Lip Balm: Over 20 Uses!

A question beauty bloggers get asked the most is, "What is your favorite beauty product?" And to be honest, it's not some exotic cream or the world's most expensive lipstick.

It's lip balm!

Yes, it is one of the most versatile products I own! Today I'm sharing over 20 uses for my ultimate must-have product!


  • Tame flyaways
  • Use around the hairline when touching up roots to prevent color bleeding onto your skin
  • Tame unruly brows
  • Rub onto a clean mascara wand and brush through lashes to remove clumps
  • For those of us who don't have oily lids, apply alone or with a shimmery or satin shadow to get them to shine. This looks great in pics and is used by professional makeup artists all the time.

  • Use as sunscreen in a pinch, if it has SPF
  • You can also use as a highlighter for skin by applying to the places on the face like the bridge of the nose, tops of cheeks, etc. You can mix it with a champagne shadow for an extra glow highlight. --Best for those with dry skin that's not acne prone.
  • Mix with a little blush to make a cream blush
Lips (in addition to the general use of lip balms):

  • DIY solid perfume--this was published in Bust Magazine!
  • Use plain lip balm to stop shaving nicks from bleeding
  • Rub on heels to prevent blisters
  • Instant moisturizer for knees and elbows
  • Moisturize cuticles
  • Use around nails before painting them to help prevent messes
  • Rub plain chapstick on the back of earrings to help them go in easier
  • Rub on a stuck zipper
  • Rub on keys that are difficult to use--they will make doors easier to open
Which tip(s) did you like the best?
Which ones were new to you?

Extra Elle:
-I am extra behind on emails, so apologies for not getting back to you yet! But I have read them.
-I feel another cold coming on, so I have no plans this weekend. What about you?


  1. These are all such good ideas! I'm going to have to try the mascara wand one for un clumping. And the razor nicks. I used lip balm before around my finger where I got s ring stuck. It worked to get it off!

  2. it's funny I just got this Dior lip balm with a tint yesterday and I'm already obsessed with it.


  3. Who knew there were so many uses - I've never tried them on my brows!! Hope that cold doesn't develop! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. I never thought about using lib balm for anything but the lips! Definitely taking note. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Holy cow! These are all amazing uses! I had no idea how useful lip balm could be! I am going to have to check out the solid perfume DIY. That sounds awesome!

  6. Okay, I can't wait to try these. I have a total chapstick addiction...

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. whoooa and now i feel silly for only using it on my lips! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. Amazing! I am definitely trying this the next time I cut myself shaving. Great post Elle! Feel better soon.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  9. Who knew lip balm had so many uses?! Considering it's the one product I have with me at ALL times I need to start trying out some of these!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. What?! Mind blown!!! Never thought to use it for flyaways! Genius!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  11. Elle, you are so full of knowledge--blows my mind all the tricks you know!! Never ever would have thought about it for KEYS!! Also I love the idea of mixing with blush to make cream blush and putting it around my nails before I paint them. Genius!

  12. What?! I had no idea!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  13. The part about the zipper just saved me from tossing a dress that's been stuck for months. How are you so full of knowledge?! Have a lovely weekend Elle! I'll be rubbing lip balm all over my face, hair, zippers. (;

  14. I had no idea! So nanny uses :) thanks for sharing Elle <3


  15. Such good tips! I use it on my cuticles all the time!

  16. Love love love your DIY beauty products! I plan to print some out and make them with my daughter this summer ! Thanks! Susan

  17. I had no idea you could use it in your hair! Genius!

  18. Wow, I love lip balm, too, but never would have thought about some of these uses, like stopping shaving nicks from bleeding. I'll definitely be trying that, along with mixing it with blush, which sounds like fun. I hope your cold doesn't last and that you feel better, Elle.

  19. Completely forgot about the DIY solid perfume! Two thumbs up, Elle:) And OMG! You love Neutral Milk Hotel too?!?! Mwah! :D

  20. What great tricks! I definitely need to try DIY solid perfume and lip plumper. And who knew it would work on razor nicks? Thanks for sharing!


  21. I am a major lip balm junkie, too. Thank you for all the great tips! Now I have even more reasons to keep feeding my addiction:)

  22. I am a major lip balm junkie, too. Thank you for all the great tips! Now I have even more reasons to keep feeding my addiction:)

  23. Such helpful tips! I am totally going to try out the one on the eyelids! That is crazy cool! I use lipgloss a lot - and I love putting in on cuticles. Totally helps! Great post! www.GlamKaren.com

  24. I love this post as I'm a lip balm addict. Finding new uses for it just gives validation to my addiction LOL I have used it on my heels before and it works.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  25. It'll work on keys?? I've got to try that because I've got one that is HARD it turn. I never knew there were so many uses for lip balm. Definitely pinning this one!

    Hope you feel better with some rest this weekend!

  26. Hope you don't catch a cold! I liked the eyebrow tips, I didn't know lip balms had so many uses! I think of them as lip balms :) for lips. I liked the rub on zipper, and also, for nicks bleeding and as cuticle moisturizer! Also solid perfume sounds great and preventing blisters on heels! I will certainly try some of the uses!

  27. Wow I wouldn't have thought to use lip balm for half of these things! I might try the one for avoiding getting blisters.

  28. Cool! Half of these I have never heard of before :) Like the earring one, or the zipper one! (I'll be using that).

  29. Wow, this is such great information! Thank you! I've never been a huge lip balm girl and you just totally converted me!!

    xo, Christina


  30. I love these types of posts because until someone dives into a certain product, it's hard not to know what all can be done with just one beauty item. Thanks for sharing! xx, Ada

  31. Ok I'm totally rubbing Chapstick on my key when I get home because it gets stuck on a daily basis hah. Glad I have about 20 tubes on hand :) Have a great weekend, girl!

  32. I'm totally addicted to lip balm. I've never thought of using it all these different ways though!

  33. I never knew a lip balm could do so many things. I am sitting here thinking, I have to try some of these tips. Girl you just changed my view on balm forever :).

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  34. I definitely learned something new today! I always thought lip balm was lip balm. Have a great weekend!

  35. Who knew! So many great suggestions! Love this! XO


  36. Awesome post! I have not heard of any of those other uses! And I always have lip balm around! One of my necessities. haha
    Thanks for the tips!

  37. Not another cold!!!! UGGHHHH... I think allergies are kicking people in the face again.

    I'm totally using the eyebrow trick!!!

  38. So many great tips Elle! I knew some but not so many! Thanks for sharing!!! xx

  39. Wow! I never knew lip balm was so versatile. Thanks for sharing these great tips Elle! I hope you feel better soon.

    xo, Kizzy

  40. This is hilarious and incredibly useful...

  41. Stuck zipper? Who knew! I need to try these!

  42. OMG I love the eyelash tip! I'm sharing this as well, it's so good!!


  43. I'm with you, I can't live without lip balm, Chapstick, aquaphor, etc! What great uses for lip balm…love these ideas!

    Brooke | www.kbstyled.com

  44. So going to try this on my heel and feet. Due spring and summer I get a lot of blisters. On Sunday I will be playing board game with my friends.


  45. Great post! I've never heard of using lip balm on keys and zippers! I'm definitely going to give that a try. I typically just use wax paper on those items, especially zippers.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  46. Great tips, love them all! Thank you :)

  47. I haven't heard of half of these uses. preventing blisters would be so good.

  48. Great ideas!!


  49. And now I'll never feel bad about my large lip balm collection again haha! I haven't even heard of most of these, but I do occasionally use balm on my cuticles. When I remember not to neglect them.

  50. Like the idea of using it for sunscreen!
    Carrie and Stacy

  51. Oh my word, I had no idea lip balm could be used for so much, maybe that will make me like it more. Right now I have a hard time even using it on my lips haha! What is wrong with me! :)

  52. I never thought of using lip balm for shaving nicks!

  53. Who knew there were so many uses! I really could use help with my cuticles and flyaway hair in a pinch!

    Doused In Pink

  54. Yes! I am obsessed with good lip balm. I keep one in pretty much every room and in my purse. I get a little panicky if I know I can't get to one when I need it. A bunch of these ideas are new to me so I will definitely try them out!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  55. What great ideas! I will remember to try this on my next stuck zipper. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  56. Its ok that you're behind on emails. Im behind on everything sigh - thesis! I had NO clue lip balm could be used for so much. Totally pinning this!

  57. Seriously, how do you know all of these incredibly tricky things? Forever indebted to you and your infinite beauty knowledge Elle!

    xx 365Hangers

  58. Love this!!!! I am totally going to do the fly away trick.

  59. I have never thought of using lip balm for anything other than..well...lip balm! I love some of these ideas! Especially fly aways! I have such a problem with them! I hope you were able to fight off the cold! My allergies were terrible this weekend.

  60. you just legit blew my mind. for reals?! lip balm is the best. hope that cold stayed away for you!

  61. great helpful list.. thanks for sharing

  62. I need to save this post!! I had no idea you could use lip balm for anything other than chapped lips! Thanks girl!!

    pumps and push-ups

  63. Wow this is amazing! Who knew?! I love that plain lip balm can stop a shaving owie from bleeding. And fly aways? Brilliant!

  64. Wow I did not know there were so many uses for lip balm. I have to many extra lip balms lying around because I found out I could only use one kind because I'm allergic to most of them so this is very useful for me.


  65. Lip balm is my #1 favorite, too! I wrote a post about it the other day [still need to schedule it...] and rattled off my top 3. What CAN'T it do?! I get twitchy on the rare occasion I leave the house without one (I.E. after a late night purse switch) and end up going straight to CVS to buy one! I can't get through a day without balm. Going to check out your DIY solid perfume post!! You are the DIY-est of them all! ;)

  66. Thank you for the great tips!



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