DIY: Organizing My Makeup Drawer

I'm usually an organized person. It used to be out of control, where everything had to be perfect, and over the years I let that behavior go a little. Thankfully!
When I moved to Atlanta, I had little time to pack up my townhouse to move into a tinier apartment, as I had just gotten home from Australia. I had grand plans of going through all of my stuff and donating or throwing away stuff. And I did that, for the most part. But when it came to my makeup, hair products, etc, I was over it. Into a box everything was dumped and promptly sealed with tape and marked. Well, now that I have nothing to do, I decided to get organized. Look at the cringe-worthy photo below. Gah! I can't believe I'm sharing this with y'all!
Now I know this isn't neat enough for many of you, but for me, it's perfect! Everything is in its right place. Instead of pulling items out, digging around like an archeologist holding a dusty fossil in the air, I am now organized. A couple of weeks later, and everything is still neat! I organized it into sections (using a divider from Bed, Bath, and Beyond) like lip glosses, mascaras, polishes, eyeshadows, etc. I wanted to use contact paper, but all I had available was shelf liner from Ikea that I'd used previously to keep my indoor mat from slip and sliding. Not only is it easy to remove and clean, but it's a little sticky/grippy, so nothing rolls around! I'm happy with the results. Happy Spring Cleaning, loveys!


  1. Awesome! Definitely helpful to see. My question, though: Did it last??


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