Sponsor Spotlight: Lori Ann's Handmade Goods

I wanted to introduce you to Lori Ann, who runs the blog http://nomoresweatpants.blogspot.com/ AND the Etsy Shop Lori Ann's Handmade Goods. 
She offers handmade scarves and hats, with more ideas in the works! Just take a look at her creations:
All pics from Lori Ann's Etsy.

Here's more about Lori Ann, her blog, and her Etsy shop in her own words:

  • I started my blog this year in January as part of my New Year's Resolution to get out of my stay-at-home-mom uniform of sweatpants and pajamas.
  • I'm in my 30's and have been married for 4 years.  My little ones are 2 and 4.  I'm a stay at home mom who also home-schools the little ones.  I also teach Pilates classes in the evenings.
  • My aunt taught me to crochet one summer when I was 12.  My great-grandmother taught her.  I'm the only one in my generation of grandkids (there's like 70 of us, I come from a HUGE family) who learned.  I like to crochet for a number of reasons: It reminds me of my great-grandmother; I'm able to sit and watch a movie and be productive at the same time.  Idle hands drive me crazy; and most importantly,  having an etsy store allows me to stay home with my little ones.
  • I guess my style philosophy is feminine but also casual, comfy, and affordable.  I have to be able to wash things and not worry if little muddy or sticky hands are going to ruin it.  It has to be practical yet stylish.  For a long time, I didn't think the two could exist together but I feel that I'm starting to find a healthy medium of the two.
  • I started my store a few months ago after I wore a scarf I made and was encourage by some fellow bloggers to begin selling them.
So take a look at her shop and find a little something to keep you (or others) warm!
Thanks for letting me feature you, Lori Ann!

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It ends Saturdayyyy.


  1. That is so awesome that she can be a stay at home mom because of her scarves and hats! Her stuff is really beautiful! :) I am going to check out her etsy store later- thanks for showcasing!

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!


  2. I love that first piece - so cute. And what a fun way to elarn more about your sponsors - great interview!! :)

  3. These pieces look great and it tells they are quality made!

  4. Such pretty knits! She is amazing.


  5. Great interview for your sponsor! Lori's accessories look very cozy and warm indeed, such perfect timing for winter! =)


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