So I Downloaded the Kardashian Apps, And Here's What I Think

I admit it.

I don't keep up with the Kardashians. I've never seen an episode of the show.

As a beauty blogger, I know about their beauty line (eh, not my fave, minus Kylie's Lip Kit) and their hair care line (love it ALL).

But we all know who they are--at least from what is shown in the media.

On a whim, I decided to download all of the Kardashian/Jenner apps. I wanted to know what was behind the tabloid fodder. So I downloaded the Kardashian Apps, and here's what I think:

Quick Facts:
  • 5 apps available for Iphones and Androids, one for each sister
  • Free first week and then $2.99 each month, per app
  • Each app opens with a screen bearing the sister's name for around 5 seconds while it loads. Then a picture of the sister (like pictured above) loads for another 4 or 5 seconds. These pics are changed usually monthly (depends on the sister). I hope this long loading time of around 10 seconds improves.

More info:
  • Each app has different categories, like style and beauty. You can see a couple of examples above from Khloe and Kim.
  • The categories are titled to something specific for that sister. For example, Khloe's style posts are called Since You Were Creepin. Kendall's style is called What I Wore.

The apps deliver 2 to 3 features/stories/posts daily, written in the voice (I'm guessing) of that sister. Pictured are examples from Kourtney and Kylie.

  • Here are some examples:
    • Style (all)
    • Beauty (Kim, Kylie)
    • Life(all)
    • Personal (all--think of these as an editor's note in a magazine)
    • Videos (all--these can be on makeup, hair, behind the scenes, home tours, etc)
    • #tbt (all)
    • Sister Sundays (usually similar to a #tbt)
    • IG Saturdays (all--a roundup of all of the best IG posts from that sister's account)
    • Recipes (Khloe, Kourtney)
    • Current Obsessions (all)
    • Fave Posts of the Week (all)
  • My thoughts:
    • Not a fan of the IG Saturdays (I don't follow them on Insta, but I think for fans it would be really redundant.)
    • I also dislike the fave posts of the week--this is a waste of post, since it's recapping what's already on the app for the week.
  • Everything else I've enjoyed checking out.

Some features are specific to that sister and their interests:
  • Khloe:
    • Khlo-c-d: Vidoes of her very organized house. Google her oreo cookie jar to be amazed.
    • Work Out--tips and work outs, gear, videos
    • Recipes
  • Kourtney:
    • Mom stuff
    • Healthy recipes
    • Kid stuff
  • Kim:
    • Hair and makeup tutorials
    • Her #tbt aren't just pictures, but a voice over video of her talking about the pics
  • Kylie:
    • House tours and lots of hair/makeup tutorials
    • Nail posts
    • Radio--you can play her playlist while you view the app or stream it
  • Kendall:
    • Model life bts

Other features:
  • Live Streams--An icon for that sister's app pops up on your phone when they are live. These have been everything from Kylie hanging out at her house, Khloe at Thanksgiving, Kim at NYE or Christmas. There is usually a live stream at least once a month.
  • Behind the Scenes--Sometimes this is from an event that happened (like a magazine cover) and sometimes it is the day after a major event.
  • Exclusive News--Usually the app is the first to see something big in their lives (Saint West's birth).
  • Outfits and Items--I like that they link (if possible) to the exact item(s) from the picture or post as well as a much more affordable version of the item(s).
  • Videos--These are mostly tutorials, and are well shot. 
Loading screens from each app. These are changed monthly, usually.

The reviews seem consistent from both Itunes and Play Store: Khloe and Kendall have the highest rated, while Kylie has the lowest. 

My thoughts:
  • Kourtney just launched her app, but there is so little content (she doesn't update that often), so it's my least favorite. The content is good, but it isn't updated enough to keep the app.
  • Even thought Kylie has the lowest rated app, I really enjoy her content of hair and makeup tutorials.
  • Khloe's seems to be the "realest" if that makes any sense, and seems to be updated the most.
  • Kim's is my favorite--I love the tutorials. She knows her audience. Her live streams are the best. 
    • If you're a fan of them, it's a must-have. 
    • I think it's worth the free week to check out the content, if you're interested. 
    • The content is put together well and each app is different and is reflective of that sister's personality. I enjoyed the apps!
UPDATE: As of 1-12-16, the apps were updated. They are uploading faster, live streams are more stable, AND free content is added daily.

Extra Elle:
  • Getting my hair done today! Excited doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • Want a link up that works for ANY blog? My Story Behind the Pic is coming! January 19th! Please post a pic and tell us the story behind it. Easy peasy.


  1. So interesting! I watch the show sometimes but never really thought to download their app - even for free! I feel like they are EVERYWHERE so I'm not sure I need more, but for a free week would be interesting to look at! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I don't follow the Kardashians but the app's sound interesting!I might have to download for the free week! Thanks for sharing this and have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I didn't realize that any of them besides Kim even had an app. I used to watch their show when it first came out because I wanted to learn who they were. I did find it entertaining but Chris hates it so I quit watching several years ago. Some of the features of the apps like videos and recipe and workouts sound fun. I haven't tried any of their beauty or hair care products.

  4. this is a great review. i def have some favorite sisters over others. i love a good mindless app but the tutorials make it more fun. have a great weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I loved how honest and detailed you were with this review, some of the features actually sound pretty interesting- I may have to cxoxo
    Brooke|LookBrookeheck it out!

  6. I had no idea that they had an app, not surprising though! Have fun getting your done! There really is nothing better than that, it makes you feel like a new woman!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. I never looked into the apps, but these are a lot more interesting than I expected! I don't like the fact that you have to pay for each one, but I guess if you get one that you really like it's worth it. I'll have to try it for the week :)

  8. I used to hate them until I started watching their show and now I love them haha! I'm downloading the apps now!

  9. Elle, can't believe you got all of them! I've been hearing so much of their apps, and based on your review, I think I'll go for Kim's if I do get one. I do think she's the most savvy out of all of them, so I'm not surprised hers would be the best.

  10. I don't really follow them either, but I'm still glad you reviewed the apps. Hearing about how these apps caused such a frenzy did make me curious. Thanks, Elle!

  11. I do NOT like the Kardashians, so these apps are not for me, haha.

    YAY for getting your hair done, I need that ASAP!

  12. I'm Italian and I love kardashian world..I think they are so crazy...

  13. I don't like them, but I have to admit, I am curious about some of the tutorials now! Thanks for reviewing these!

  14. I had there apps when they were first released and signed up to the free first week but then never renewed them, purely because i feel as much as i personally love the Kardashians, $15 a month on a subscription to all five of them just seems excessive especialy when you can find most of there content via instagram, facebook, there blogs and youtube!

  15. I don't follow them either, and feel that the media is over-saturated with this family. However, after reading your review this sounds like a great idea for their fans. It's a great one-stop-shop to keep up with them even more.

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  16. Now I am kind of tempted to check them out! I like Khloe the best, and I totally had to Google her cookie jar. That is pretty crazy! I could never do that...I would probably eat half of them while arranging them!

  17. I've always wondered what was on their apps! I think if I was going to download one I'd go with Khloe or Kim.

  18. Apps are something I don't have a lot of on my phone! Is that weird? I use it mainly for texting, FB and IG! I am getting my hair done next weekend and I can't wait... I am starting to wonder if I need to go more often then every 8 weeks!


  19. The Kardashians don't interest me in the least but I bet their fans must really love these apps.

  20. I always wondered what those apps consisted of - they promote the heck out of them. I thought it was some sort of game like Kim had for awhile

  21. Personally, I find the entire family to be overexposed. I do like Kylie's makeup, Khloe has a great personality/sense of humor, and Kendall's style; but, I wouldn't download any of the apps. :/


  22. I detest them so these aren't for me. However, I follow their hair person on snapchat and she shares the products she uses for their hair, etc. Give her a follow if you haven't already ;)

  23. Duh forgot to give out her snap name jenatkinhair

  24. I'm glad you recapped this for us. I never really thought to download the apps, I do watch their show and enjoy it. If I were to download one, I think it would probably be Kim's or Khloe's.
    xo, Lily

  25. Thanks for this! I don't watch the show but I was still curious. Or should that be Kurious :)

    Emma | http://www.fluffandfripperies.com

  26. I'm not a fan of them and had no idea they even have an app for each one. Honestly I don't support anything with their name on it so no comment from me other than glad you enjoyed some of it. And yay for getting your hair done, I'm due for a hair cut on 23rd! Can't wait. :-)

    Reflection of Sanity | StayLean Tea Australia Giveaway

  27. I used to watch the show a long time ago and Khloe was always my favorite. She always seemed to be the most real. Have a good weekend!

  28. Honestly, when I saw the title of this I thought that these apps sounded like the silliest idea ever. But, while I'm not really a big Kardashian fan and wouldn't pay for these, I was surprised at how much they do sound like pretty fun apps. Especially Kourtney's, I'd like her stuff the most I think. Thanks for the review!

  29. Amazing post!!:)

    Have an awesome day!


  30. I had no idea they had an app. It would be cool to see some of their makeup tutorials.

  31. Thanks for sharing a review of each of their apps. I always wondered what they were all about.

  32. I wanted their apps, but couldn't bring myself to pay for it! I might have to pull the trigger, I know they annoy some people, but I really enjoy them!

  33. I refuse to pay for apps, haha. But I DO love me some Kardashians! You should hear me argue with my parents about them. I'm slightly ridiculous. (;

  34. I have to admit, I've been Keeping up with the Kardashians after all of these years. I think that you hit the nail on the head with Khloe being the realest, and it's pretty cool that they individualize the content based on their interests.

  35. So interesting! I don't follow the Kardashians, but I have been intrigued by their apps :)

  36. I'm not a fan of these airheads but I like the way Kylie does her makeup and since you made me google Khloe's cookie jar, I must say I'm impressed. I really like Kendall cas she seems like the only one who isnt hungry for attention and she actually makes a nice model. I like her style too
    June Wants It All - Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

  37. Thanks for the in depth review! I thought the apps were just basic stuff but they sound like they're really in depth. I might have to check out the free week on a couple.

  38. Wow they all have apps. They are sure smart marketing people! Great review - sounds like for fans there is some really neat content.

  39. I watch their show but I'd never download their apps. I'm not a hardcore fan, just love living vicariously through their family lol (I'm not THAT close with my own and I don't have sisters). I'm surprised it's updated so frequently, though I doubt the majority is personally through them, I suspect a massive team effort.


  40. I know they have a very loyal following so they must make a heap of money from the apps! Glad you enjoyed using them for a bit, and it's nice you could share a review to let others know what you thought.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  41. I don't follow them either and I never even heaRd of their app. And after reading your review, it sounds OK, but nothing I'd pay for after a week.

  42. Hm, I am definitely not a Kardashian follower, but I really don't understand why you would purchase their apps?? I guess I'm old and I don't see the point of it!! But thank you for your research, I definitely don't need to buy them now!! ;)

  43. That is so crazy they each have their own apps. More ways for them to make money as if they aren't filthy rich already lol. Fun post though. I watch their show sometime.

  44. Funnily enough I am watching KUWTK right now! I go through phases where I'll watch several episodes at a time and then not watch it for months or a year, ha! Anyway, it's cool to hear about the apps! I've been curious!

  45. I have Khloe and Kylie's apps and I love them! Kylie's is definitely my favorite.


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