Outfit of the Week: Daylight

Outfit of the Week: Daylight


When: July 22
Where: Target, grocery stores around Atlanta
Why: Shopping for Tequila Tasting (deets on this Thursday...stay tuned). It was so hot outside!

I'm asked all the time (ok, like once, from a lady giving me a side-eye while also staring at frozen peas) who/what influences my outfits. You know the usual answers: mags, street clothes, bloggers, or celebs...but what about music? True story--I have synesthesia so when I hear music, I see colors as well. Weird and hard to explain (email me if ya have questions), but that's what happens any time I hear a sound. But back to the outfit--I had the Ipod on shuffle while dancing in my closet looking for an outfit (you do that too?). Daylight by Matt & Kim came on and an outfit was born. Let's see what I came up with:

  • I heard yellow and bright colors and remembered my ole yellow shorts, bought in a Monthly Resolution quest to brighten up my ole wardrobe (mine were thrifted).
  • Next, I added a striped tank (mine was from F21, I think?).
  • I already had the coral polish on my nails, via this post, and kept it on for the Tequila Tasting.
  • For some additional brightness, I added a colorful beaded necklace.
  • Class black sunnies and black sandals completed the look.
  • My hair had curls in it from the day before, so I added a braid and five minutes later, I was out the door.
Has music ever influenced an outfit? What's your favorite outfit lately? Click the pic to see similar clothing options.



  1. yellow is such a happy color, I love trying to get yellow into my outfits. This one is fab!

  2. Oh. I don't know of anyone with that. Is it ever inconvenient for you?

    Lovely outfit and hairstyle.


  3. I just got my self a pretty striped tank in JCrew! I will be pairing it with a very similar outfit soon :)

  4. cute tank! lately vie been wearing my jorts a little too much :) i should probably change it up hah! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Love that you are not afraid of colour!

  6. I always listen to music when I'm designing clothes and handbags--so I totally get what you mean about seeing color from music! Love your outfit, it's perfection!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I heart yellow shorts, I like what you put together here very much.


  8. Daylight is one of my top 25 most played - something about it is so positive and uplifting! :)
    This outfit is absolutely gorgeous - I love the stripes, and the way that you incorporated so many trends without it being too much. The pieces are understated, yet chic! I need you to dress me, girl :)
    And confession - I've never heard of synesthesia, but I think it's fabulous that you're embracing it and using it as an inspiration for your outfits!
    Also - tequila tasting?! Sign me up! ;) xox

  9. I LOVE this outfit--the yellow shorts make it so much fun! Now I just have to find me a pair!

  10. Question: How does the synesthesia work if you're color blind???

  11. That outfit is a dream; perfect for the heat wave we're having here in the middle of the country. :)


  12. this outfit is very cute. love the boldness but simplicity of it. and the hair on that picture is gorgeous.

  13. Those yellow shorts are just darling! I love them :)

  14. Hi,
    Me again. I gave you an award on my blog! Come check it out:)


  15. I think of certain colors to different types of musics and songs! I totally understand you! Coming up with an entire outfit to fit the mood of a song is so creative and a great talent to share in your posts! You should definitely make this a series! "A song of the week and its inspiring attire" ;)

  16. oooooh LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! coral nail polish is my go-to toe color right now, and i'm ALWAYS a fan of stripes, and those yellow shorts are perfection. great job!! xoxo
    happy weekend! :)

  17. i have a really similiar shirt, it's one of my summer favorites :) great outfit!

  18. coral and yellow is such a happy pair!
    totally summer!
    CUTE outfit :)


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