Welcome to GIFT GUIDE WEEK! While I'll be featuring plenty of gifts you can purchase, I wanted to highlight some that you can create. And who doesn't love a homemade gift? It's definitely the thought that counts with these. Here are some ideas that I've rounded up (I plan on making some of these & some I've made before!). And none of these are too difficult to make (I can't sew or cook for that matter). Enjoy!

Cake pops are really popular right now and are fairly easy to make.
Hot chocolate on a stick is one of the best gifts I've ever made.
Dipped pretzels are another edible gift. These are great to munch on for those long drives to Grandma's!

Peppermint mocha in a clear ornament combines food & crafting. I made this last year & everyone loved it.
This seven-layer peppermint bark ups the ante on the regular bark.
I love anything minty (although it makes me sneeze!) so I'm interested in making these candy cane marshmallows. I want to put these in cocoa.
What about bread in a bottle? It's easier than you think!
For those that like drinking spirits during the holidays, here's a recipe for rosemary limoncello.

Know someone that likes to get her hands dirty in the garden? Make this easy gardener's hand soap.
For those of us that celebrate Christmas in warmer climates, this sundae kit has everything you need!
These rice bag hand warmers keep you warm and can relieve pain. I've no sewing machine, so I hand-stitched these when I made them (and I made mine in a tube sock. Extra cheater!).
I wanted to include a little Christmas decor that's easy & cheap. These glitter trees are so fun.
I LOVE these soap leaves. How pretty these would be for guests.
I loved how beautiful these monogrammed plates are. And monograms are so personal.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY ideas! I've got my December Lust List coming next!


  1. CAKE POPS!! SO delicious!! I made these a few months ago and even though they were a bit frustrating, they came out so good!! :)

  2. I'm a dork... but each ONE of these I was like, "I want to make that, oo, oo, I want to make that."
    Thank you so much for all the fab inspiration!!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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