Going Home

One of the many train tracks in my hometown. I miss the sound.
For Thanksgiving last week, I made the 5+ hour trek (with a dog, for the first time) to visit my family. I don't get to visit as much as I'd like, so when I do, it's all about soaking up time with family and enjoying my hometown. So where did I go for Thanksgiving? I went to my hometown of Waycross, GA, population 15k, and home of the Okefenokee Swamp.
Have you ever been here?
Growing up in a small town was something I couldn't stand as a teen. I hated how it took an hour to find a good mall. I hated how everyone knew everyone, and Wal-mart is where you'll run into everyone (and heaven forbid if you show up not dressed nicely! People will talk about how you've "let yourself go" to others). I didn't like the judgment I saw and I couldn't wait to leave. Fast forward 15 years...
I miss all of the pines and greenery too.
But years later, I've come to love and appreciate my small town. There are just some things you cannot experience growing up in a big city. And there is just something about going home. I miss my family, being close to the beach, knowing everyone, and that sense of community. I miss the Southern Hospitality (where I lived you wave at people as they drive by--even if you don't know them). I miss the food. I miss the Swamp. I miss how the high school football team is everything to the town. And I wouldn't trade growing up in a small town for anything.
Driving on a beautiful highway.

What do you love about "going home?"
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  1. I basically moved back to my hometown. Close to it, anyway. I moved away to go to college, then Jared and I lived in a different state the first 2 years, but now I'm about 15 minutes away from where I grew up.

  2. Your hometwon sounds lovely and I adore all those amazing photos:) I love going home because its great to spend a few days with my dear family and enjoy their company:)

  3. Aww, thanks for sharing this piece of your heart. For me, I love the diversity of home... the fact that there are so many people with different religions, ethnic backgrounds, stories, etc in one area. I miss all the different ethnic foods! I miss the warm weather and I waking up in my bed!

  4. I am home. HA! After living away for four years, I moved back to my hometown about six years ago!

  5. This was such a sweet post! I grew up in a pretty small town too and felt the same way about leaving as soon as I could. But now I really love it there and miss my family and friends.


  6. If I had a choice I would definitely choose Singapore as my ideal place to live, but because of my husband's work, we are now based (surprise surprise) at my home town, Surabaya, Indonesia. I just don't feel any connection with Surabaya, perhaps it was because I spent the later half of my life overseas (I used to study in Sydney, Australia, and then moved to Singapore)
    Thankfully, I often go back to Singapore, so it's not so bad :)

    Love Hugs and Kisses babe

  7. This is very sweet. I traveled when I was younger for work, but when I moved out, I moved down the street to my parents, ha!

  8. So nice that you got to go home for the holidays! Sounds like a fun trip!


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