Back to School Week: Making Money

Have the parents cut you off? Where did the scholarship money go? Has your bank account suddenly gotten smaller? And who knew books would cost so much? Let's talk about some ways to make some money!

  • Get a job (ok, enough with the obvious!)
  • Once school has started, contact the registrars office for unused scholarships that the school offers. You'd be surprised how many scholarships aren't applied for!
  • As a student you usually get free tickets to sporting events. Sell these for quick cash!
  • Fix computers
  • Get a paid internship
  • Be a personal trainer
  • Sell your notes or tests
  • Tutor
  • Be a nanny
  • Clean houses
  • Be an officer of a club--many get a stipend or free books
  • Become an RA (resident assistant) for free room and board
  • Sell your clothes, books, and/or games.
  • Referee games
  • Get paid to do a study! Some psychology departments or medical departments conduct studies or tests. For example, I did a sleep study for pay.
  • Recycle
  • Sell blood, bone marrow, plasma or platelets (if you're desperate). You will help people!
How did you make money in college? What're your suggestions?


  1. I worked part-time as a writer and on the weekends as a nanny:)
    Great tips, my lovely:)
    Kisses and wish you a great day

  2. Be the one to think ahead and put together teacher gifts, then let all of the classroom mom's know it's one stop shopping! Great ideas, great post :)

  3. I was a baby sitter in college!! It was an easy way to make a few bucks and the family was great! If I had to take the kids to the movies, my ticket was paid for. Or if we went out to eat, my meal was included too. I was also able to do laundry there for free :) It was like y home away from home!

  4. Great ideas. My daughter actually started a "white glove cleaning" business for students moving out at sememster break. She's made a killing!

  5. Did I already say I am loving these post!?

  6. Love these ideas! I did many of them when I was in college. Like tutoring, I tutored at a local middle school in a reading program. It was only a few hours a week and thats all my schedule could handle, but I really appreciated the extra money.


  7. all great ideas! I had a couple of part time gigs too and it was a great way to support my shopping habits :)

  8. great, there is a market there :P. I m; glad yeyyy :)

  9. You know, I wish I'd had some of these ideas back when I was in school!! I coulda been living a lot larger (and eating a lot less ramen!) Well, I guess it's true: you live, you learn!

  10. i didn't know about the unused scholarships. great idea!


  11. typing, proofreading. I even did a few professional papers for my professors!

  12. A great list! Nothing to add. Oh, do everything you do with a s m i l e !

    Have a happy Wednesday. xx

  13. Nannying was the BEST way to make extra money in college! The hours are flexible, the pay is good, and it's overall pretty enjoyable as long as the kid is cool. I highly recommend!


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