Spring Empties and Fails

Y'all, I need a hug. This has been one of those days. I leave for the beach this week (yay) but have a ton of blog work to do before I leave (boo) and I currently have the Nastiest Cold Thing with 103 fever (double, no, triple boo). Of all the dang days to get sick! And why didn't I do guest posts this year? Fail.

One of my tasks included editing a video to accompany this post. After trying many times, the video file is corrupt, so I'm admitting defeat (blessing in disguise?). But I still wanted to do this post.

Another task of mine? Throw out the trash! Yes! I've been saving my used beauty products to share with you. I do these every season. I admit, I forget and use up more than seen here, but here are my empties and fails:


  • Ulta Nail Polish Remover Pads
    • these worked great and would repurchase
  • Nail Art remover pads from Walgreens
    • only $1, they worked, but wouldn't repurchase
  • Gnarly Whale body scrub
    • I won this and it smelled like raisin bread. Would purchase.
  • Level shower discs
  • Ricola cough drops
    • I can't remember if I purchased these or if they were free from Klout. Regardless, I'd repurchase.
  • Clean & Clear Steam
    • This product was discontinued a few years ago, and this was my last one. I *wish* I could repurchase. RIP. ;) 
  • Nano Blur
    • Total fail for me, and y'all know I tried it so many ways. This is supposed to blur fine lines, pores, etc, and just didn't work for me. Wouldn't repurchase.
  • Freeman Facial Masks
    • Peeling Pumpkin: Set my dang face on fire, and a normal person would wash it off immediately. Not me. It worked, but wouldn't purchase again.
    • Facial Sleeping Mask: It never really soaked in, so wouldn't repurchase.
    • Coffee Energizing Mask: A paper mask that I loved. Repurchase!
    • Golden Grain Mask: Total fail. It was gel with gold flecks in it. No.
  • Montagne Jennesse Creamy Coconut t Mask: Soaked right in and worked. Repurchase!!
  • Olay Facial Wash
    • Loved this and would repurchase
  • hyaluranic acid
    • I bought this ebcayse I make my own beauty products, so I have repurchased, but not this brand
  • Sunsilk
    • My fave HG hair product. Sadly discontinued and sadly (crazily) I am down to 9 bottles.
  • Ever Deep Facial Wash
    • I've got a review coming up for this, but it's really good. PR sample
  • ELF primer
    • Broke me out, wouldn't purchase
  • Almay makeup remover pads
    • They worked and would repurchase
  • Opti-Free contact solution
    • Love and use it daily
  • Tarte lip stain
    • Loved the stain and the gloss. Not sure if this still exisits, but would repurhcase
  • Inline brown liquid liner
    • Didn't like thus verson, but I do like the black. WOuldn't repurchase.
  • Suave Almond Cookie bath wash
    • Second bottle of this. I just noticed this post is full of body washes. I'm clean, y'all!
  • Vaseline Spray & Go
    • This was okay, but there are others I like better. I think this was from Influenster.
  • Goody's headache relief
    • An essential for my migraines. Have bought many of these many times over.
  • Spa Sydell Flo Body Wash
    • This is an Atlanta spa chain. They sent this to me and I LOVE it. Smells amazing.
  • Seba Med Dry Skin Body Wash
    • This was sent to me and was my go-to during the winter. Dry, sensitive skin will love this.
  • Boscia BB Cream
    • Didn't like this. Glittery!
  • Target baby wipes
    • I use these daily and have bought them amny times to remove makeup from hands.
  • Rimmel Waterproof Liner
    • This was good, but it came apart. I need to buy another one.
  • Blistex Lip Balm
    • It was okay. I'm a Softlips girl though!
What products have you used up and which are fails?

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  1. Glad to know that Goody's works. Contemplating a purchase. Also feel better! and enjoy your trip.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, Elle! Get well! And thank you for such a detailed post! x

  3. I'll send a super big blog-hug babe <3
    Hope you feel better so soon, cuddle lil Charlie and the world will smile to you <3
    The waterproof eye-liner made me soooo curious *-*



  4. Thanks for all the reviews! I have tried a few of those products that are supposed to blur pores and I havent been a fan of any of them. I am starting to think that none of them really work!


  5. Hope u feel better soon, Elle. And I love Ricola drops....works for me and the kiddos.

  6. I loved the MJ Creamy Coconut, too. I once had a corrupt video file so I feel your pain. It was agony!

  7. I'm an excedrin migraine kind of girl, but I am totally getting Goody's to try out! I would love something for those bad headaches that aren't quite migraines. And excedrin has been taking a while to work for me lately anyway!

  8. I love this post. And now I want to try that coffee mask!

  9. I hope you feel better soon. Takes some time off. Your blog and reader will still be here. Your health is way more important.

  10. Feel better, just think you will be at the beach in no time!


  11. Great Reviews! I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh no!! Feel better soon girlie! I hope you are 100% by your trip and have an amazing time!

    <3, Pamela

  13. I bought the Revlon 3D Volume Photoready Mascara a few days ago. I like that it gives me natural looking lashes (not crusty), but it really has no volumizing effect. Probably wouldn't repurchase.

    I also bought Not Your Mother's Frizz Control Creme in an effort to control the frizz once I move to Florida. I love how it made my hair less frizzy. I do notice a difference even though it's not particularly humid where I live. The real test will be Florida...

  14. Oh no, I hope you feel better so you can actually enjoy your vacation!

    The Tiny Heart
    Bugsy's Box Giveaway!

  15. I love these types of posts! Always good to know what you would actually repurchase and what wasn't worth it!

  16. aw hugs! hope you enjoy your vacay. i think i might need to go shopping this afternoon..... lol. so many cool products! as always, love your honesty for me to stay away from the not so great ones.

  17. I am really loving Neutrogena products right now! Their lip crayons are amazing!! I will need to try the Olay product you recommended!! I love drug store goodies! Feel better! Susan

  18. I hope you feel better soon! And *hugs!*

  19. That Suave Almond Cookie body wash seems like it would smell so good! Thanks for sharing! Some products have sparked an interest and I would try them out soon and feel better!!

  20. Sending you an extra large hug Elle, hope you feel better too, Thanks for these recommendations. It was great hearing your thoughts, have a splendid week ahead!

  21. Hope you feel better soon... especially for your trip!

  22. Hope you feel better soon! Have fun on the beach!

  23. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Have a great time at the beach!

  24. Hope u get better very soon!! Never heard of the Clean & Clear steam and what a shame we can't try it anymore.

  25. Hope you feel better and are able to enjoy the beach! I love empties posts because you get short mini reviews. I got a sample of the Boscia bb cream and didn't like it either. Glad you mentioned the Vaseline spray and go. I've been curious about that one. Feel better!
    xoxo Lauren
    Will Sing For Makeup

  26. The ELF primer didn't work on me either, and the Vaseline Spray & Go gave me the worst rash I could ever get :( Hope you feel better soon! Sending lots of hugs your way.

  27. That is a ton of empty products! I finally have enough to do my first empties post. I would love to try that coconut mask! I get headaches and migraines all the time so I need to look into the Goody's Headache Relief.

  28. Hope you feel better soon!
    I love Maybelline BB Cream. I have used up a few because I love it.
    I also miss the "Clean & Clear Steam"

    This was a great post, so interesting!

  29. Sorry if I'm missing it, but you do you have a shower disc post somewhere?

  30. I hope you get well soon love... what a bummer! :(
    Sorry to hear about the Freeman masks... I love those and hadn't seen any of these yet - boooooo!

  31. The reference to the body scrub smelling like raisin bread kinda made me giggle!

  32. Sending you a cyber hug hun hope you feel better soon.

  33. I hope you feel better soon! Have fun on your vacation and relax. I am looking forward to my Florida vacation with Tracy but we still have 2 weeks of work left before we leave and I am already ready to go.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  34. Here is a virtual hug. I hope you feel better. Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.

  35. Hope you feel better!! I love these because I always find new products like the coffee mask!

  36. I'm sitting here cracking up, because I can hear you saying, "I'm clean, y'all!"

    I've never heard of Clean and Clear Steam. Sound like something I'd like.


  37. Great post. Never heard of Freeman's coffee mask. I must try it :-)


  38. Bravo on finishing all those products! lol I hate keeping empties... I start feeling like a horder haha so I just do a round up. I enjoyed those shower bombs... I'll have to try one of your recipes :)

  39. HOpe you had fun at the beach and then you felt better!


  40. Wish the Nanoblur worked better with makeup/foundation! :-)


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