Wanderlust Week: Outfit of the Week: Roadtripin'

Wanderlust Week: outfit of the week: roadtrippin'

PLEASE listen to this song...it instantly makes me think of summer, especially the end of summer, when the bright colors start to fade after an afternoon shower. I'm smitten with it--you'll love it too.
When: Sunday
Where: Impromptu roadtip
Road trips, especially impromptu ones, are a fave of mine. In fact, they're how I saw most of the States. There seems to be the "road trip summer outfit." The usual: the white tank, jean shorts, and sandals. For my impromptu road trip this past weekend, I wanted to stray just a smidge from the typical uniform.
  • Black tee--Much cleaner than white, right? And covers up the arms a bit more than a tank, if you're in the car with a hot-natured person.
  • I had grand plans to wear khaki shorts but comfy jean shorts won out in the end. See the last time I wore them here.
  • Add my favorite (mentioned a bajillion--approx--times already) summer hat. It hides crazy hair when the car's top, sunroof is open.
  • I was going to wear the classic black Rays, but opted for the lighter aviator sunnies instead.
  • Instead of flip flops, the Southern staple, I wore comfy sandals.
  • I wore a delicate necklace, because I almost always have on a necklace.
  • Other than moisturizer, the only other makeup I wore was Covergirl Nature Luxe lip gloss w/ SPF. It looks like I've just eaten a popsicle, which I'm suddenly craving after typing this sentence.
What's your favorite road trip outfit? How about your favorite road trip ever?

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*Shoutout to Birdie to Be for winning my Cheeriodicals giveaway! You've seriously gotta check out Cheeriodicals if you've not already--they've been a dream to work with & have excellent customer service.

*And congrats to Sweeter Salt on getting married this past weekend!


  1. Love this outfit! I'm always on the lookout for the perfect pair of denim shorts and these look pretty good :-)

  2. I also love impromptu road trips - they always make for the best days :) Love the look you've put together here, comfy is king :)


  3. Perfect travel outfit - both comfy and chic :) I can't live without my sunnies on the road!

  4. Gorgeous travel outfit - and exactly the inspiration that I need, since I'm planning a roadtrip to visit my brother soon! :)
    That song is amazing - so perfect for summer. Ray Ban can do no wrong in my eyes - whether it's their aviators or Wayfarers, I'm such a fan (and they're inexpensive too!). Always a plus :)

  5. great outfit, love the simplness and casualness of it definitely loving that hat!

  6. Great outfit girl. :) The easier/lighter the better.

  7. love the outfit - such a fun post!! makes me excited for my upcoming road trip out west :)

  8. I listened to the song--you're right, it IS good! The beginning reminds me of a baseball game :) I also love this outfit--it's something I would totally wear on a road trip!


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