DIY: Beach Retreat

Please research the health hazards of using pallets before starting this project.

How relaxing does that pic above look? Le sigh. Ok, so mayyyyybe you can't go to the beach right this sec. What about a little retreat of your own? This pic and idea comes from Houseandhome (via apartment therapy). I love the colors, but make it to suit your style. Look at the branches and the old sheet for an instant awning. Cute. And even if you don't have a yard, don't let that stop you. I'll be recreating this on my balcony.

All you need are shipping crates/pallets (which I found free on craigslist and can be painted this soft blue or left au naturale), some sort of mattress or foam padding, comfy pillows, and a nice refreshing drink--like this "A Day at the Beach" one. It has coconut rum, orange juice, and grenadine. Did someone say coconut?

What else could we add to this summer retreat? Some romance with candles, that's what! I was on the awesome Found in the Ali blog and peeped these hanging lanterns (above) she made for $1.50!
She found everything she needed at the Dollar Tree--how cool is that? Take some jars, wrap them with twine, add sand and candles and hang or display on the table.

Feeling even more crafty? Make a fountain! I found this one at instructables but there are many more examples there. You'll need a container, water pump, water, and pebbles. Who doesn't love the sound of trickling water? I have an app on my phone that plays the sound of waves. Plus, I always record a lil video of the beach so I can be instantly reminded of that relaxing sound. Weird?

What else could we add? How about your own diffuser to further enhance the beach ambiance? I spotted this on one of my fave blogs: Younghouselove. They used some skewers, some dish soap (essential oil for me in coconut or orange), and a vase. Simple, cheap, and effective.

Now all that's needed is some imagination to pretend there's a view of the beach in front of you. My view is currently I-85's traffic, so I've got a lot of imagining to do!

What's your favorite way to create an instant oasis?
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  1. That looks so pretty...I'm going to daydream about that now.

  2. Oh so peaceful! I have enough beach stuff around the house from previous places I've lived that I can put myself back there when I think hard. I also love to sit in my spacious living room when everyone else is making noise in the family room. That's my instant oasis.

  3. I love the candles! I'm feeling more relaxed already (but still wishing I were at the beach, haha).


  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! Love it.

    s (& j)

  5. These are great ideas!! I love the idea of creating this on a balcony and the candles are genius!


    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment!!

  6. Ohh that post is relaxing...I adore the candles...I will take that idea and decorate my balcony...Thanks darling:)

  7. I wish it was not over 100 degrees to try out this lovely DIY project. Have a great day!

  8. I love the first pic! If you do this as a DIY project you must post pics!


  9. These are some cool suggestions. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like how you write about different topics on yours. I'm now following you on BlogLovin to stay up to date.

  10. yummm, that place sounds good! I would totally go for the lobster bisque.

  11. i like waking up super early. no matter where i am, if i can make it out of bed in time for sunrise, that makes the whole place feel a bit like magic.

    other than that...hmm, warmth, tea (and beautiful teacups), and a lovely, lovely book.

  12. How beautiful! So perfect for summer. I'd love to recreate all these ideas! So creative :-)

    Your blog is lovely!

  13. I want one of those retreats!!! SOOO cool and easy to make!!

  14. I love these ideas! I modeled our bedroom after Greece, lots of shades of blue, gold and ivory, distressed-painted furniture, and a landscaped painting to create my own permanent vacation spot.


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