My Beauty Uniform: Elle Sees

So yes, I totally stole this from Cup of Jo's weekly series: My Beauty Uniform. She interviews all of these lovely ladies and asks them various beauty questions about their beauty routines, products they use, and more. I noticed she once interviewed herself, so I thought I'd do the same! I hope you play along, on your blog or maybe in the comments!

My Beauty Uniform: Elle Sees

Do you wear makeup?

On most days, yes
I am completely fine wearing no makeup, but I feel better when I do!

What is your daily beauty routine?

Wash my face with water, apply various lotions and potions for my dry skin, foundation, concealer, various shadows, mascara, a lip

Do you have any beauty “splurges”?

Armani foundations are so, so good--I wait until they are on sale at Sephora.

What do you do to style and care for your hair?

I wash it once or twice a week and using a curling iron or wand once a week. I also dye my roots every 6 weeks (boo).

What do you like about your look, whether or not it’s something “classically” beautiful?

I like that I never plucked my brows to bits. I don't ever get compliments on my "look," usually that they like my eyes or think I have really white teeth.

What products do you pack when you travel?

The same as I'd use daily--it really depends on where I'm going though.
I do love a good travel hack, and can make something if needed (see hotel beauty hacks).

Do you have a game-changing beauty product?

I have over 20 uses for lip balm--you can use it for so many things.
Curling your lashes and using a really good mascara can do wonders! For me, a red lip just takes it to another level.

Bath vs. shower?

Due to time, I usually shower. I get the best blog ideas in there. I do love a bath, and make all of my bath products, like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, etc. Check out more in my DIY tab.

Do you have a signature scent?

I'm around kids all day and don't want my scent to rub off on them--does that make sense? Plus, I have really bad headaches from most perfumes, so I only wear perfume on the weekends or special occasions, and that's usually Miss Dior (still miss the original version). I love Flower Bomb or Bon Bon too. My daily scent is Pacifica Body Butter in Tahitian Vanilla--I get the most compliments on it. I've tried to copy this scent and I just can't!

Was there a special person in your life (say, a friend or grandmother) who taught you about beauty?

Yes, my paternal Grandmother definitely influenced me with her beauty shop where she did hair and nails for 40 years. And my Mama, of course!!

When are times in your life that you’ve felt beautiful?

Anytime I am helping others or playing with kids (nanny or nieces/nephews)

What nail polish do you wear?

Usually something pink! I've going bare more and more lately though. I swear by the new Essie Gel polishes.

Do you have any regrettable beauty trends you tried?

Anything from the 80s-90s...especially those Big Bangs. I can still do my hair like then--my sister and I did it once for fun to make our mama laugh.

Do you have any beauty pet peeves? Or is there any product or treatment you’ll never use?

YES! Using stupid stuff to apply makeup (use a knife to contour! use a tampon to apply concealer!) in a bid to have your blog or YT channel to go viral is ridiculous and makes us all look bad.

Last but certainly not least: Do you have an overall beauty philosophy?

Don't let age, location, or the voices of others dictate your look.
And always remove your makeup at night!

I'd love to hear your answers to these!
What's your beauty uniform?

Extra Elle:
Finished the podcast S*Town earlier this week. As I come from a small Southern town, I found it fascinating and it reminded me of a nonfiction Southern Gothic novel. I wish it had more of an ending! Have you heard it?


  1. I love your beauty philosphy! So true!

    I just finished S-Town over the weekend, and definitely wish it had more of an ending too.


  2. This was fun to read! Curling your eyelashes and a good mascara is my #1. Your beauty philosophy is so true!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I love Flower Bomb too! Sorry, I just found that to be a neat little insight about you.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Loved this post! I need to check out those lip balm uses. I agree that taking your makeup your night is key.


  5. This was such a fun post! I swear by Flower Bomb too, and definitely need to try and rock a red lip more!

  6. Loved reading this! I get blog ideas in the shower sometimes too! And Essie gel polishes are the best! I had to laugh with your ridiculous stuff others have used to apply makeup. I can't believe some of the things you mentioned! People will try anything!

  7. I like hearing women describe their daily routine because, for me, it isn't routine. I especially like hearing from you on this subject since you're the BEAUTY EXPERT. My respect for your knowledge of beauty is boundless.

  8. Love this! I definitely need to check out Armani foundation now!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  9. This was a cool post! Removing makeup before bed is something I struggle with staying consistent on but it makes such a difference in my skin.

  10. I love these types of posts! Amen to always removing your makeup at night!

  11. ahhh - memories - I remember my grandma, every Saturday visiting her beauty shop too - it was HER place. I dont drive by it even now & not think of her.

  12. This was so fun to read! I love hearing what other people's beauty routines are, and a Q&A like this is perfect!

    I've never tried Armani foundation, but I think I need to!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Loved reading all your answers! I totally agree with you about everyone using al like weird and stupid stuff to apply their foundation and makeup with

  14. Showers are more practical for actually washing my hair, but I love a good hot bath! Thanks to your tutorials, Dan and I make our own bath bombs now, although we changed your recipes a bit based on our own testing and preferences.

    I rarely wear makeup, but I do enjoy buying it and putting on a full face for special occasions.

    Lipstick is my go-to to brighten a bare face. Yes, it's amazing what a red lip (or bold pink, or purple!) can do!

  15. Most perfumes give me a headache too! I'm always too scared to go for a red lip

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  16. Your makeup always looks flawless. And i hear you on the scent. I am just not a huge perfume person, especially with the kids.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  17. I haven't listened to that podcast, but I'm intrigued! You look especially beautiful in these photos, Elle! I loved that you took this series idea; such a fun thing!

  18. Fun post! I have never had a 'signature' scent that I wear, but I do have several perfumes that I wear from time to time. I am also glad I never plucked my brows to pieces since the full brow look is in now!


  19. Oh I love Cup of Jo and I love these posts. I love that you did one here! My regrets are from the 90s too--big hair, makeup that wasn't flattering, etc. I started S*Town but haven't finished yet.

  20. This was so fun to read! I wish I only had to wash my hair once or twice a week, but I have greasy roots so I have to wash my hair every other day. You always look so amazing!!

  21. This was really interesting! I also only wash my hair twice a week, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I also hate all of the weird stuff that people use to apply makeup, but that might be because I just use my hands most times :)

  22. I wish I could wash my hair only once a week! But nope... I always wear eyeliner and mascara; some neutral eyeshadow and that's me done. Venturing into wearing more lippie, but I tend to forget. Hehe

  23. Thanks a lot :D

    your posts are so criative! In love with both look. The red lips look fabulous on you :D

    NEW REVIEW POST | La Roche Posay – Serozinc: BYE BYE Imperfections
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  24. I love posts like this and they always make a really interesting read :) It's great that you make so many of your own beauty products and I will definitely check out your DIY section as this is something I would like to do more of. x

  25. That last picture of you is especially pretty! :) This was fun to read!

  26. I loved reading this! I'm so glad I wasn't a teen in the 80's lol The bangs and blue eyeshadow were awful! lol I got stuck with styled bangs when I was younger because of my mom but I grew them out as soon as I could haha!

  27. I loved this and I want to do it on my blog at some point. My grandmother was my beauty influence too. She got her hair done every Friday and her nails done every 2 weeks and I always went with. When I get a whiff of the nail salon fumes, I immediately think of her. I'm all about a red lip too! It just makes me feel good.

  28. loved reading this! i always get so many ideas from that series! but just tonight i ready an article about a 'skin vacation' that i might try..where you use no products...not sure i'm brave enough though!

  29. Good mascara is my LIFEEEEEEEE! I love, love mascara but my god why do all of them tend to disappoint? I've found my perfect combination so I think I'm good but it's always tempting to try the hot new item!

    The Adored Life

  30. Such a fun post! I think you need a TBT of that '90s bangs! I love that you're in stripes in 3/4 pictures. Just like me. :)

    I listened to S-Town in two days. I never knew where it was going so I couldn't stop listening. I wish they'd do a recap. I want to know what happened with his property.


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