Haul of FAILS

Yesterday was one of those days when so many things went wrong that I had to laugh. I'll mention just a couple of things: I had to change shirts 4 times (thanks to my pup, a package that had a broken bronzer, and a 2 year old). I had lots of fails when it came to making the video below. And I had some fails with makeup.

Y'all, it happens. We buy something and it just doesn't work out. But for me, this happened with practically every item I purchased, beauty-wise the past couple of months. Nothing worked.

While these beauty products weren't my faves, they might be amazing for you. I'm sharing just a few today, and hope you'll check out my video to see the other half. What do you say? Let's dig into the the HAUL OF FAILS:

-Urban Decay Wipes:

  • Packaging was bad, wipes were small, and they didn't really remove makeup that well. And there's more detail in the video. 
-Rimmel Exaggerate Liner:
  • The colors didn't look right on me and the liner itself was too soft and kept breaking.
-GlamGlow Lip Plumper:
  • I got these and matte and gloss and neither did anything...but take my money! ;)
-L'Oreal Brightening Peel Pads:
  • You'll be seeing these again soon on the blog, but these were too strong for me alcohol-wise and gave me a couple of pimples.
-The Body Shop Peach Body Scrub
  • One way to my heart? Give me something peach scented. While the scrub is fine, the scent was awful. It's like they left out the peaches!
BUT WAIT! There's more! 
Find out the rest of the fails in the video below:

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What did you think of the video?
What was a fail for you recently?

Extra Elle:


  1. I like hearing about the fails as much as the products that worked!! That lip liner is a really pretty color tho! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm sorry that these products were misses, but I'm glad you could share them with us! I feel like hearing about the fails are just as important as hearing about the things you loved! Too bad about the GlamGlow lip plumper!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  3. So disappointing when products don't work out! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  4. ewww - that glue on the package of those wipes. Nope. That grosses me out.
    I hate when products are a fail.
    You are so funny with your shirt & nails not matching - I thought they did match - at least close enough in my world ;)
    I think its appropriate you had so many video issues with a vlog on fails anyways.

  5. Thanks for sharing these fails. I will steer clear for sure. Have a terrific weekend Elle!


  6. it's so important we talk about the bad stuff too - so we know to stay away. that glam glow is disappointing for sure but made a note! and i hate when i buy the makeup wipes and they do nothing. so frustrating. have a good weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Yess that scrub was a huge fail for me too-- half of it actually spilled out in my shower and I wasn't even that mad about it, because I just wanted it to be gone, haha.

  8. I saw that the bronzer had exploded on Snapchat, and that sucks so much! It also sucks that so many products haven't been working out for you lately. I personally love my Neutrogena makeup wipes so I probably wouldn't switch to the UD ones anyways. That sucks at the Glam Glow Lip Plumper because normally they have such great products!

  9. I tried the Glamglow Lip Plumper and had the same results as you...nothing! Such a waste of money! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. I like hearing about fails too! The GlamGlow floss did have neat packaging though. This is an old product, but I love loreal mascaras so I recently bought the Telescopic one to try. The wand came out bent!!! I could barely work with it. I didn't understand from the packaging that the wand was supposed to be curved...anyway I can use it but it's definitely not lengthening my eyelashes!!

    And I would like to see a post about the Nordstrom sale.

  11. Sorry you had such a rough day, hoping today and this weekend will be much better! Bummed to hear that about the UD wipes, but I'd love to hear your round up of favorites from the Nordstrom sale <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. I was wondering about the L'Oreal Brightening Peel Pads so it's good to hear your experience. True that one person's fail can totally be another's HG product though.

  13. Oh no! I have not tried the scrub but I love the peach body lotion and the peach body wash- I personally love the scent very much. I wonder if you got a bad batch? They are really super peachy? For you a an Georgia Peach it´s gotta be of course a peach smell right? Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, I feel old now. lol! xoxo, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  14. I love the title of this post. I can't wait for the peels post! And I would love nordstrom sale post! Have a great weekend!

  15. Gosh, usually Body Shop nails it...bummer!

  16. The lid/top from the Urban Decay wipes was so gross when you pulled it away from the wipes, haha! I can definitely see why the packaging was a fail. And the wipes are SO small! And your description of the way that green cleansing balm feels like Crisco on the skin sounds just awful. As always, I appreciate your reviews!

  17. I would need so many of those UD wipes to clean my face because they are so tiny lol! I like to keep wipes to clean swatches and stuff too though. That boots cleansing balm sounds yucky! I would be so mad if I couldn't wash it off my face. I love these types of posts and videos because I like to see what doesn't work for others! Can't wait for your haul of fun stuff though!

  18. I think it happens to the best of us, Elle, I had my fair share of beauty fails too. As much as I try not to read reviews before purchasing something, these days I do because I'm tired of wasting money of products that don't suit me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  19. Haul of fails is a lovely post, so many are always talking about the best products, but negative experiences are equally as useful! Gonna watch the video now!! Xx


  20. Sorry these didn't work for you! The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow was the most recent fail for me.

  21. I hate it when a product doesn't work out how we want it to. I have the peach body lotion from the body shop and barely ever use it. Due to the smell of it. Have a great weekend.

  22. It's seriously the worst when you buy something you're so excited to try and it's a fail!
    Will be watching this video later today! Woot!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  23. I have tried a ton of the Body Shop's peach line and I agree this one smells weird. Try their body butter, I bet you'd like it! (:

  24. That's how Wednesday was for me--everything went wrong!! Thank goodness it's Friday now, right? Too bad about these fails, I hate spending my money on something just to have it be a let down!

  25. ugh sorry you've had such bad luck lately Elle. and broken bronzer is the WORST. rage. and i am with you on peach smelling things, so i definitely won't be trying out that stuff. ew.

  26. I haven't had many fails, mostly because I haven't bought much lately.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  27. Totally with you on the Body Shop Peach collection - where is the peach scent?! The body butter is sort of ok (I still wouldn't buy it) but the scrub just smells horrible.

  28. Sorry you've had bad luck with products lately! It always stinks to buy a bunch of fail products, but I do like to hear when something doesn't work. It saves so much trouble!


  29. Sorry about the bad day you had!
    Had to laugh at the video's title! I love the video thank you!!!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  30. What a bummer about the body scrub! You'd think they could get a peach scent right...

  31. That's too bad all these items didn't work out, but I am so excited for your facial peel post!

  32. Shame that the body scrub didn't smell very nice - I've always found the body shop to have such nice scents so that would have been a big disappointment! :(

    Away From The Blue Blog

  33. I agree, I love hearing about the fails too! I've had a few myself this month!

    xx Jesica

  34. What a bummer, I'm so sorry! But thanks for the very honest reviews!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. I have yet to find makeup removing wipes that actually work without irritating my eyes or skin... Not the UD ones I guess!


  36. Dang, too bad about the fails, but thank you for letting us know! I know what to avoid :)

  37. Oh no! Dont you hate fails!? Especially when they are by some awesome brands like these!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  38. Oh goodness, sounds like a rough day!!! I love reading fail posts because you get the honest DL on some products that others just rave about haha. I am weird about peach scented things. If it is done right...it is the best thing ever. But so many peach products just dont do it for me because they have a weird scent to them. Makes me sad!

  39. Bummer about the lip plumper - that would be something I definitely would use! Love the real reviews!

  40. I bought a NYX liner that's packaged similar to the Rimmel liner and I had the same problem. I would barely twist it and it would break as soon as I started using it. I'm catching up on all of my YouTube videos. Can't wait to get to this one! I love fail videos so much. Some people hate them, but I want to know what's no good so I won't waste my money on it.

  41. Sorry that these didn't work for you! I know what that feels like!

    7% Solution


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