Outfit of the Week: INSPIRED BY--Kendi Everyday

From the second I visited Kendi Everyday, I felt like I'd known her forever. Does that ever happen to you? Who hasn't heard of her, right? She cracks me up with her humor and delights me with her style. She's (twice) ambitiously done a 30x30 clothing remix challenge. Let's see how Kendi Everyday inspired me with her style:

  • Kendi's style is clean, simple, and very wearable. I wanted my inspiration board to reflect that as well!
  • I just love gingham. It's so classic. And the color of this shirt can be worn right into fall (it's still in the 90s here in Atlanta!). Just throw a cardigan on it as the temps cool.
  • Kendi loves to remix pieces & repeats her clothes (another reason why I love her blog). I chose this khaki skirt that I've worn a hundred times. The same goes for the shirt's versatility.
  • I love her classic pieces, and everyone needs a pair of rain boots! Ok, I don't own Hunter boots but have longed for a pair for ages. (My wellies are from Target!)
  • I love a red umbrella (Kendi's posed with a clear one before) and wanted some color. I have an auto-open, auto-close one (because I'm so clumsy!)
  • Kendi loves to ride bicycles, so I included a dainty bicycle necklace.
  • Another part of her style is her clean and fresh-faced approach to makeup. Oh, to be a natural beauty like her! Again, I wanted a pop of color, and Kendi does this with red with her accessories. I'm doing it here with some red lip gloss.
  • On a serious note, I was inspired to do a rainy day post in remembrance of the Atlanta Flood of 2009. It happened almost a year ago. Five people lost their lives and thousands of homes/businesses were destroyed. Seeing Six Flags roller coasters under water was so bizarre. I had just moved to Atlanta and thankfully, my apartment was not affected at all. I got in my first car wreck then, navigating through the flood. I was driving to an important meeting when I felt water on my foot. I looked down to see water creeping into my car when I entered the other lane. Luckily, only automobiles were injured and everyday when I look at my banged up car, I realize how truly lucky I am!
What bloggers inspire YOUR style? Who should I feature next?


  1. Love what you put together!

  2. Thanks for featuring this blogger, never heard of her until today!:D

    I like the set you did and how cute is that necklace!?:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Ah perfection! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, I actually forgot about the flooding in Atlanta lasy year. Mother nature really can be a bitch. I lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I swear water can be a scary thing.

    On a happier note, I love your inspiration board! This would be a fun project to take on for some of my favorite blogger looks :)

  5. I think kendi is absolutely gorgeous & she is too funny, she is def "the whole package"

  6. bonjour elle,

    did u draw that? That is crazy talent!



  7. I adore Kendi and her style. You captured her look so well!


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