Song For The Weekend: "Anything Can Happen on Halloween"

Normally, my Song For the Weekend is a nice, chill song for you to relax to. However, it is Halloween weekend. I present to you, in honor of Halloween, the WORST SONG OF ALL TIME. From the TV movie The Worst Witch we have Tim Curry singing the cheesiest lyrics I've ever heard. Just give it a listen--you'll see what I mean.  And while you're laughing at the song, here are some posts you might've missed:

Elle's Birthday--October 18th!
Elle Entertains: Jersey Shore Party--See how to have one of your own. I've got it all covered.
Outfit of The Week--New Orleans by Pocket of Presh. I LOVE what she picked out for me!
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Scenes From the Weekend--See a recap of my trip to New Orleans
Outfit of The Week--It's pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
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Atl in Autumn--my favorite things to do this time of year
Friday Questions--Random questions, random answers

So what are you up to this weekend? Georgia vs Florida game & Halloween stuff for meeeee!
Be safe, behave, and be well!


  1. I have a competition onmy blog, so come and check it out. And how happy halloween to you too. I love the outfit of the week to the left.


  2. Watching Ga/Fl right now. Hope GA pulls it off!

  3. Btw - that video just made my night! haha

  4. That is the worst song!! Happy Halloween to you too!

  5. That is hilariously horrid! You've got a great sense of humor :)

  6. I dressed up twice this weekend (as a Hershey's Kiss and a flapper) and had a blast -- hope you had a fab Halloween weekend, dear!
    xo Josie


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