Outfit of the Week: Just a Pop (And good intentions)

just a pop

Happy 1 yr to ElleSees! I'm still excited about blogging for one year (as some of you giggle who've been at this for years!). Ok, onto the outfit. This outfit had intentions that ended up not coming to fruition as liked. Let me explain: this month I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my style. First, I tried wide-leg jeans (much success). This week I'm going for a bold pop of color with my outfit. I also intended on wearing tights and red lipstick. I was influenced by outfits from Taylor Swift & Rachel Bilson.
  • Intention: to wear this outfit this week. Truth: Didn't happen; this outfit is from Saturday! Intention: I figured maybe the pop of color could shake this nasty cold. Nope. But I did look cool reclining lying down from feeling cruddy on Ikea furniture (anyone else head to Ikea on a busy Saturday & instantly regret it?).
  • I scored my skirt from Forever 21 (now sold out in red) and stared at it. And waited. When spring decided to make an appearance I jumped at the chance. Intention: to wear this outfit with black tights, but the weather had proven tights unnecessary. How old is too old for tights?
  • If there was one shirt needed in a wardrobe (aside from a white one), it'd be a striped one! (Worn here for example). Doesn't it make you think of Paris? Oui?
  • Since the tights were a no-go, I changed it up & opted for neutral ballet flats, instead of black (ooh, stepping outta the comfort zone again! Ha.).
  • I wore my hair in a pony--you gotta try HerCut if you haven't. I always think I look weird with my hair in a pony, and am constantly trying to perfect it. HerCut helps.
  • I totally chickened out on the red lipstick & opted for red gloss instead. There's red polish on the toes too, if that counts! And I wore no jewelry (forgot! but unusual).
When it comes to style, what intentions have you had that didn't come to fruition?


  1. ooh nice on the success of wide leg jeans! i've never tried them but i think they would make me look like a twig.
    and that skirt is soooo cute! nice ideas for red, i don't wear it much myself.

  2. Yay!!! Happy Blog Birthday:) I love this outfit. It has a great mix of colours and my favourite stripes:) Have a lovely Tuesday, my dear

    Ps: Hope you had a chance to enter in our super cute Ruche GIVEAWAY!

  3. Agree on the need for striped shirt. Love the red skirt.
    Congrats on your blog-iversary!

  4. Love this outfit. The pop of colour from the red looks amazing.

    And happy blogiversary!!

  5. Super cute - love red with stripes.

    Also, congratulations lady! Yay!


  6. Happy Blog-A-Versary!

    I have never heard of HerCut....off to google, I may need some, LOL!

    Cute outfit...looks so "beachy/sailor(ie)".., red/white/blue & stripes....or maybe I am breaming og my upcoming beach trip!

  7. so very sailor girl, I get so excited when I see people embracing nautical looks..

    baby steps I wore red gloss long before daring to wear red lipstick

  8. I love this look - so Parisian (and the subtle modifications you made sound like they would be great as well)...and yay for the success in trying wide leg jeans.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. OMG I was on a MISH to find this skirt! I saw it and was like "oh I should get it." walked out of the store without it. Couldn't get it off my mind. Went back, they were out of my size. Went to THREE forever21 stores...(SIGH) it's gone. So sad, but rock it girl! Love it with the striped top!!


  10. Gorgeous!! I would totally wear this with the pop of red! I'm sure the red gloss was still fabulous!

  11. Red is my favorite!! I love when outfits have a "pop" color in them. Makes it so much more interesting.
    I like what you put together, classy!

  12. Love this outfit! I have a striped tee and you just inspired me to pair it with something red!

  13. Love a good pop of color- especially red. :)



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