Product Test Drive/Things I Love Thursday

This week's Things I Love Thursday is going to be just one thing--one faboosh thing.
Ok, loveys, time to reveal a secret: I went grey really early, as in in my 20s (thanks Mom's side), so I've been familiar with a colorist for years. Since getting my hair done regularly isn't an option right now and I have a lot of hair (thanks Dad's side) I'm very thankful for, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Not to mention I have an interview today! I looked online, did some research, and decided to try Nice 'N Easy's Root Touch Up Kit. It only cost $5.95 (Target).
Did it work? Was it easy to do?
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I'm a disaster crafter, sewer, and cook. Would I be able to do this? Was it easy? YES! It was super easy--just mix, brush on, wait 10 min. (15 for me), and rinse out. I had read some complaints that there wasn't enough product, but it was perfect for me. I just hit the main areas that show--my hair part, temples, and hairline, and had plenty. If you want to do your whole head, you'd need another box.

Did it work? YES!! I was really nervous but  it turned out wonderfully! I don't have highlights in my hair so I'm sure that made it easier.

Overall: If you need something to tide you over until your next coloring that's cheap, then this is the product for you! I'm so excited that I don't have grey roots anymore! See the link above for more info.
What are you loving this week?
Disclaimer: I bought this stuff with my own $. The directions suggest doing a test strand and waiting 48 hours, so please follow directions!

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