Outfit of the Week: INSPIRED BY--My So-Called Life

The next couple of week I'll be featuring outfits inspired by my favorite 90s tv shows. Random topic, right? Ha. Welcome to my blog. This week is my fave show from high school, My So-Called Life. Of course it only lasted one season, as do many of the shows I like! Angela Chase, the main character, was trying to figure out who she was as she struggled through high school. I had the soundtrack and crushed after Jared Catalano. I waited for Tino to show up and hang out. He never did.This show was so, like, real, and finally showed the struggle of high school. It was akin to the John Hughes movies of the 80s, but a drama for Generation X.
Inspired by My So-Called Life

All next week I'll be sharing my picks for just about everyone on your list. Have a request? Let me know & I'll add it to my Gift Guide next week!


  1. I was just thinking about this show tonight! How did only stay on the air one season?

  2. Oh so much plaid. Loved this show and still do--I have the boxed set and like to watch it when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic or angsty (which is really often).

  3. Wow, I loved that show so much. I was so sad when it was cancelled. I think I may have to rent it and get all nostalgic...

  4. I just squealed in delight - a "My So-Called Life" reference! Perfection!

    Now let's just listen to some Nirvana and we're set.

  5. I did love My So Called Life... but my fav '90s show was 90210 (hangs head in shame).
    This outfit is perfection, you captured the show to a T.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  6. Yes! My So-Called Life is fantastic!!! Ah, Jordan Catalano!


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