How To: Fake a Good Night's Sleep

I'm going through a bit of insomnia lately. Maybe my body is still getting used to "springing forward" with the time change? Regardless, I wanted to show some of my best tips for Faking a Good Night’s Sleep.

How To: Fake a Good Night's Sleep

  • Taking a shower not only wakes you up, but it awakens your skin as well. Washing your body with this coffee body scrub will perk you up. See how I made my own brown sugar scrub here
  • Coffee isn’t your thing? Awaken your face with this Clean & Clear In Shower Facial (see review here). The citrus smell is wonderful and leaves skin softened. 
  • No time to wash your hair? Try this Nick Chavez Conditioning Spray or your fave dry shampoo. Style as desired.

  • Now that your face, body & hair are refreshed, it's time to work on the eyes. Since most can tell the lack of sleep via the eyes, I spend most of my time on this area.
  • To combat puffy eyes, I recommend these Cucumber Pads (more effective than the real thing, imo). Place on the eyes for 10 min and puffiness disappears. 
  • Another option is the Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle roller. It doesn’t get rid of dark eyes completely, but really helps with the puffiness. Follow up with your fave concealer (Benefit has several great options).
  • To make eyes look bright, line eyes in white eyeliner. Tip: I also use the white eyeliner under my fingernails to make them look whiter/cleaner.
  • To help bring out lashes, I use Cover Girl's Lash Blast, one of my fave mascaras. 

  • Dusting some Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder helps brighten my face.
  • For a little color, I apply gel blush on my cheeks and lips.
  • I also drink lots of coffee water & eat an apple during the day to further awaken me!
How do you fake a good night's sleep?

PS--Did you not sleep because of a hangover? See my tips for Hangover Helpers & my Hangover Facial Mask.



  1. good tips! i especially like using a scrub if i'm feeling tired. it makes skin way smoother and look clearer.

  2. I love those cucumber pads, and anti-dark circle roller. :) Definitely working on me. Shower facial scrubs are the best...they instantly wake you up!

    On top of these...I fake it by wearing big sunglasses...especially when I don't have to work but still need to go out and meet people or so.

    Have a great day.

  3. I've been having trouble sleeping lately too. Don't know why. Had to resort to Ambien a few times. That coffee body scrub sounds amazing.

  4. love these tips!! i have GOT to try the Garnier anti-dark circle roller -- have heard sooo much about it!! and i love the white eye liner trick! :)

  5. nice! i definitely need the tips for brightening sleepy eyes!

  6. I just read that an apple is the best thing to fake energy....better than caffeine. Who knew? I guess you did. :)



  7. I need to try those cucumber pads!

  8. Great tips! A pop of color on the cheeks is one of my fav ways to fake a fresh/well-rested face.


  9. I so need this! I hardly ever get the recommended amount of sleep!

  10. I definitely use the white eye liner above my lids.

  11. haha, great post! I have to do this quite often lol...

  12. Love these tips and trick for looking refreshed!

    Find out here how I get refreshed as often as possible with Spa Travel and Skincare Experiences!


    See you there!

  13. Man! I needed this post. I'm thinking insomnia must be in the air. Hope yours ends soon!!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  14. Great list--I haven't been sleeping that great recently!!

  15. Perfect tips! I actually haven't slept properlly in 2 nights because I've been on planes.
    showering is the best way to wake up your skin.

  16. great tips!


  17. lol this is definitely my routine. In college one of my friends asked how I always look awake after being up until 5 am partying and then getting to class at 8. I was so good at faking a good nights sleep! Loving your tips!


  18. ohh my dark circles are thanking you now haha :)

  19. this is fabulous! I'm going to have to get a under eye roller for dark circles!


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