Every now & again, I share what currently has me smitten. Enjoy.
My lil sis & a blogging break
This week has been a wild one! I had my John Hughes 80s party over the weekend (during a hailing tornado watch) and then my lil sis came to visit. I'm exhausted and took a couple of days off the blog. I loved having my sis here & all of our adventures. I miss her already.
For years, my sis and I have been on a Quest For the Perfect Milkshake. This time, we went to Flip Burger (if you watched Top Chef All-Stars, the owner of Flip won it). We shared a Krispy Kreme milkshake made with liquid nitrogen. Delish!
Secret Gardens
I've lived in Atlanta almost 2 years, but never really walked around my entire apartment complex. While walking my dog, he led me to this "secret" garden. It's full of flowers, swings, and a fountain. It's a regular stop for us now.
Victoria's Secret ALOHA PINK
I wanted a summery scent (even though it's currently freezing outside!). My sis and I stumbled upon the Aloha Pink line. She grabbed the blue scent and I grabbed the purple "tropical & juicy" body mist. 

What has you smitten lately?


  1. aww fun! have a great time with your sister! xoxo jcd

  2. I LOVE Flip. So glad Richard won this week. :)

  3. mmm milkshakes. that sounds SO good right now...

  4. We have a Flip in Bham! Need to try it.

  5. that looks delicious! and that party sounds fun, people i know need to start having themed parties (and inviting me to them haha)

  6. Yummy milkshakes and summer scents!

    I miss my little sister now :-(

  7. That picture of your little sis and you is adorable!!! I love spending time with my siblings too :) I bet the John Hughes party was a blast!! Would love to see some pictures!


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