6 Nail Polishes That Look Good On Everyone for Summer

So y'all...I didn't mean to take yesterday off.

Here's what happened:

My 4th of July was nice and relaxing, despite the afternoon storms. The fireworks started and I watched them on the roof with my neighbors. The coolest thing happened--no one was on their phones! It was great.

Afterwards, some idiot(s) decided to do professional fireworks (I think they're illegal in GA) off the roof. It was so loud and scary to see and hear that up close. My apartment was shaking because it was so loud. Someone called security on them. They stopped. And start back at FOUR AM. 4am!!!!

So yeah, no new post yesterday. I needed some sleep!

But today I'm back and sharing with you some universally flattering nail polishes. You don't have to get these exact brands, just the general shade is the idea. Think of these as the basics. And you don't have to put them on fingers either if the color is too much, just try the toes. It's summer, after all.

Ballet Slippers, Essie

One of THE most popular, award-winning, and best-selling pale pink polishes. This is a fave for brides and every day wear. Depending on your skin tone, this may pull more neutral than pink.

Topless and Barefoot, Essie

This wins for a universally-flattering nude. It looks especially great with a tan. I'm wearing it today. I love this with a gold glitter on top. For lighter skin, think of this as when you don't want your hands to be noticed, just clean-looking.

Mulberry, Tenoverton

This mauve shade just works. If you had to get two polishes from this list, grab this one. The new Essie gel polishes--the ones in the funny-shaped bottle--have similar mauve shades.

Milly, Dior

To me, it isn't summer unless I've got a coral polish on! This one pulls a little less orange and a little more pink. It just works on everyone.

Terra-Coppa, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Would you believe a bottle of this is sold every 3 minutes? This is my "wild card" shade--y'all know I'd usually insert a glitter polish here, but I wanted something different. And this is a beautiful rose gold polish--the pic is NOT doing it justice.

Rouge Essentiel, Chanel

This is the second polish, if you had to only get 2, that everyone should own: a classic red. L'Oreal makes one similar, as does nearly every brand. If it feels too austere on hands, a pedi of this is so classic and chic. 

Which of these would you wear?


  1. We had some people in our neighborhood setting off their own fireworks all night too. Charlie must have been terrified! All of these polishes are so pretty! I'd wear the Mulberry and Ballet Slippers!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Love all these shades but the Dior and Burberry ones are my faves. So pretty!


  3. i totally agree with you on the chanel and the ballet slippers - so classic! and i swear if anyone sets off anymore fireworks i'm gonna go hurt someone haha. hope you got some sleep!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Sucks that people try to do professional fireworks from home. Glad you got some rest eventually.

    I have so many Sally Hansen miracle gels (thou jury's out on their effectiveness as a true gel replacement). Great picks here!

  5. WTF!?!?! 4am!?!?!
    Anyhoo, will try to get my hands on the Milli, Elle. Love that colour! Don't know why I've never seen it before!

  6. 4am? That's a team my husband could work on - he loves those early morning hours. haha
    I love that Terra-Coppa color!!!
    I love the light colors but they always look sloppy on me.

  7. I need to see if that is the pale pink polish I just ran out of (and need to stock up on) from Essie. I also want to get the Topless & Barefoot shade now! I like lighter shades on busier weeks when I want something that won't show little chips as quickly!


  8. Geez, that sounds like a real nightmare. Some people are such jerks, it's unbelievable sometimes. Hopefully you got caught up on sleep!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  9. Asshats, unbelievable how people can be so inconsiderate! I do love pale nude on my manicures but for pedicures I go bright green or blue.

  10. 4am!?! Omg ugh!! Anyways, I'm the biggest sucker for a baby pink polish - I literally can't stop wearing it! Lol. Love these picks.

  11. yup nuddy pinks and chanel red are really great! these are actually the tones i love to wear the most! :D

    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  12. 4AM? Go home already! Essie Ballet Slippers is one that I always go back to.

  13. ballet slippers is one of my favorites! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  14. Ballet slippers is one of my favorite polishes! Essie is definitely one of my favorite brands too, and I've always wanted the topless and barefoot shade. I don't stray much from my pastel and nude colors for some reason! I love that coral shade though! And ugh about the roof top fireworks!!

  15. 4am! Oh wow! I can't blame you for wanting to catch up on some sleep! All those polishes are really pretty! The first and last shades are my favorite!

  16. Oh I'm so sorry about your neighbors and the fireworks...what are people thinking?! I love all of these colors, and I agree, coral shades are perfect for summertime!

  17. I love the Essie polish color...neutrals are usually my pick other than for special occasions. Essie has so many neutral purples and pinks that I own (wish I remembered all the names) but I do like more colorful polish for my toes.

  18. Oh no, fireworks at 4 AM? That's really bad! Hope you got some gooood sleep since that! I loved the nail polishes you selected! For me the coral Dior would be soooo amazing and the Chanel one too! They are my favorite brands for nail polishes - at least for me, they don't chip!

  19. I'm loving the Mulberry shade! That is such a pretty shade!

  20. I do love the pastels, Elle! In fact, that's what I did my toes in the first pedi of the summer!! But now I changed it up to blue!! Gotta have fun, right?

  21. I need to try Terra-Coppa. A rose gold polish has been on my wishlist!

  22. I love Ballet Slippers!

    Also, I'm glad you were able to catch up on your sleep the next day. Those fireworks sound like they were crazy!

  23. Topless and barefoot is my go to nail color all year round! Ugh Crazy people and their fireworks, 4 am really?!? Have a good weekend!

  24. That's so rude that those guys were blasting fireworks off your roof that early in the morning! I wouldn't have been angry too! All of these nail polishes are so pretty! I'm pretty sure that I have ballet slippers, and you're so right about it working for everybody!

  25. Ugh, we had annoying firework idiots in our neighborhood too, though nothing that scary. The worst part is, we were watching with them, but left at 11:00, when the law says you have to stop and they kept going until 1:00 am. Neighbors were not happy and they got called out on our Facebook group page. I just hope no one associated us with them. I was OVER IT!

    I gotta argue with you here. Haha! I have a really hard time with light pink nails on my super pale, pinkish, freckly skin. Ha! I did finally find a good red though and love Topless and Barefoot and coral colors on me. :)

  26. Such lovely picks! Thanks for sharing :)


  27. Oh the people firing off their fireworks were so annoying. It scared my son when he was trying to sleep but I'm glad they stopped after a while. I have Ballet slippers and love it. I tend to wear brighter colors in the Summer.

  28. Ballet slippers and mulberry look fabulous, love all of these shades!
    So sorry about the 4AM craziness.
    Xx from one Elle to another!

  29. I rarely wear a nude nail, but when I do, Topless and Barefoot is one of my go tos. I think everyone needs a classic red polish too. Essie makes two of my favorite reds--Lollipop and Rock the Runway.

  30. I love Terra-Coppa and Ballet slippers!

  31. Ballet Slippers is such a classic and yes, super flattering on everyone!! Love coral pinks for summer, which is basically every day here, so... For some reason, I never go for a red. Maybe I should....?!! Right now I love a pink beige. Is that even accurate? HA


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