i use the MAC gel eyeliner, it's so easy! xx

  6. Thanks for these fabulous tips! I love putting on make-up. I followed you too.


  7. My problem with the wing is that the left eye will almost always come out lopsided! The right will be perfect, but the left...oh, that damn left.

  8. I really need to invest in an angled brush...this looks so great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. I love a good winged eye!



  10. I actually really like this subtle winged eye! It's not a big cat eye like most people show.


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  11. i am surrently using this exact gel liner and LOVE it! i sport the winged eye liner and it really is easy with gel!

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  12. Hello there! Just browsing around and found your blog. Enjoying the tutorials! I'm also based in Atlanta, so hey neighbor! :-D Hope you have a great week!

  13. This will be tested tomorrow...

  14. Looks great! Thanks for the tips!

    ♥ Shia

  15. Ha ha, I hear you Elle. I am totally going to try this. And perhaps I'll post a photo of it too! Fingers crossed.

  16. BEAUTIFUL! i love this <3 i also love doing the cat eye =) great tutorial!

  17. Great tutorial, sweetie! I love a subtle cat eye :) xoxo

  18. I love winging out my liner. It adds a nice touch of drama, and you can actually do a lot with it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. Elle,

    I want to try this. But I might look funny lol I'll let you know when I try this.


  20. You make it look so easy! Great tutorial.


  21. I've only tried cream eyeliner, not gel. But anything that promises not to smudge is good by me!

  22. Looks fabulous! I use a MAC Eyeliner pen which is really easy to apply, but my eye makeup still never comes out as well as yours! :)

    xo lamb

  23. Well this is definitely the tutorial for me! I'm such a rookie with make-up that I have a hard time even with eyeliner. Of course, I've only tried pencil so far, and from the looks of it, gel looks much easier - a definite must try! Besides, there's nothing classier than a winged eyeliner. Thank you!

  24. Great tutorial! This IS a super easy look yet often times people are intimidated to play with liquid. It always looks fantastic!


  25. Such great tips!! I love love love a winged eye, though I'm still getting the hang of it!

  26. This is a fantastic tutorial. I need to learn how to do this (I definitely fall into the category of makeup-impaired).

  27. This is brilliant! I'm totally going to try it! :-)


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