First off, I want to thank everyone, truly everyone, who took the time to comment on my post yesterday. Your support is so touching to me. I can't even go into the right words for it. It was nothing but good news. Speaking of good news, let's talk beauty!

Actually, let's talk about what this post was supposed to be. So this was supposed to be a video. I filmed it but didn't like how it turned out, so it's a post instead. It was supposed to be a haul/review, but I was sick so I didn't get a chance to review a lot of these. Instead of calling this a fail, I'm calling it a haul. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and that's how we ended up here.

Thanks to a discount code from Hannah, I did a little haul last month or so from Wet N Wild. I love this affordable (and really good) drugstore brand, but I've never ordered from them online and I've never done a haul just of their stuff. That changes now. If you haven't checked them out since you were in high school, I highly recommend you do so. Don't knock it 'til you try it! Here's what I got:

First up are the cushion highlight and bronzer--Hannah sent me these, but I thought I'd share them here. I like them, but the bronzer is too warm for me.

My order begins with a stick blush, stick highlight, and stick bronzer. I wasn't really impressed with these. I couldn't tell how warm and dark the bronzer was online, so those were disappointments.

Speaking of highlight, I caved and got a powder one, my weakness. It's really good.

Next is WNW's version of micellar water. It's not bad, but has a little oily residue after.

The Gel Lip Balm reminds me of Babylips and I really like it. Unscented and a kiss of color.

The Cushion is not my fave formula, but it wasn't bad.

Skinny Eyeliner and Skinny Mascara--the eyeliner is really good but the mascara was dried out.

And I got a couple of nail items, like this 10 in 1 The Saving Base--I like it. Not really enough color to be worn alone, although I have. And the Hard as Ice--I didn't quite get a week of wear, but I did like it.

Do you wear Wet N Wild?
Have you tried any of these?


  1. I love Wet n Wild products! Especially their price tag :) I really want to try that highlight!


  2. I haven't used Wet n Wild in forever but those sticks are amazing! How perfect are they for on the go?! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I have never worn Wet and Wild but some of these I might have to consider!


  4. What a haul! How cool that they make micellar water now - it's always nice to have more cleansing options!

  5. Elle, I am SOOOO behind on my blog reading, so be prepared for an insane amount of comments from me over the next half hour. (;

    I recently picked up the new photo focus foundation from wet n wild and man was I blown away! It's actually great for a $5 foundation, and the color match is super close. I actually bought mine maybe one shade too dark on accident, but in several weeks when I get some Spring color, it will be spot on! Check it out!

  6. I haven't used Wet n Wild in years! Looking forward to your review of the micellar water, I've been looking for a new one to try. Happy Thursday, Elle!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  7. Hi dear, I didin't know these products..but thanks to your review I?m very curious to try them

  8. I am getting the stick highlighter ASAP! I'm learning to use highlighter in good ways to perk up this face. If only I could do the contour as good. I end up with weird dark spots on my face ... I'm apparently not good at blending.

  9. I can't wait to get my hands on all of these! I'm still on y spending ban so I'm trying really hard to behave myself.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. I guess I've never tried the Wet & Wild line because I thought they were "cheap". I should know better than to categorize like that.
    I'll have to give it a shot!

  11. Oooh new goodies! Need to try the gel balm + those polishes- my nails are wreckedddd right now after just taking off my gel manicure. They need some love!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. I haven't bought this brand in ages! Sounds like you liked the products.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. I haven't tried any of these! Wet n wild is so affordable!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  14. I haven't bought anything Wet and Wild in years. Now I want to try the gel lip balm and the saving base!

    Doused In Pink

  15. I haven't tried any of these but can't wait to hear your thoughts on the highlighter, mascara, and liner.

  16. I always love hearing about affordable buys and I can't wait to see how you like the powder highlighter!


  17. I haven't worn wet and wild since high school, look at them all grown up! I can't wait for the micellar water review!

  18. I never get as long of wear for nail polish as they claim, but anything more than 3 days without chips is great as far as I am concerned. Love hearing what you get from ELF and Wet N'Wild because they are such affordable brands. It's so nice to try something without breaking the bank, then you don't feel bad if it doesn't work out!

  19. Leave it to you to inform us on the latest drugstore buys. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the micellar water and cushion.

  20. I haven't tried Wet n' Wild, but that highlighting powder looks fun!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  21. I hate it when posts dont come out like they are supposed to, but these came out great hun! I dont know the brand but I love the packaging so would love to try them :) xx


  22. I'm sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I hope you are feeling better. I hate it when my videos don't turn out right. I can also rewrite a post but I usually can't reshoot a video.

  23. Stinks the bronzers were a disappointment. I have a skinny eye liner by Covergirl (I think??) and really like it. Interested to see what you think about this one.

  24. What a great haul! Can't wait to read your thoughts on The Cushion :)

  25. I havent used Wet n Wild in forever! Looks like I need to check them out again!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  26. Goodness, blast from the past! Reminds me of my pre-teen years. Hehe

  27. Nice to read affordable pieces!
    Mónica Sors

  28. If I am not mistaken, I wore Wet n Wild when I studied in San Diego, but now I am not wearing it anymore - and reading your post, especially about the highlighter, I would like to give it a try again - I am looking for a good powder highlighter for ages! The lip balm sounds good, too, and as I don't wear bronzer, and for you it was a disappointment, one more reason not to wear it :) But the brand is good! I am waiting for the "cushion review" :) Curious, I like cushion products!

  29. How fun! I would love to try those sticks and that lip balm sounds wonderful! I hope you have a GREAT weekend full of sweet MOMENTS!!

  30. How did you like the highlighting powder? I have heard it works really good. Love a good highlighting product!

  31. Wow...these all are so lovely products...!! Wet and wild seems like a great n promising brand...thanks for introducing to this lovely brand...xx, Neha


  32. I'm so glad you used the code. I didn't want it to go to waste! I bought the cushion contour, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm pretty sure it will be too dark/warm for me, but I want to give it a go anyway. I'm interested to see your thoughts on the micelles water. I wasn't a fan. I got the base coat too and I like it.

  33. I've been enjoying wet n wild, and I'm so happy about all the new stuff they are coming out with! Their powder highlighters look so pretty. I'm excited for your review on the micellar water. I've been wanting to try out they new lip liners, and I'm trying out he new photo focus foundation. Great haul Elle! It's okay of things don't go as planned!

  34. wet and wild! that brings me back to highschool! i bet that these products look so pretty on you, would love to see you with them on i bet you look so pretty!


  35. Wet n Wild has been a little hit and miss for me, but that's the case for most drugstore brands, and even higher end brands, isn't it?
    I got their new Catsuit Liquid Matte lipstick a few weeks ago in two shades: a light one that was very streaky, and a deep fuchsia that's very good. That's the thing, I find their quality inconsistent.


  36. I still haven't tried anything from Wet 'n' Wild and I have to be honest it has never really been a brand that has drawn me in. I like the look of the highlighter though and the gel lip balm and I will definitely keep an eye out for your reviews :) x

  37. I see so many wet n wild products I want to try, especially the Highlighter! Great haul Elle!

  38. I love finding dupes or products that are a really good quality but not alot of money! These look like some great options!


  39. Can't say I've ever used any of these products but I do think I may have seen them here or there. Might need to try them out next time round


  40. Great haul. I have ordered few products from Wet n Wild latest release, they look good.

  41. Love the haul! I haven't purchased any of these, but I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the micellar water and the cushion.

  42. I'm pretty sure the Wet N Wild stuff I've tried has been stuff you've recommended. I'm going to have to try some of these, like that lip balm!

  43. I see some stuff that I would love to try! Thanks for sharing!!

  44. Nice haul! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on everything. I really liked the cushion products. They're pretty great.


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