Pen Pals!

This is the last month I'll be calling for Pen Pals! I've enjoyed learning about people and their stories and sharing goodies from all over! If you're interested in writing letters to me (I do write back!), please email me: elleseesyou@gmail.com and I'll make sure we exchange info! I can't wait to hear from you! 

And once again,
--No dudes
--No nudes

PS--Thank you to Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle for giving me the award for

She is super sweet and one of those people I could be instant friends with--like I've known her forever!
One of the rules is to describe my blog in five words:
fashion, food, Atlanta, life, tips
And as soon as I can remember, I'll pass on my awards to others! Thanks again!!


  1. I love writing usually. Though at the moment I'm a little behind on my letters but I'm sure I will email sometime soon :)

  2. Awww pen pals are so much fun. I used to have a friend in scotland and we'd write to each other all the time.

  3. what a wonderful idea! receiving letters in the mail is so much fun!!!

  4. Congrats sweetie on the award...Well done!!!!
    Have a wonderful Monday and the pen pal idea is so cool:)

  5. Babe, i just awarded you with a versatile blogger award, kindly go to my post here: http://www.jeminajakin.com/2010/07/versatile-blogger-award.html to view it, cos truly darling, i think you are versatile indeed, much much love, jemina, xoxo
    PS: would love to be your pen pal,love love, xoxo

  6. what a fun idea! I just wish I had more time for writing!



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