Back to School Week: Saving Money

Here are some excellent tips on saving money in college:
  • Do you have a roommate or suite-mates? One way to save money is to get a membership to a wholesale club, like Sam's or Costco.
  • If you’re dedicated and focused, earning a degree through accredited online colleges means you can save money on housing by living at home.
  • Can't afford the meal plan (or just don't want to?) Here's the way to eat on $2 a DAY.
  • Sick? Visit the campus doctor for free! I often found that meds were either really cheap or free!
  • Wanna make your own food on the cheap? Budget Bytes has it all ready to go!
  • What takes all of your budget in college? Makeup, beauty products, and shopping. Below are some great links/advice on how to save that money!
  • Makeup and other beauty products are something we surely splurge on. However, the college budget doesn't always allow for it. Here's some advice via carmindy.com
  • Want to create that blow out at home? This video shows you how!
  • Mani/pedis are a luxury that can be easily recreated in the dorm. I posted a DIY about this using acne pads as an exfoliant. They really work!
  • Is shopping what does you in? College Candy has great advice on saving money.
  • I also recommend shopping at Plato's Closet, thrift stores, Target, renttherunway.com, H&M, and Forever21.
How did you save money in college?


  1. Thanks for the tips!

    d e g a i n e


  2. Attending campus events with free food was always a favorite. Just about every club/even puts out a few pizzas.


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