Back to School Week is Coming!

Psst! Did you hear what's coming soon? Back to School Week on Elle Sees! With three college degrees under her belt, Elle Sees knows a thing or two about attending college/university. Some of her experience includes attending college while living at home, going away to school (and not knowing a soul!), living in the dorms, working while attending school, taking online classes, and driving long distances for school. Enjoy her expertise served with a side of humor and honest style.

I'll be posting a few times a day, so be sure to follow me to keep up! I'll post all the essentials you need to have a successful school year! Even if you're not attending school, there's plenty of info to send to a loved one who is, as well as finding that perfect gift for the new uni student, I've got you covered there too!
Here's just SOME of the features:
  • a giveaway!
  • dorm essentials
  • apartment essentials--how to get an apartment
  • clothes must-haves
  • making $ in college 
  • shower essentials
  • college life on the cheap
  • how to make friends
  • clothes on the cheap
  • what to give those entering college 
  • tips for freshmen
  • awesome links/your questions are answered
What would YOU like to see featured?


  1. Wow - sounds great! I'll definitely be checking back ...

  2. wow 3 degrees thats crazy xxxxxx

  3. Wow!!! Three degrees? Kudos!! I only have one, but that's enough for me :) Can't wait to see what you have in store next week!

  4. 3 degrees is really impressive, what are they in? As I'm just about to start university (I guess that's college in America) I will be looking forward to the freshman tips, clothing and dorm essentials!


  5. Great idea! Since I just graduated law school in May this is sadly the first Fall I won't be going back to school :(. Since I won't be able to participate in all of the back to school festivities I look forward to reading about them on your blog!


  6. Great idea. oh I so remember going back to school shopping...new clothes, new supplies etc...so much fun!

  7. i thought i would be done with school once i finished my first degree but here i am again, this time in dental hygiene school :)

    can't wait for your back to school series!

  8. Oooo I can't wait!! Awesome idea!

  9. I cant wait for it...Sounds amazing:)

    Kisses and hugs,sweetie


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