Outfit of the Week: Six O'Clock Already

6:00 Already?

I try to plan my outfits ahead of time, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. The alarm clock (or radio, in my case--I'm old-school) comes on & I'm in a rush, creating an outfit from tried & true pieces. Such was the case yesterday. It was cold, windy, and I didn't want to look like I had just awakened. Here's my outfit of the week, notably using pieces from other outfits I've posted:
  • I started with this black & white striped tee. I got mine for $5 at H&M (shirt last seen here).
  • I popped my collar and scrunched up my sleeves of my trench (also H&M) and kept it open to show my shirt. The trench was last worn here.
  • Black skinny jeans (also worn here)
  • Black ballet flats (similar look here)
  • And wavy hair, inspiration via my hair icon, Kate Beckinsale. My hair's naturally wavy, so I went to bed with wet hair, and added a little cream before heading running out the door. Whew!
What's your go-to, out-of-time outfit?


  1. What a great outfit! I admire you for planning ahead! I always find that so hard to do when it comes to outfits!

  2. Cute outfit! And what a great deal for that top!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)



  3. Now this is my kind of outfit!!! Absolutely love it!!!!


  4. This is such a classic chic look - perfect!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Looove Kate's hair! Gorgeous.

  6. Cute outfit:)
    You can never go wrong in a pair of Tory Burch Revas. They are my favorite shoes!

  7. o i love kate! she is so pretty! and i love this stripped top. great finds :) xoxo jcd
    ps thanks for entering my giveaway! good luck!

  8. amazing style! Your blog is awsome and soooo inspiring! Following! Follow back? <3

  9. Love this look!!! And Kate Beckinsale's hair is amazing in that pic!

  10. This is the puuuuuurfect "running late" outfit. Super clean and chic.

    I usually throw on a dress so I don't have to iron separates when I'm running late...

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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