How to Hide a Tattoo

how to hide tattoo makeup

I've got a secret!

Did you know I have a tattoo?

I do! A few of you eagle-eyed viewers have noticed it in videos over the years. 

I keep this huge list (currently 316) of Blog Ideas To Do and an updated tat hiding tutorial as well as a tutorial for airbrush makeup have been on there for years. I don't talk about my freelance career on here, but I've done airbrush makeup for several years and own a few different systems. The result is amazing in pictures and it lasts all day.

Using an airbrush machine sounds intimidating and time-consuming. I assure you neither are true, and the results are worth it.

luminess airbrush makeup review

The system I'll be using for the tutorial is Luminess Air. They were kind enough to send me a system and kit of products. Normally we associate airbrush as being perfect for oily skin, since this is mineral-based, but I wear it on my dry skin easily (they have different foundation types). It's cruelty-free as well.

luminess airbrush makeup
Like I said before, I own a few systems, have tried at least 5, and this is literally the EASIEST system I have ever used. Even if you aren't a makeup pro, you will be able to do this. They have products for all skin types/tones, and the system itself comes in different colors, in case you aren't a pink and black fan. You can get one at LuminessAir.com and use my 20% discount code 327460109. I don't make any money from that code, just sharing a product I love.

how to use airbrush machine
Why hide a tattoo? Be proud! Forget society's rules! I understand where you're coming from, but hear me out on this:

Years ago I was asked by via email by a reader who wanted to hide her tattoo with makeup. She had her ex-husband's initials tattooed on her chest. She told me the story of how this man abused her for years. They had children together and she was scared to leave him. She finally did, and didn't want her kids to grow up in that environment any longer. Seeing that tattoo represented the power he held over her. She wanted that tattoo erased, and she couldn't afford laser, so makeup would do. I never heard from her again after those emails, but if she's reading this, I hope she knows I think of her often.

So I don't think of this truly as hiding, but as a blank canvas. A new start. We have the right to change our minds, after all.

Now onto the tutorial:

For the purpose of this tutorial, I would suggest shaving the tattooed area, if possible. I was rushing here, and you can see the makeup on my arm hair. Turn on your machine and add a few drops of shaken foundation that matches the skin tone of the area. The Silk foundation is for dry skin (me). They have satin and matte formulas as well.

how to airbrush
Holding the stylus like a pen around 8 inches away from the tattoo, gently pull back on the trigger. Keep the stylus moving in small circular motions, never letting go of the trigger.

how to airbrush
Within a minute, the tattoo will be hidden. Just like if you were using spraypaint, make sure to use a light touch and not spray too close. You will have to add more drops depending on the size and color.

before after hide tattoo makeup
Here's the before and after. I love airbrush makeup because it gives such a flawless finish. My tattoo and freckles are gone. If you have redness, uneven skin tone, bruises, scars, etc you will love airbrush makeup. I have a friend with a large birthmark on her face that she was always self-conscious of, and it still makes me tear up thinking of her joy the first time she had airbrush makeup done. The power of makeup, y'all.

I know sometimes seeing a video is easier, so I made a quick one for you, below. You can watch the tattoo disappear before your eyes.

before after airbrush makeup
Also at the end of the video, I show a quick tutorial of airbrush makeup. 
Here's the before and after of that. Y'all, my skin is GLOWING in that video.

By the way--The airbrush makeup doesn't get everywhere. That's why I'm wearing a black shirt and big earrings in the video, to show that is light and airy!

Again, if you're interested, be sure to stop by LuminessAir.com and use my promo code 327460109.

Do you have any tattoos?

Extra Elle:
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  1. Great tutorial, Elle:) That pink Luminess is too cute! I love airbrush makeup but have not tried this system yet. Good to know it works well:)

  2. Wow!! You really can't see the tattoo at all! Thats amazing!

  3. Wow, I never realized those things were so effective! I imagine my many tattoos might be too big to easily cover but that machine seems really cool.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. I didn't know airbrush makeup can cover up a tattoo. I do have one on my wrist, but most people don't notice it. But it is good to have this tutorial just in case!


  5. What an incredible system, it did an incredible job of covering the tattoo! Have fun witht he interview!

  6. I would love to try airbrush makeup! It seems to really give flawless coverage!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Gorgeous as always! Such an amazing machine, and I had no idea it could be used to cover up tattoos. What can't this wonderful machine do?

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. I've always been interested in airbrush makeup and it looks really easy and I love the coverage (great video). My question is, does the makeup get everywhere? Like on your clothes, hair, floor, etc? Just curious. xo

  9. Wow! You can't even see the tiniest trace of it and the color match is PERFECT! I like that they sent blush and highlighter, too. If I was doing airbrush, I would want to go all the way I'd think!

  10. I don't have a tattoo (yet), but the result is very impressive. I have debating airbrush makeup for years and would love to try it!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  11. That is seriously impressive!! The color match is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. I think this is super helpful. I have no need to hide my tattoos right now, but that doesn't mean some day I won't have to! (; I find your skills so so amazing! Not to mention the reason you did this tutorial in the first place. My heart aches for that woman, I hope she is at the best point of her life now. Now I'm curious what your "L" stands for.

    I LOVE Milani! Ask the artist if the Amore Matte Lip Cremes will be a permanent part of their collection! I LOVE them and can't find them anywhere! What an awesome opportunity!

  13. Thanks for sharing this. This is really impressive! :)


  14. I've never tried airbrushed makeup before! Looks like it works incredibly on tattoos. I also have a wrist tattoo but I haven't tried to cover it up.

  15. Air-brush makeup has always intrigued me but can't get over a price of a machine. Including my wrist tattoo I have 8 tattoo's mine are all to big to cover, couldn't see myself trying to cover up both feet tattoo's. I got them for a reason not willing to cover them, for purposes. But I've covered my friends tattoo's just used hard candies concealer and press powder, also i heard Kat Von D's concealer works great also.


  16. I've heard so many good things about luminessair, but I've never tried any air brush makeup before! I thought I noticed a tattoo on your last video! I have a few, I haven't had to cover them before though.

  17. Great tutorial, Elle and I didn't know you have a tattoo! I have 4 and with the exception of the big one on my lower back, the others are very small.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  18. This is so good! I have a tattoo on my arm which I love, and mostly can by sweaters, long sleeves, but not always. Nice to have something I can watch to cover it up.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  19. Oh wow! You can't see the tattoo! You did such a good job.

  20. this is incredible... thanks for sharing

  21. Wow that is such foolproof way to cover a tattoo and to create a flawless face as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. That's impressive.
    I am always amazed at the airbrush work that my brides get. So flawless

  23. I can't believe it disappeared so well! Wow! Love airbrush makeup, such great coverage. Good luck on the interview tomorrow.

  24. My watch covers my tattoo, but this is a good technique to know. I can't wait to watch the video later. Airbrushing makeup/machines are so interesting!

  25. I don't have a tattoo but it's still a very interesting read! Thanks!

    Xo Ally


  26. I don't have any tattoos but dang, it's crazy how well that works! You can't see any of the tattoo after!

  27. I have 3 tattoos none of which I would want to cover up BUT I know alot of people like to cover up their tattoos on their wedding days. This is a great product to allow you to do that!

  28. Love a great cruelty free product and it's crazy how it works so well!! I loved the tutorial, I'd love to give airbrush makeup a try! :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

  29. Your makeup looks amazing! Awesome video tutorial lady! This airbrush system gives a nice flawless look.

  30. Wow, I am impressed!! You cannot see that at all.

    ​​xx katie // A Touch of Teal

  31. I don't have a tattoo, but WOW this is amazing. You are so talented with makeup! You wow me every day!


  32. Love the tutorial! I have never used airbrush make up before but it looks awesome! Is it sad that I never noticed the tattoo??? Hope you have a great weekend!

  33. Love how easy that looks! You can't even tell you have a tattoo :)

  34. Wow! I am super impressed! I never would have thought you could hide it so thoroughly!

  35. I thought it was very difficult to hide a tattoo! Your makeup is flawless! Have a great weekend!


  36. I dont have any tattoos but its nice to see that something could be covered up so easily even though tattoos are permanent!! & your skin!!!!!!! Flawless!


  37. That airbrush make up is supposed to be the best thing ever. I really need to invest in it. If it can cover your tattoo, it has to be able to hide my horrible skin. lol

  38. Your makeup looks stunning, I don't have any tattoos to cover though!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  39. I am very impressed by results! VERY impressed. But I am wondering if you have a solution that would not require heavy machinery since I'd be rubbish at this, honestly. I do have a tattoo, too and it's quite a big one (well, I think it is). I don't actually think of it or anything, but I wish I didn't have it. x

  40. That's a great tutorial for those who want to hide tattoos! (No, I don't have any.) :)

  41. This worked so well, it makes me think I can do it!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  42. woah! this is amazing. i have a tattoo in the same spot and have thought about hiding it a few times. good to know i can!

  43. I'm terrified to use one of those. I feel like I'll just splatter product over myself. But you make it so easy, it's convincing me to give it a shot. BTW happy (belated) birthday!


  44. Your tattoo is so cute! Wow, you can't even tell in the after photo! Great job!

  45. I never knew you had a tattoo until I saw your Instagram post. The coverup and your makeup look amazing! I don't have any tattoos, but my sister-in-law does and can't afford laser removal. This is a good solution.


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