Scenes From the Weekend

What did Elle See this weekend? Not too much! I've developed a nasty cold, so this will be a quick update. I'm excited to start BEACH WEEK. I hope y'all enjoy all of the hard work I've put into it. I think there's a little something for everyone. Now, onto the pictures!

I decided some sunshine would do this cold some good. Here's my view from my section of the pool. Unforch, I dropped my Ipod and it's completely dead. Sads! Anyone know how to fix it?

Just a quick view of the city. I love living here.

I went to Ikea to find a DIY solution for my displaying my jewelry and whilst there I tried this Princess Cake. Interesting to say the least. That's green marzipan at the top.

Sunday was my great-grandmother Sugar's 94th birthday. She is my heart.

And how was your weekend, loveys? Anything cool or interesting happen in your neck of the woods?


  1. Happy Birthday to your great-grandmother....94 is so great!!!
    I adore IKEA...They have such a great home solutions:)
    Kisses my lovely:)

  2. I'm completely looking forward to living in bikinis and coverups! Xx

  3. That Princess Cake looks crazy!!

    Happy Birthday, Sug!!

  4. what a great weekend! Happy birthday to your great grandmother :)

  5. Atlanta looks so beautiful! I can't wait to live there one day. I dropped my ipod about 2 months ago and it died. For some strange reason I kept it. I found it yesterday and plugged it up for kicks and giggles and it WORKS. So I guess my advice is umm...wait a while?


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