Scenes From The Weekend

What did Elle See this weekend? I "celebrated" another month of not working. Because crying over it isn't gonna help, I might as well celebrate it. And so we had martinis (pineapple upside cake) and movies. Friday, we saw Iron Man 2 (good! Stay thru past the credits) and Babies (loved it! go see it!) on Saturday and rented It's Complicated (funny rom-com) Saturday and Nine (I love musicals, but I found myself more drawn to the scenery than the story) Sunday.
Saturday we went to the European Market (totes lame, skip it), saw more movies (see above) made Creamsicle smoothies, and found a store that sold outdoor fountains/plants. It was so relaxing. Spilling drinks on the same exact spot where my roof leaked earlier this week was not relaxing. 
Sunday during church I looked down and realized my toe polish matched my cardi. Random. Since the weather was so nice, I tried to hit the park, but it was impossible to find a parking spot. So I put up a hammock that we got in Mexico on my porch and dove into the Sunday paper. The bestie decided to play Minute to Win It (on NBC) and managed to win the challenge of empting a box of tissues in 1 minute. I was the time keeper.
And then my other beautiful sister Jessica (you've met my sister Holly and my brother Kenny) sent this adorable picture of her first Mother's Day. She's holding The World's Cutest Nephew #2, who was passed out after swimming in his first pool! He has to sleep holding the duck! He's too sweet. It was a perfect weekend. How was your weekend? And for the moms out there, how was your day?


  1. aww.. your nephew is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We moved from Savannah to Augusta and now moving to Albany or Tifton. Just depends on where we find the best deal on housing. I'm originally from TX but have been in GA 8 years now. My kids are becoming Georgians! I don't think I could live in Atlanta. Too big for me. But you never know where we may end up. Nice to meet you!

  2. Georgia is one of my favorite favorite favorite places that I've ever visited!

    Your weekend looks divine! Lovely drinks, pretty nail colors, cute movies(I HAVE to see Babies!), and hilarity(hahaha a minute to win it).
    super cute and fresh blog, sweets!

  3. CUTE nephew!!! and I like the hammock on the porch idea.. I wanna see!!


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