Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Review & More Products!

I've had so much fun playing with the products I was sent from Bare Minerals, including their new serum foundation. Check out the goodies below:

-Eye shadow compact in The Inspiration
-Lipsticks in Make Your Move, Get Ready
-Gloss in Ringleader
-Blushes in The One, The Secret's Out
-Concealer in Medium

And here is the Beauty Obsessed kit, which has a little bit of everything:

-Mini gloss in Trailblazer
-Mascara Flawless Definition
-Blush/bronzer duo in The Secret's Out/ Skinny Dip
-Eyeliner in black

As far as the products go, here's a quick review:

  • Lipsticks are gorgeous and feel nice
  • Lipglosses are really pretty--mine were both light colors, so light on pigmentation
  • Eyeshadows are pigmented and didn't crease
  • Blushes have beautiful colors and are buildable
  • Conealer is amazing--see original review here
  • Mascara looked natural on me and had no clumps 
  • Eyeliner worked well and comes with built in smudge tip/sharpener
And now for the new foundations!

-The Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment is a gorgeous primer that delivers a glow to the skin.
  • no: parabens, fragrance, water, silicones, or oils are in this
  • 20 shades
  • $29 
  • feels lightweight on the skin
  • sheer to full coverage
  • adds a glow to skin without shimmer
  • satin finish
-Perfecting Face Brush is a small flat top brush with a well to hold foundation, It's $28 and worked perfectly for applying the serum foundation

And here's a demo, info, and review on the Pure Brightening Serum Foundation:
Click here to see the video if you can't watch above. 
Here's a before/after shot of me--other than cropping and text, this photo was not enhanced in any way. Not sure you can tell in the before, but I have freckles, visible pores, wrinkles, and discoloration. I was really impressed with how glowing my skin looked, as well as the coverage with just 1 drop (please see video as I take you through sheer to medium to full coverage). Pictured in the after is 6 drops. I'm wearing all Bare Minerals products (foundation, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, gloss, blush, concealer). I'm very impressed with this foundation and highly recommend trying it!

Do you use Bare Minerals? What products are your favorite?


  1. I've been wanting to try the Bare Minerals foundation but I've heard mixed reviews on it. I think I'm just going to give it a shot any way, I usually love everything of theirs!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I LOVE how natural this look is - gorgeous on you girl! I want to try the blush/bronzer duo!


  3. Ooo great review! I want to try this!


  4. Wow great review! Love the demo it really helped. Saw the commercial on TV and was wondering how it worked.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. I have been so intrigued foundation!! Especially the brush that you buy to go with it... I think the coverage it gave you is flawless!! Great review!

  6. I use BE powder foundation and saw this the other day in the store. I absolutely hate liquid foundation but am very intrigued by this serum foundation. I want to try it!

  7. One of my friends bought this and just raves about it!

  8. The foundation looks great on you! That foundation brush is interesting! I want to try them!

  9. Wow, that foundation looks amazing on you! Your skin is just glowing.

    The Tiny Heart

  10. i keep hearing such amazing things about bare minerals, but i dont 'need' any makeup right now.... it looks amazing on you!

  11. I love bare minerals and am so excited for their liquid foundation. You look amazing! Can't wait until my powder one is gone so I can go get it!

  12. I'm just starting to buy a few more bareMinerals items, I have been a fan of Well Rested for my under eye area though. I really want to try their primers.

  13. Your skin looks flawless! I l.o.v.e. Bare Minerals products so I just knew the serum foundation would be amazing!

  14. Great review! I was really curious about this foundation and the foundation brush when it first came out. I hate liquid foundation typically, so this might be a good one to try in the future.

  15. I've never used any of these products before, but would love to try the Pure Brightening Serum Foundation!

  16. I got Get Ready lipstick in my Ipsy and I really like it. I've never tried Bare Minerals before and I seem more interested now.

  17. Oh the beautiful glow in the after pic of u! I love it when lipsticks have such pretty colors plus they feel really nice on the lips!

  18. Wow you have a beautiful glow in the after pic. I like the colors in the eyeshadow duo! I haven't tried them but have seen the commercials.

  19. You skin looks amazing!!! I think I have to try this!

  20. i've never used Bare Minerals before, but after seeing this review i really wanna try some of the products out; especially the foundation. i really like that it squeezes out instead of just pouring out like so many other foundations i've used do.

    Did you like the blush/bronzer combo? I've been wanting to get into wearing some bronzer but just don't know what to buy. We had an Ulta just open up here in my town and i think i might hit it up after work. That brush is awesome, i need one!

  21. Wow, the coverage gives almost an airbrushed finish with the foundation! Bare Minerals was the first makeup brand I ever used, and I am grateful that it was the first because it always gave me a natural finish. Your blog has truly on taken great heights seeing that Bare Minerals sends you products now!!

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  22. Wow. That looks like some beautiful coverage. It's just a nice, subtle enhancement which is what makeup should be.

  23. I love it!! yu look fabulous and I tired that brush it is amazing and so soft, I have to pick on up :)

  24. you look beautiful! i never tried bare minerals but i'm curious about it :)

  25. omg super jealous you got to try all this stuff! I've used the bareminerals loose powder foundation since 2006. I haven't tried any of their makeup but want too. I REALLY need to check out this bareskin too! thanks for sharing!

  26. I have yet to try their products. You look amazing!

  27. I love Bare Minerals and now definitely want to try the Bare skin serum foundation!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  28. I have not experimented with Bare Minerals that much. But that foundation routine looks amazing!!! Definitely interested in trying this out for myself. ;)

  29. These products look great! Can't wait to try them out.


  30. Bare Minerals are all that I use on my face. I love there products. I have been using it for 5 years now.

  31. I actually ordered the new eye 4.0 kit last night and I got a sample of the new foundation. I am excited to try it but others have said that it does not have great staying power. I only use Bare Minerals, so it is one of those things that I have to try for myself. And your skin looks flawless! Susan

  32. I love Bare Minerals, they made great products!
    Never tried the serum but seems fantastic <3
    Xxx doll



  33. I love the natural finish and final look very much. The shades are beautiful! x

  34. Love the look you created, Elle! I really like what Bare Minerals has been coming out with recently! I really like the blushes and eyeshadow quads.
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  35. I've been considering picking this foundation up since my HG foundation is the Bare Minerals powder foundation, but I just don't think it would work on my oily skin very well. It looks great on you though!

  36. My drawers will be full from reading your reviews! I definitely want to try this!

  37. Oh I used to use Bare minerals a long time ago when they only had the powder foundations but I stopped using because I wanted more coverage and started using liquid foundations. I've seen pictures of this foundations and I was wondering about it. The coverage looks pretty good on you. I might have to go to the store and see for myself, the brush is really cool too!


  38. Actually, I think your skin looks great before makeup!

  39. I agree that you have great skin even without Bare Minerals makeup but the after photo is still prettier. I love Bare Minerals Makeup, especially their face stuff. =) Awesome!!

    Just catching up with your blog, as you can tell. LOL

  40. I've used their powder foundation and love it. I am interested in trying this - as soon as I use up a few of my current bases.



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