Outfit of the Week: Step Out of the Comfort Zone

step out

Ok, so this month my resolution (spoiler alert) is to step outta my style comfort zone. And this outfit is my first foray into that. Here's how I wore it:
  • White bulky sweater
  • Orange scarf
  • Wide-leg jeans...this was the hardest part of embrace, but I was proud of myself for trying it.
  • Fedora...I wear a hat occasionally but this was out of my comfort zone as well. I felt like I worked it and didn't let the hat wear me, so to speak.
  • Not pictured: straight hair and neutral makeup
Have you taken any style risks lately? If so, what?
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  1. i don't really take any style risks. but i do like the color of that scarf! and i've never tried wide leg jeans i think they would look weird on me :p

  2. wide leg jeans are definitely going to be a risk - but I'm pretty excited about trying them out for spring & summer!

  3. Love those Jeans.. I like dark rinse only, how about you?

  4. Fun outfit. I really like it alot! I also like hats but the fedora is one that I am not sure I cOuld pull off. First time for everything, right?? You need to post a picture girl:)

  5. No fashion risks for me, but I am inspired to take it up a notch! Even a simple fedora would be a huge risk for me!

  6. o fun! i like the hat!! you could totally pull it off :) xoxo jcd


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