This or That: L'Oreal Vs. Sally Hansen Gel Polishes

Hey you! Even though my mind may be in Florida (still in vacation mode--did you see this post?) it's time to get back into beauty blog mode. I'm ending this week with another comparison between two similar beauty products. For this week's This or That I'll be comparing the L'Oreal Extraordiniare Gel-Laque 1-2-3 vs. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

At-home gel kits have been immensely popular the past couple of years, but these latest incarnations no longer require a lamp. But are they worth the hype (and money)? Let's find out in this week's This or That:

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Laque 1-2-3

  • 3 step system--base, shade of your choosing, and then top coat
  • 21 shades
  • via site: 14 day color "provides rich, ultra glossy color and resilient shine while protecting nail color from dings, dents and scratches"
  • $7.99 for polish, $12.99 for kit (steps 1 & 3)
  • Drugstores/online

  • Easy to locate products
  • Polish (step 2) was on sale
  • Very, very glossy shine
  • Polishes dried quickly
  • I did 2 coats as recommended, but 1 coat would have worked well.
  • Products had been sitting there a while (I noticed this in 7 stores) and colors had settled (possible quality issue in product?)
  • 3 steps (could be a con for some, but it wasn't a big deal to me since I usually do a base, color, and top coat)
  • Chipped very fast--within hours on the first test and then within a day with additional wearings. One instance the polish popped off in one piece.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
  • 2 step system (color and then top coat)
  • 47 shades
  • "Up to 14 Days of Color & Shine & Easy Removal"
  • $9.99 per item
  • drugstores/online

  • Love the range of colors
  • Lasted much longer than the L'Oreal one
  • Two steps
  • Excellent info online for demonstrations (if needed)
  • Products were much harder to find (sold out online and took me having to visit several stores to find each product)
  • Hard to find ingredients info
  • Not as glossy--looked like regular polish with top coat. Not the "gel" look I was hoping for.
  • Definitely needed two coats
  • Brush was large and hard to work with (usually I like this but not with this shade)
  • Chipped on some nails after 3 days. I usually made it around 4 days but I wash my hands a lot being a nanny, so perhaps long wear time if greater care was taken?
This or That?
  • L'Oreal had the glossiest nails (like Seche Vite or Out the Door but without the fumes)
  • Sally Hansen lasted longer but didn't have that "gel" look.
  • Both were easy to remove.
    • You will definitely need to coat tips and underneath nails to help with chipping and color pulling away for both products.
      • I personally think they are both expensive for the results, which last around the same time as regular polish, so I would skip them both.
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  1. Boo on the chipping! I love that second color! So pretty!

    <3 Shannon

  2. Good to know, I'm glad you did this review, I've been very curious about the Sally Hansen version. I do love the color you picked, gorgeous!

  3. ohh bummer about the chipping! i really want to try both of these polishes. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Well darn, I was hoping one of these products would work well! As always, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Great reviews!

  5. It sounds almost as if you might as well just use regular polish. I was so hoping that one of these would be amazing! Thank you for the review!! I am doing Jamberrys today - love those things! Susan

  6. I actually didn't like the sally hansen gel at all - it was a little streaky and not like the gel look at all - like you said!! great review!

  7. Thanks for this helpful comparison! I've seen both at the drugstore and have wondered if they were worth trying.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. This was so helpful! I have been wondering about them. I think I will stick to splurging for the real gel manicures if I want them!

  9. no good with the chipping. I will stick with my gel polish and UV light.

  10. Pretty colors! I've yet to try one of these at home gel polishes, but per your review, may just skip them altogether! Thanks girl!


  11. I've been wanting to try both of these and it seems the Sally Hansen one is so popular, you can't even find the top coat in the stores!

  12. Sounds like neither of them last any longer than regular polish! Good to know. Thanks!

    xo Julie

  13. Thanks for the review! I am currently loving the CND weekly polishes!

  14. Thank you for this review! I was browsing the aisle the other day and saw Sally Hansen ones and was close to purchasing. Will skip both!

    Reflection of Sanity

  15. Love those deep red colors- perfect for fall! Kisses, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  16. I like the color but too bad it chips so fast

  17. I love your honesty. This is a bummer, I can barely paint my nails with normal nail polish (and they always chip super fast) so I was thinking of trying something like this but think I'll just go au natural from now on lol

  18. Thanks for always being honest. Bummer they both chipped so fast.

  19. Good to know! I bought a bottle of the L'Oreal not realizing it was part of their gel line, so glad I didn't spend the extra on the other steps. Thank you for the review. Happy weekend :)

  20. This is a really helpful review! These really do sound like they're really not any better than regular nail polish. Good to know! I'll definitely be skipping these! xoxo Lauren

  21. I love the colors of the nail polishes. It is sad that they chipped so fast.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  22. Thanks for review these. I have been thinking about trying the Sally Hansen one, but I probably won't now. That's too bad they didn't last longer. Pretty colors though!

  23. Thank you for this review! I was wondering about these products because regular nail polish doesn't last long for me. I'll just spend the extra and indulge at the salon and not feel bad about it! ;)

  24. staying power is pretty average for both so definitely these are expensive on that front.. As per finish and shine i would prefer Loreal :) Nicely compared dear :)

  25. I can't believe the L'Oreal started chipping within hours! Glad I've been passing it by.

  26. Great review. I love getting gel manis, and thought doing them at home would be so awesome, but just didn't understand how they'd work without the UV curing. Sounds like they aren't working out that well after all. I'll stick to going to Julep for now. :)

  27. Thats a great comparison..i love sally hansen's nail paint for their quality and staying power..could you do a simlar comparison on the matte nail paint too :D

  28. thanks for review! Sad to hear about the results as I probably wouldn't buy then (which I thought of).
    P.S. sorry for not being on your blog for a long time. xx

  29. I've been wondering about these products and am so happy you reviewed them! Think I'll stick with my regular polish for now :)

  30. Great review! Based on the results, I probably wouldn't buy either! Thanks for saving me a trip to the store :)

    The Closet by Christie


  31. hmmmm. these sound interesting. We tried a gel kit once that came with a light and it was basically the same thing they use in salons. The only problem was we couldn't paint our nails nicely enough lol

    xx 365hangers

  32. I didn't even realize l'oreal had a gel version, but I've been on the hunt to try out the SH version, but like you said, I haven't been able to find it in any stores. I'm not as tempted after reading your reviews, especially since I'm someone who likes to change up my polish pretty frequently anyway!

  33. I think I'll stick to the regular Essie nail polishes I tend to gravitate towards. These are not worth the price. I'll visit the salon for the gel nail polishes until they come up with an even better version. The Sally Hansen one does look tempting enough to try though. Thanks for the honest review.

  34. My mind is still in Florida and I've been back for months, haha! I love the colours of these - perfect for autumn.

    Corinne x

  35. Thank you for such a detailed review, Elle! I can honestly say I've never heard of the home kits before (I am ANCIENT when it comes to this... :D ). but I am curious now. I wouldn't mind the fact that it looked less shiny compared to the salon gels - I'd probably prefer that. I am not sure I'd have the dedication to visit severals shops to get everything, though. Again, thank you for such a fantastic review! x

  36. I like the color of the second polish better but I would miss the glossy finish. Loved this review. Super informative.

  37. thank you for this review! I just saw both of these in magazines and wondered how they worked because I avoid gel manis/UV rays at the salon. I appreciate your posts, Elle!

  38. I've been using Seche Vite post reading one of your earlier posts. I love the gel-like, glossy look. I've decided I can tolerate the fumes for the effect I'm getting. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  39. i'D GO WITH sALLY Hansen
    they last longer on my nails
    and I could use a bottle for months
    especially when kept inside the ref.

  40. I have heard great things about the new+improved Loreal Nail Polish(es). The dark crimson color on that one is beautiful and I can see it work for all 4 seasons. But then again Sally Hensen is always great and healthy on the nails.

    P.S. I purchased some new eyeshadow and a mascara today and thought of you. They are both from European brands though.


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